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Korean cosmetics Mizon: expert reviews. Mizon Cream: reviews

Korean cosmetics slowly but surelyconquers the Russian cosmetic market. This is due to the originality of products created using natural and unusual ingredients. Mizon - one of the leading brands of South Korean cosmetics. The concept of the brand is the constant creation of new cosmetic products combining many useful components, assembled in an ideal proportion, capable of more efficient work, and giving visible results in a short time.

Mizon: reviews

Proposed assortment

The product line "Mizon" constantlyis updated, thanks to its own laboratory. Experts create new recipes for cosmetic products of different categories. A wide range of Mizon cosmetics, reviews of which many bloggers and simply satisfied consumers leave, counts products of different categories: cleansing creams, foams, milk, make-up remover, BB- and SS-creams, moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating and regenerating creams, tonics , masks, serums, all kinds of decorative cosmetics, caring for the body and hair, remedies for problem skin, as well as men's cosmetics.

The company produces products exclusivelyof high quality, from environmentally friendly and safe raw materials. Korean cosmetics "Mizon" occupies a mass market niche, despite this, it is among the first in quality and demand both in the Asian and Russian markets, and can compete with some of the luxury products of luxury brands.

Variety of creams "Mizon"

Among the most popular and purchased Koreancosmetic products can be noted BB-, SS-creams, peelings, tints and ... snuff creams. Mizon has a wider choice: outdoor BB-creams, collagen, nutritious, moisturizing and for the skin around the eyes. All of them are good in their own way, some of them managed to become a godsend for many women.

What is so good about street cream, and how is ituse? Mizon Cream is primarily aimed at regenerating damaged and damaged skin with irritations, chronic scars, post acne traces, it is also capable of lightening the skin, moisturizing and nourishing the turgor - more universal than the cream, probably has not yet been invented.

Korean cosmetics

Why snails?

In the process of production, Korean cosmetics Mizonuses snail mucus, so the animals themselves do not suffer in any way. To do this, on special farms cultivated species of snails Helix Aspersa Müller, emissions of the secret has extraordinary regenerating, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, so on the basis of mucin creams are suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and sensitive.

In snail mucus contains a whole complexmicroelements and enzymes capable of slowing down aging, as well as being a true protection against UV rays. Slowing effect of aging is provided due to the content of elastin and collagen in mucin, which are well compatible with human skin cells, thereby strengthening its skeleton. The skin becomes more dense, elastic and less prone to damage. After a thorough study of the properties of mucus, Korean cosmetics Mizon and "acquired" their hits.

The secret and use of snail cream

Given that the Asian snail creamcontains more than 90% of snail mucus, it is natural and safe. Thanks to restoring and healing properties, it is advisable to use this cream during pregnancy to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, it is important to use the product systematically, then the effect will be most obvious.

As a rule, these creams do not have agerestrictions, and can be used on both young and aging skin to maintain smoothness, smooth color and silky. That's why Mizon cosmetics are so good that it can be used by everyone. Biologists have proved that, with proper use, a cosmetic product based on mucin is able to heal cuts and abrasions, reduce pigmentation spots, treat burns and scars, and also smooth wrinkles.

Mizon Cosmetics

The most notable product of the brand Mizon

Mizon snail cream with 92%Slime is, perhaps, the most bought cream among all the others. All in one snail repair cream favorably affects the problem skin, removes irritation, minimizes pores and gives the necessary moisturizing.

The cream is effective with the following problems:

  • postoperative scars;
  • dark spots;
  • spots that appear on the skin during pregnancy and lactation;
  • acne;
  • expanded pores;
  • dull skin color.

The cream is intended for daily use and is perfectly combined with caring serums and decorative cosmetics: BB-cream, powder or tonal basis.

Mizon snail cream

Speaking of novelties ...

Taking care of the beauty and health of its consumersand, of course, to maintain interest in yourself, recently the brand Mizon, reviews of which do not stop, has released a new product cream with the content of mucus black snails - Mizon Black Snail All in One Cream. According to the manufacturer, the cream is less saturated with a streptant filtrate (90%), but in its composition it consists of 27 components of black color, 20 of which are plant extracts.

Among the abilities of the "black" cream:struggle with inflammation, enlarged pores, post-acne, reduction of pigment spots, scars and scars. The cream has a gel, light, slightly viscous texture, with a more saturated appearance than that of its fellow. Despite the rich in "black" ingredients, the product itself has a light beige color. It is important to note that the cream does not contain fragrances, for some it can be an important factor in choosing a caring cosmetics.

Mizon cream is beautiful in both winter and summertime, since it absorbs without residue, does not overload the skin, leaves it fresh, matte and moisturized. The cream does not clog the pores and does not form an unpleasant film on the face, in case of small sunburns it will quickly moisturize and soothe the irritated skin. In addition to all the price of the product is very democratic, which gives an excellent opportunity to create quality care without significant financial costs.

Korean cosmetics Mizon

Collagen cream from Mizon

Another no less popular productSouth Korean brand Mizon, the reviews of which are promising, is based on collagen - Collagen power lifting cream MIZON. The cream is saturated with marine collagen, the percentage of which in its composition is quite large - 75%. Producers position this cream as one of the most effective in the correction of the face oval, the cream perfectly copes with dryness, gives the skin firmness and nourishment. Due to the compatibility of components with human skin cells, its elasticity increases, the optimal level of collagen and elastin, necessary to maintain youth and tone, is constantly maintained.

The main functions of collagen cream "Mizon":

  • smoothing wrinkles;
  • maintenance of correct metabolism in the skin;
  • moisturizing;
  • regeneration;
  • food.

For ease of use, manufacturers have releasedcream in two different packages: a jar and a tube. Here it is - to whom as you like. Tube can be taken with you on a trip, while the jar is more suitable for home use.

Mizon collagen reviews

A little about the composition

By assembling the ingredients in an ideal proportion, the manufacturers created the cream Mizon, reviews of experts and ordinary consumers at the same time agree in a single opinion - it works!

In addition to hydrolyzed marine collagen, the product also has many useful features - innovative peptides and plant components.

Adenosine is an important component for increasing the production of natural elastin and collagen in the skin. It is the most commonly used and effective ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics.

Matrixyl (palmitoyl pentapeptide-4) possesseseffective anti-aging effect, penetrates into the most hard-to-reach skin cells, smoothes it. The component is suitable for use on sensitive skin, renews it, improves elasticity and resistance to external harmful factors.

Copper tripeptide-1 has wound-healingincreases the protective properties of the skin, especially after some cosmetic procedures: cleansing, peeling, etc. This component also has a rejuvenating, tonic and restorative effect.

Mizon Cream, consumer reviews

The cream has a pleasant consistency - plasticand slightly pulling. The color of the product is creamy, the cream has no smell. As for absorbency, it perfectly penetrates the structure of the skin, leaving no unpleasant sensation on its surface, its face moistened, matte, like silk. The product is perfectly combined with other uhodovymi means - serums, emulsions, tonics, can also serve as a base for any tonal basis or powder.

Collagen Eye Cream by Mizon

Mizon Cream: reviews

Dry area around the eyes is an exciting topicmany women. To this end, Korean manufacturers have created a separate collagen cream, designed for delicate and delicate skin. Collagen Power Firming Eye cream is saturated with sea collagen in an amount of 42%, argan oil and evening primrose oil. Already, many women have had time to evaluate the effect of Mizon cream, the reviews on which are very positive. Thanks to plant stem cells and plant extracts, the agent has a visible lifting action.

The main areas of the cream:

  • maintenance of smoothness of a skin due to extracts of an iris and a raspberry;
  • rejuvenation due to adenosine;
  • elastic and elastic skin thanks to the extract of cocoa, collagen, tripeptide-1 and copper.
  • protection of the delicate skin from stress and destructive factors of the external environment are provided by argan oil, the cells are maximally protected and nourished.

Mizon collagen - reviews about this cream do not lie.It perfectly suits as a basic daily care. Due to its light texture, the cream instantly absorbs, does not roll down and leaves no stickiness. The product is perfectly combined with other serums, creams and decorative cosmetics. With it, the skin around the eyes is more elastic, tightened, the bags under the eyes become less noticeable, and the makeup is laid flat and neat.

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