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Means for the growth of eyelashes - recovery after building up

There are very few women in the world who would beare satisfied with their eyelashes. Some are too short, others too rare, others complain that they are too light. In general, a continuous trouble. Even girls with stunningly beautiful cilia still want to somehow change and improve them. What can we say about those whom nature has really deprived of? Now very many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity make eyelash extensions. The cost of this procedure is very democratic, and the effect exceeds the wildest expectations.

means for eyelash growth

Beauty and naturalness

Now very fashionable Japanese eyelash extension,because, in comparison with other technologies, the view takes on a special depth and looks much more natural. This procedure is different methods of attachment - the hairs are attached one to one by the piece, which allows you to visually enlarge the eyes. Also, the benefits can be attributed to the fact that the increased cilia (with a monthly correction) will last you about three months, and during this time you can completely forget about makeup, because your view will be full of sensuality and sexuality.

Eyelash restoration

If you do not properly care for the accrued cilia or do not do it at all, they can fall out together with your natural ones.

eyelash extension

Prevent all negative consequencesit is impossible, but if immediately after taking off use the means for the growth of eyelashes, you can strengthen them and quickly return to their previous state. But in order to promote a healthy length and density, you should use special serums, oils and balms, because they contain a large number of peptides, biotin (vitamin B7), as well as vegetable oils and many other bioactive substances that can awaken the "dormant" hair follicles. Efficient means for eyelash growth can be bought in almost any pharmacy or online - there are enough of them. Do not forget that the effect of caring procedures will be noticeable not only to you, but also to others. It can be folk-home remedies for eyelash growth and cosmetic production products. The main thing is that they contain vitamins (especially for groups A, E and B) and plant extracts.

Folk remedies for eyelash growth

The most common folk remedy forstrengthening and growth of eyelashes is castor oil. Also it can be replaced with almond, peach, apricot or burdock. All these tools stimulate the rapid growth of eyelashes and give them a healthy shine. To obtain a faster effect, the oil should be applied in the evening and left overnight.

Cosmetic products for eyelash growth

Japanese eyelash extension

Positively affect the growth of eyelashes allcosmetic products containing bimatoprost. This substance is not related to hormonal agents, therefore it is absolutely harmless to the body. It is contained in tools such as Advanced Lash, EvoLash, MD Lash Factor, Revita Lash and Kareprost. The effect of these drugs is based on the rapid penetration into the hair bulbs of the eyelashes and stimulation of their growth. These funds differ from each other only by means of application and cost. All of them are absolutely harmless to the eyes, do not cause allergies and redness, since they contain natural ingredients. Their use leads to a rapid strengthening of the hairs due to the high content of proteins. At the end of the course of using the drugs, the eyelashes look healthier, longer and well-groomed. In some cases, when using these remedies, women notice a darkening of the eyelashes by several tones.

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