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Sally Hansen Gel Miracle: reviews, instructions, and photos

A truly beautiful woman who canand loves to take care of himself. After all, the perfect image consists of a huge number of small details, because even a lady in an expensive couture outfit will not look perfect if she forgets to look after her manicure. Yes, it is the well-groomed hands that have always been considered and probably will be considered the visiting card of a woman of any financial situation. And if you do not have time or opportunity to regularly visit your own manicure designer, why not pay attention to the widely discussed new beauty market - varnishes Sally Hansen Gel Miracle, reviews about which in the overwhelming majority are only positive or even admired.

Gel-lacquer that dries in daylight

Sally Hansen as a manufacturer positions itsproduct as a breakthrough in the world of manicure, because now it's really possible to make a practically professional gel-varnish coating at home, while special devices such as LED or UV lamps are not needed, because Sally Hansen Gel Miracle (reviews of those who have already tested product, this fact is confirmed) dries just under normal lighting conditions.

sally hansen gel miracle reviews

More benefits

In addition to the fact that this gel-lacquer is really used even at home, the manufacturer emphasizes a few of his significant advantages:

- Quickly dries - this coating dries very quickly on the surface of your nail, just a couple of minutes to wait, and your fingers will be decorated with a beautiful manicure.

- A huge number of shades - women are veryspecific creatures, because we do not just have different tastes, so each of us wants diversity, at least in the color of nail polish. Sally Hansen Gel Miracle reviews and recommendations for buying is often due to the fact that the manufacturer has prepared a really bright and very unusual, rich palette of various shades of its product.

- Beauty, which will last for a long timethe surface of the nail - the main disadvantage of conventional varnishes - their "short-lived life", that is, sometimes in just a couple of hours it is already clear that the fingers begin to peel off the lacquer and the manicure will have to be altered again. Sally Hansen also promises that their novelty will give you a wonderful manicure, which will remain without problems for about 14 days.

- Easy to apply - gel varnish Sally Hansen MiracleGel reviews of admiration also get thanks to its excellent consistency, which very easily and evenly falls on the nail plate, so the process of creating a fresh manicure is not only quick, but also very light.

varnish sally hansen miracle gel reviews

- Remove the favorite means for removing the varnish - that's it.another advantage - in order to remove the remnants of nail polish from the nail, it is enough to use a cotton pad and a nail polish remover that you usually buy, that is, no specialized means, the manufacturer claims, to look for cosmetics on the store shelves.

- To apply such a coating, you do not have touse the database - Sally Hansen Gel Miracle reviews around him began to collect thanks to another loud statement from the brand, according to which now it is not necessary to use the base on the nail, so that the lacquer long and well kept.

Probably, the "set" of all these qualities,most of which are not inherent in ordinary varnishes, and attracted the attention of such a large number of buyers, that's why such products can really be found simply by a huge number of responses from customers who decided to check on the availability of all the advantages described above.

Really worthy alternative!

About Sally Hansen Gel Miracle reviews are foundregularly, most of them confirm that all the promised benefits are not just a "fishing rod" from the manufacturer, in order to attract more consumers, but a real feature of the product.

sally hansen miracle gel top coat reviews

The first thing that raises delight in our ladies -a consistency that is more dense than the most expensive conventional varnishes. And this means that it is not even necessary to apply two layers of lacquer so that the nail plate does not shine through it, just one correctly placed on the peeled nails.

To apply the top, do not have to wait!

If you believe the responses, the lacquer is really simpleinstantly dries up, once you have finished casting a brush over your fingernail. So immediately after applying gel-varnish on all the nails, you can proceed to cover the top. Sally Hansat Miracle Gel Top Coat reviews also deserve admiration, because he has a very good consistency (the top evenly spreads over the nail), and the brush does not leave any traces, that is, even non-professionals get a beautiful, decent glossy surface.

Is a manicure up to 14 days?

Consumers still most often this productwas tested as a "long-serving" lacquer. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (reviews confirm this fact) not all customers have passed a similar test drive, many already on the 6th or 7th day on the nails had small defects in the form of chipped sections of the varnish. But if we take into account the fact that such customers in the overwhelming majority of cases continued to do all the domestic work and often washed their hands, it is not strange that the coating did not last for 14 days. Probably, just to glow with neat nails, until 14 days will have to give up any work by hand without using additional gloves. But a week of sustainability is already a very good indicator that ordinary varnishes, even more expensive ones, are unattainable. This high level of durability is achieved, most likely, thanks to the special Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.

gel varnish sally hansen miracle gel reviews

Reviews confirm that if you use this top with other varnishes, you can not achieve a similar effect of firmness, apparently, the varnish Sally Hansen of this series has a specific molecular composition.

Why you can not do without top?

As already can be understood from the analyzedresponses from other consumers of this product, long-lasting beauty to our nails, which is resistant even to external influences, is bestowed by Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3d Top Coat. Reviews of the duo lacquer + top - only positive, and "separate" the given couple is not worth it. If you belong to the category of women who have the desire and ability to repaint their nails almost every evening, you can only buy a varnish. If you want to forget about this procedure for at least a week - buy these goods together.

Nails and fingers should be prepared for manicure

In order to achieve a manicure that willkeep as long as possible on the nails, you need to take care of them properly. Often, along with feedback on Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, there are also responses to a product such as Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover. Reviews about these two products are related, because really neat manicure with gel-varnish can be done only if the nail plate is cleaned well and take care of removing the cuticle.

sally hansen gel cuticle remover reviews

Everyone knows that mechanical cuticle removal(cutting yourself or in the salon) traumatizes the delicate skin, besides, if the instruments have not been sterilized qualitatively, you can catch an infection, and you will forget about well-kept hands for weeks. So it's better to use cosmetic products that soften it and allow you to gently push it off the edge of the nail surface. Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover performs this task perfectly. Instructions for use for it is very simple: apply to the cuticle, wait 8-10 minutes (this time is enough to make the skin soft and supple) and carefully, with the help of a wooden stick, push it off the edge of the surface of your nail. Responses about this product are also overwhelmingly admired, such preliminary preparation for manicure allows to achieve a more accurate final result.

Let's talk about the shortcomings

As we have already seen, those reviews in whichreal consumers have proved that the manicure with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "does not live" for 14 days, and about a week, they are written by those girls who are not afraid of housework, then it is not worth mentioning the quality of the product because of this. If we talk about the real shortcomings of gel-varnish, which was noticed by other buyers, then only one brightly stands out: the price of the product, which is slightly higher than the average price for a good varnish. But if you remember how much the procedure of coating the nails with gel-lacquer in the salon today, it becomes clear that buying this gel-lacquer and top is beneficial to it, because it will be enough for many, many times. Still for some, the palette is not enough in 47 different shades, such reviews can also be considered subjective, because the tastes of beautiful representatives of the tender sex are very different, and in practice 47 shades of varnish are enough to even a lady with an extravagant taste found the perfect color for herself.

sally hansen gel shine 3d top coat reviews

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (gel-nail polish)reviews of admiration really got deservedly, and if a woman is a fan of persistent manicure, she should definitely buy such a new thing in the cosmetic bag.

The perfect gift option

Judging by the feedback on the product, which today ishearing at all, the duet Sally Hansen Miracle Gel with the appropriate top cover is a perfect gift for all the fair sex of any age and social status.

Since even the one that did not use gel-lacquers will cope with its application, then for such a present it is really possible to "get" a lot of thanks.

So the real positive feedback about this product is well deserved, and if you buy a new generation of lacquer for yourself, then it is worth giving preference to Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.

sally hansen gel cuticle remover

Sorry about such an acquisition certainly will not have to, because now a quality manicure really do without leaving the apartment.

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