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Manicure everyday: ideas, design. Pink manicure

Beautiful and well-groomed nails meannot just painted with nail polish. Underneath this lies a lot of procedures that generally create your everyday manicure. Now, on the hands, in particular, on the nails, pay very great attention, giving them the role of almost a business card. Therefore, every girl tries to keep them in proper shape.

Correction of the shape of the nail

To create an everyday manicure, design it,as a rule, develop independently. This includes the correction of the shape of the nail plate. This procedure is mandatory, because otherwise, no matter how you paint the marigold, all the efforts can be brought to nothing.

To correct the shape, the nail plate is processed with a nail file. Now you can see the following forms of nails:

  • a clear square;
  • soft square;
  • oval-square;
  • tube;
  • oval;
  • almond-shaped;
  • stylet;
  • peak;
  • beveled;
  • beveled-twisted.

Manicure everyday will still lookmore effective, if after the sawing, treat the hands with cream, and grease the nails with cuticle oil, after removing the last. This will make the hands well-groomed and neat.

Choice of varnish

After the form is put in order,Are determined with what color varnish to use. It depends on when and in what place you will be, as well as on the details of your wardrobe.

Everyday summer manicure is performed in the lungs,neutral tones, not overloaded with ornaments and ornaments. It is also desirable to use light shades when creating a daytime manicure. A game of colors is allowed, as well as their mixing, alternation.

manicure everyday

When choosing a varnish, much attention should be given to its quality. When using a material of poor quality, you can damage your health, because nails are also a part of your body.

Now you can make a beautiful everyday manicure gel-varnish. The technology of its implementation is similar, except that it is necessary to dry such a coating under a special lamp.

Some nail design ideas

You can, of course, find beautiful pictures inInternet or magazines, or you can connect your own imagination and create your own original manicure design. It all depends on your skills and having free time. Ideas for everyday manicure can be the most unexpected.

Against the backdrop of pastel tones, one orseveral bright stripes. This will give a certain individuality and emphasize the style. Experiments with geometric figures also look good. From them you can create an original pattern or even a composition.

pink manicure

Now it is very important to use a manicure using animalistic prints and graphic motifs. He is most used by young girls.

Manicure for short nails

Still do not go out of fashion natural nails,and not grown by artificial means. Everyday manicure on short nails looks no worse, and sometimes even better than on artificial long ones.

everyday manicure design

Excellent looks on short nails ordinaryFrench manicure. In addition to the fact that it is always very fashionable and stylish, it also helps visually lengthen the nails. Now you can experiment with the color scheme for this type of manicure and do not necessarily adhere to the classical version. And if you want to add a touch of sophistication, it is recommended to use as a decoration a few pebbles. They do not overload the manicure and will not cause the effect of nalapistosti.

Age features when choosing a daily manicure

Manicure everyday is done not only taking into accounttype of activity, but also taking into account age. For example, schoolgirls and students can use a drawing that emphasizes their young age. These can be extraordinary hearts or something similar. But for mature business ladies, ladies in the age of application of such decor will be inappropriate.

ideas for everyday manicure

A universal option is pinkmanicure. Its use is allowed in all age categories, the main thing is not to overdo it and add unnecessary elements and decor, which can look ridiculous.

Uniform everyday manicure

It is not necessary to show artisticability and draw on the nails of whole works of art. Sometimes just painted with one color of nail polish look much more spectacular. Always choose the color of the varnish in the tone of your wardrobe or at least try to ensure that the color scheme is successfully combined.

To make everyday manicures more exquisite, you can use a varnish of the same color and some decor elements. It can be:

  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • decorative sand;
  • decorative tape.

everyday manicure on short nails

Lightweight acrylic elements are also allowedA molding that does not cling to clothes and will not cause inconvenience when working. When choosing and applying decor elements, consider that a manicure everyday should not stop you from working. This is what distinguishes it from the festive or solemn, which is less practical and convenient.

The idea of ​​a manicure in pink tones

For daily use, especially in summer,the girls will get an easy pink manicure. It looks very gently, exquisitely and emphasizes your femininity. The technique of its execution is very simple: the nails are painted with a varnish of soft pink color in two stages. Then on one nail the pattern in the form of points of contrasting color (or several colors) is drawn. You can arrange the points arbitrarily, as your imagination tells you, but they are drawn with the help of invisibility. After this, a fixing transparent layer is applied and the varnish is dried.

Original manicure with rhinestones

Very nice looks manicure with rhinestones, which is very easy even at home. You will need multi-colored rhinestones of different sizes, matte colored varnish, clear varnish.

everyday summer manicure

Nails are covered with matte varnish, except forone nail on each hand (any). Subsequently, a clear lacquer is applied to the unpainted nail plates. Further on, the rhinestones are laid out in random order, but it looks best if you place larger ones on the center, and small striations on the edges.

The idea of ​​a simple chess manicure

Very unusual and original looks manicureeveryday in the form of a chessboard. For this use three colors of lacquer: black, white, silver. Black lacquer is applied on four nails. On unpainted apply a steel lacquer. To spread out the nails, painted in black, in a cell with the help of an invisible and white lacquer. Paint part of the cells with white lacquer similar to the way they look on the chessboard. Border lines can be decorated, for example, with silvery varnish, sequins, sparkles, decorative sand.

beautiful everyday manicure gel varnish

By connecting your own fantasy, you can createamazing designs of everyday manicure, which will be different originality and emphasize your personality. The main thing is to remember that beautiful everyday manicure is not just painted nails, but also well-groomed hands.

Не обязательно прибегать к помощи специалистов every time you want to do a manicure. You can learn all the necessary procedures yourself, most importantly - have a small amount of time and patience, as well as a minimum set of necessary tools. Over time, you improve your skills and love to care for your hands, and your own ideas for creating excellent manicure will be much more.

В Интернете вы только почерпнете первоначальные information needed for work, and some interesting ideas that can be improved and made exclusive. However, at least once a month you should visit a professional manicure room, since there are some procedures that can only be performed by a professional master.

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