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Roots of burdock for hair: features of application, efficiency and responses

Despite the fact that now there are manycosmetic products intended for different purposes, many prefer to use natural and proven recipes of traditional medicine. One of the most common plants used for cosmetic purposes is the burdock. The roots of burdock for hair are especially often used. This plant not only positively affects the condition of the hair and skin, but also can alleviate the symptoms of various pathological conditions.

The use of burdock in non-traditional medicine

In folk medicine, the leaves, roots and fruits of this plant are used to treat various diseases. Agrimony can alleviate the patient's condition in the following pathological conditions:

  • gout and rheumatism;
  • infection with tubercle bacillus;
  • high concentration of sugar in the blood;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • dropsy;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • rickets;
  • scrofula;
  • constipation of a chronic nature;
  • stones in the kidneys and liver;
  • fever;
  • skin inflammation (eczema, acne, boils, etc.);
  • ulcers;
  • malignant neoplasms.

Also this plant is used for bitespoisonous snakes, insects. Burdock can relieve itching, relieve swelling and redness. In addition, it helps with prostate adenoma. But most often burdock is used in cosmetology. It is added to masks, creams, shampoos and balms.

burdock root application

Use of thistles

The roots of burdock for hair have been used for a long time. After all, this plant contains the following elements that favorably affect the curls:

  • Inulin, which gives the hairline a gloss;
  • essential oils - eliminate the itch of the skin of the head, prevent the occurrence of dandruff, pediculosis;
  • fatty oils protect the hair and scalp from the adverse effects of the environment, moisturize the dry curls;
  • tannins enhance the positive effects of other components, prevent baldness;
  • stigmasterol promotes the restoration of damaged tissues, eliminates the cross-section at the ends of the hair;
  • sitosterol helps tannic substances to strengthen the roots of strands;
  • plant bitterness have an antiseptic effect, prevent the development of inflammation;
  • protein restores the hair after damage and stress (curling, staining);
  • palmitic and stearic acids (moisturize dry hair).

Thanks to its constituents, the roots of burdock forhair is very useful. Their application has a positive effect on the condition of the curls. Various masks and balsams with burdock prevent early baldness and accelerate the growth of strands.

burdock root

How to use

To restore the strands, the root is used andleaves of a plant. You can buy such raw materials in any pharmacy chain, but it's better to cook the mug yourself. Thus, it will retain more useful elements. Prepare raw materials for use is not difficult. It is best to produce this in the early spring. A large concentration of medicinal components is found in annual plants (there are no flowers on them). Before harvesting rhizome should be thoroughly washed and allowed to dry in a ventilated room for at least three days. Before use, it is crushed, then re-dried (not forgetting to mix).

Root of burdock for hair application found inseveral types: ointments, balms, shampoos, masks. They should be applied for 10-40 minutes, depending on the pathological condition of the hair and the sensitivity of the skin.

burdock root in cosmetology

Recipes from baldness

Burdock root from hair loss is beautifulhelps in the form of a decoction. To make it, take 1 spoonful of the plant and fill with a liter of boiling water. The broth should be allowed to stand for 1 hour. This means rinses the hair every time after shampooing. It can be used both for the treatment of hair loss, and for preventive purposes.

There is also the following recipe for burdock root for hair against alopecia:

  • pour 3 large spoons of a dry plant with a glass of boiling water;
  • to give the received means to be insisted 1 day, thus to watch, that the capacity with a liquid was densely closed;
  • then put the resulting product on a small fire and boil until 1/2 of the liquid has evaporated;
  • to pass a gruel through a gauze cloth or a sieve;
  • add to it lard or fat in equal parts;
  • after the product has cooled, drain the remaining liquid;
  • ointment should be rubbed into the scalp a couple of times a week for a few hours before washing your head.
burdock from alopecia

Recipes for faster growth

Decoction of the root of burdock for hair contributes to theiraccelerated growth. For cooking, take 2 tablespoons of a dry plant, before grinding it, pour a glass of hot water and heat for 10 minutes. Then let the broth stand for 30 minutes and let it through the gauze fabric. This means you can both rinse hair, and rub it into the roots several times a week. In addition to accelerating growth, the broth eliminates dandruff and seborrhea of ​​the skin.

Burdock root for hair growth can be usedin tandem with nettles. To do this, you need to mix these two ingredients together, adding nettles to the pharmacy (in equal parts). Plants should be well dried and ground. 3 tbsp. Spoonfuls of herbs pour a liter of boiling water. Boil on the stove for about 15 minutes. Then he should brew for 3-4 hours. The resulting remedy should be rinsed daily for 2 weeks. Burdock root and nettles for hair accelerate their growth and make them silky and healthy.

hair masks

Recipes for effective masks

Roots of burdock for hair can be used forcooking different masks. In this case, both dry raw materials and finished burdock oil are used. The recipe for the preparation of a remedy for the restoration of injured ringlets:

  • slightly warm up 2 tablespoons burdock oil;
  • pour 2 raw egg yolks and 3 drops of vitamins A and E;
  • Apply the mask to the roots of the hair with light, rubbing movements;
  • put on a special hat and wrap your head in a warm towel;
  • After an hour, rinse the head with shampoo and rinse with a decoction from the dry roots of burdock.

There is another recipe for hair growth and hair strengthening:

  • 2 tablespoons of burdock root pour a glass of boiling water;
  • heat on low heat for half an hour;
  • cool the resulting broth and add to it the juice of 1 onion and 1 teaspoon of vodka;
  • The mask should be applied to the scalp, slightly rubbed into the roots, 15 minutes before washing the head.
action of thistles

Burr oil

Ready-made oil from burdock roots helpsrestore weakened hair. It is made from burdock, infused with sesame, almond, peanut, linseed or olive oil. The product contains the following components necessary for hair:

  • fatty acids, providing the nutrition of the roots, this element improves the structure of the hair, eliminates the split ends;
  • microelements feed the hair with the necessary substances, speeding up their growth and preventing loss;
  • flavonoids, which normalize the acid-base balance, thus eliminating the excessive fatness or dryness of the strands.

This tool has practically nocontraindications, except for the intolerance of its components. For weakened hair, the use of oil is recommended every 2 days. For normal and dry ringlets several times a week. Only with oily hair it can be applied no more often than 1 time in 7 days. Therapeutic measures must be performed for 2 months. After this, you need to take a break of the same length, and then resume treatment.

For the oil to have the maximum effect, itsmust be used in a warm form. You can warm it up in a water bath. When applying to strands, you need to use a special brush. When using, gently comb the hair, evenly distributing the product along the entire length. After applying the oil, put on the hat and wrap the head with a warm towel. It is possible to wash off the product in an hour.

Burr oil

Burdock in shampoos and balms

Not everyone knows how to use the root of burdock forhair. But even in this case, you can take advantage of its positive properties, using ready-made tools. These can be shampoos "Clean Line", "Recipes of Grandmother Agafia", "Natura Siberica" ​​and others.

But shop shampoos and balms, even containingin its composition, the extract of burdock, can still harm your hair. This is due to the fact that their components contain aggressive elements. They destroy not only the molecules of pollution, but also the structure of the hair. Therefore, it is best to prepare shampoos and balms yourself. Home remedies do not have synthetic ingredients. Cleansing the hair is due to the fact that the shampoo molecules come into contact with the molecules of contamination. When rinsing, the product is washed away with dirt.

Customer Reviews

Roots of the burdock for hair reviews getmostly positive. Consumers note the rapid rate of exposure and the effectiveness of natural remedies. With proper application, the hair becomes thicker, sturdy and silky. Many people say that with the help of masks of burdock they managed to stop baldness. To negative reviews, perhaps, it is possible to attribute only an allergic reaction to funds from burdock. Unfortunately, this is an individual characteristic of each organism and nothing can be done with it.

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