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Analysis of the marketing environment of the enterprise as part of the marketing strategy

A large number of decisions that are takenenterprise, including assortment policy, access to new markets, business re-profiling, "seller and buyer" relationships, pricing organization, are in the marketing plane. Therefore, the stability of business depends on the marketing environment and the marketing strategy of the enterprise.

The marketing strategy of an enterprise must meet the following criteria:

- Presence of the formulated purposes.

In practice, the formulation of tasks is the most difficult.In order for the goal to reflect the current interests of the enterprise, it is necessary to conduct painstaking work, neglect of which is fraught with negative consequences in the future.

- the availability of forecasts for the development of the situation in the future and several scenarios for achieving the goal.

The marketing strategy should work according to plan,which is painted with the indication of control points and stages of implementation. If there is a deviation from the plan, then the enterprise has deviated from its goals or the marketing plan is inaccurate.

- the presence of a control system for marketing activities. The success of business depends on the actions of many people, so all involved should be aware of and understand their actions.

Based on the criteria mentioned above, the analysis of the marketing environment of the enterprise is carried out.

To maintain the stability and development of the subjectIt is necessary to regularly analyze the marketing environment of the enterprise. The marketing environment consists of a macro environment and a microenvironment, it is very important to use the maximum amount of information that is available to the marketing unit.

Macro-environment factors include:

a) political and legal factors - political stability, the legislative framework for business, the degree of regulation of the economy by the state, the specifics of tax legislation;

b) economic factors - purchasingthe ability of the population and income level, the level of inflation, the availability of borrowed funds (credits), the level of consumption, the essence of wholesale trade, the saturation of the commodity market;

c) demographic factors - territorial location, population size, urbanization level, birth rate / mortality rate, population age and education gradation;

d) scientific and technical factors - the level of technology and innovation, the protection of intellectual property,

e) natural factors - level of access to raw materials, energy carriers, features of ecology and environmental pollution;

e) socio-cultural factors - the structure of society in the social plan, the availability and development of infrastructure, traditions, values, religion.

Macro-environment factors include: consumers of products, suppliers of raw materials, competitors, intermediaries and contact audiences.

Carrying out the analysis of the marketing environment of the enterprise, in addition to environmental factors, it is necessary to take into account the organizational factors and capabilities of the enterprise.

To analyze the marketing environment of the enterprise gave the most complete assessment of the state of the enterprise on the market, it is necessary to carry out the following activities:

- analyzing each group of marketing factorsenvironment, it is necessary to take into account all the factors that need to be described in detail, giving a detailed assessment to everyone. Do not just specify the parameter "inflation", but give detailed detailed information, indicating its level and dynamics;

- relying on the capabilities and objectives of the enterprise,It is necessary to determine whether a particular environmental factor is negative or positive. That is, whether the specific factor of the environment contributes to the implementation of the goals, taking into account the available resources, or, on the contrary, complicates the implementation of plans;

- it is necessary to form two blocks of environmental factors - negative and positive, analyzing them, you need to go to the conclusion about the situation on the market;

- as a result, based on the situation on the market, it is necessary to identify marketing opportunities, and to offer certain measures that will enable to realize the goals of the enterprise.

Маркетинговые возможности предприятия – это The most correct marketing efforts in a particular situation, with the help of which an enterprise can gain competitive advantages. That is, given the market opportunities, the goals of the organization and its resources, it is necessary to determine the direction of marketing actions.

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