/ How does your hair feel after hair extensions?

How do your hair feel after hair extensions?

The beauty industry has gone very far.Now do not worry about the fact that nature stinted on fluffy hair. Hair, nails, eyelashes - all this can be increased, lengthened, improved. But not always the consequences are successful. Unpertained mastery of the performer or cheap, substandard materials can lead to hair loss. Having shown off for several months with chic locks, your hair after hair extension will have to be restored for years!

hair after hair extensions

Materials and equipment

Ways to give volume and length to your hairthere are several. Each of them requires special materials for building. The equipment costs not cheaply, therefore in house conditions to make escalating of hair there is no sense. The forceps are of several types:

  • Ultrasound - they produce a wave thatturns into thermal energy, in contact with a special keratin capsule. His hair after hair extensions such a method is preserved almost healthy and strong.
  • The mechanical clamp is a relative of the pliers. The build-up is done with the help of metal clips and beads, which are fixed with mechanical forceps.
  • Hot tongs are suitable for the Italian way. The tongs are heated with a protein microcapsule with artificial hair, and then a strand of live hair is attached to it.
  • Tongs for removing capsules - their use is necessary to remove strands, otherwise you can damage your hair.
  • Pistol for building up - this dangerous tool is used to heat a special resin. With her help and fasten your native hair with locks.

All these materials for building up are only a part of what is needed. The most important thing is to choose the right hair.

where does hair grow from

Locks and strands

The amount of hair you need to spend onbuild-up, the wizard is called the volume. Select the strands and their number individually. Everything depends on the native density and length of the head of hear. For an average density and a standard length of 40-50 cm, approximately 100 grams of hair will be required. Usually this is about 130 strands.

Girls with hair length up to 10 cm very oftendo the build-up. To grow your hair is a very long process. And the build-up lasts only a few hours. Of course, such a short hair requires much more strands.

sale of hair for building

Where do they take the hair?

Demand for building huge.Now in every beauty salon hair is growing. Why so many strands? In any city in the country you saw an announcement about the purchase of hair more than 30 cm. But, of course, those wishing to build up strands more than sell their own. There are several more ways to extract hair, some of them are nothing more than myths:

  • Hair is supplied from South African countries andcountries of Asia, where people are ready to do anything to get money. Beauties specially look after their curls to sell as much as possible. Selling hair for building up is a lucrative and legitimate business.
  • Not quite a pleasant moment - the hair from the morgue. It is unlikely that this is true, because the morgue does not include beauties with lush head of hair in groups. And no one will allow such an act to be performed on the deceased.
  • Psychiatric hospitals, too, are engaged in the sale of vegetation. This is also a vague assumption, because the hair of sick people looks completely unattractive.
  • Prisons and SIZOs are also a source of hair supply. Prisoners shave their heads when they get there. Do not throw away such wealth. This is quite realistic, because the raw materials that are cut off go into the garbage chute.
  • Where does the hair for building a better quality, known to everyone - from the countries of the former USSR! They are mostly light, similar in structure to hair of Russians. Good to color and styling!

materials for building

The hair undergoes a special chemical treatment,they are completely safe and harmless. So the choice is yours - to wear someone else's curls, your own or artificial! In most cases, your hair after hair extension will have to be treated, restored and, possibly, shortened.


About the state of the strands fordo not worry. They go through a huge number of different treatments. First, the hair is disinfected. Then they are well washed, painted and placed in a chamber with forty-degree heat to dry. The last stage is the coating of strands with silicone for elasticity and silkiness. Then the strands are clinging to the tracks and sent for sale. Russia leads in quality and quantity of produced strands in comparison with other countries.

The most important thing is to choose the right salon and the master, otherwise your hair after hair extensions will turn into a loofah or fall out altogether.

Rehabilitation and rehabilitation

There are cases when when stripping afterbuilding up their hair left much to be desired. But the problem is completely solved. If the hair began to fall out, split, break, you urgently need to start their treatment:

  • Do a haircut with an experienced craftsman. The haircut must be such that the use of a hairdryer, ironing, fixing means is minimized.
  • Therapy with oils is the best medicine fordamaged hair. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy funds, burdock oil is perfect. Apply warm oil on the entire length of the hair once every five days.
  • Masks for intensive hair growth simplyare needed. It is desirable to stimulate blood circulation, then the growth of hair will go like a leap. To do this, use self-made masks from yolk, mustard, herbal decoction.
  • Salt compresses very favorably affect damaged hair. A glass of salt dilute warm water to the state of sour cream and rub into the roots of the hair, massaging well with both hands.

hair after building reviews

Such simple ways will not hit your pockets and help your hair to come to a proper appearance.

Opinions, references, recommendations

Hair can not be left without attention after building. The testimonies of the girls who tried on themselves and build-up, and recovery, will help to understand the problem.

sale of hair for building

The opinions of the girls are radically different from each other.friend. Hot build, according to them, leads the hair into an unfavorable state, but the other methods are more sparing and harmless. To remove the embroidered locks it is necessary to give at least once a year and several months to rest your own hair!

Cultivate good quality hair and have a proven master! Then they will bring pleasure and beauty!

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