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Analysis of the internal environment of the enterprise

In order for an enterprise to be successfulwork and hold strong positions in the market, he needs to periodically evaluate his activities. To do this, there is an analysis of the internal environment of the enterprise, in the course of which both strong and weak sides of the enterprise manifest themselves. In the course of this work, the financial side of the company, production and marketing activities, the work of the sales and supply departments, the coordination of the work of all divisions of the enterprise and so on are analyzed.

Analysis of the internal environment of the company will helpclarify the situation and will provide an opportunity to take action when a threat to the activities of the enterprise. It will give an opportunity to improve the activity based on the results of the analysis, distributing them among the key decision-makers in the enterprise.

Methods of analyzing the marketing environment of the company consist, first of all, in identifying the main factors that affect it. It:

  1. Determination of the main influencing groups using expert judgment.
  2. Specification and evaluation of external factors.
  3. Allocation of the most significant factors.
  4. Identify the degree of influence of these factors on the enterprise.
  5. Development of measures to reduce their negative impact or undesirable impact.
  6. Development of forecasts for the development of the external environment for the planned period.

Analysis of the internal environment of the enterprise may include the following items:

  1. Level of management organization.
  2. Availability of marketing research in the enterprise.
  3. Study of consumer demand.
  4. Study of methods of product promotion.
  5. Availability of production base.
  6. Personnel training system.
  7. Motivation system.

Analysis of the macro environment should include the immediate environment of the enterprise:

- producers of similar products;

- the influence of suppliers on the raw material stocks of the enterprise, in order to avoid an overabundance of goods in the warehouse or vice versa, disrupting the supply of raw materials;

- the opportunity to work with large suppliers, which makes it possible to obtain maximum discounts, loans and investment services;

- study of the competitive power of customers;

- control over the work of the sales system;

- potential producers of similar products;

- producers of substitute products.

The analysis of the internal environment of the enterprise pursuesthe following objectives: clarification of the strategic situation within the enterprise, the correct use of a variety of resources, the current state of the business. At the same time, SWOT analysis is used, which determines the weaknesses of the company and its strong positions. For this, absolutely all areas of the company's activity are considered: organization and management, marketing, production, marketing, financial management and personnel.

SWON - the analysis studies trends of developmententerprises, the possibility of using its advantages, as well as the study of the macro environment in order to neutralize the undesirable effects arising from it. Knowledge of their

the strongest aspects will help the company to use the best opportunities of the market much more efficiently, and the vision of the weak sides is to take appropriate measures and build protection in time.

Analysis of the macro environment will help highlight the following points:

- technical condition of the equipment;

- efficiency of capacity utilization;

- Inventory control systems;

- control over the quality of products;

- cost of raw materials;

- the efficiency of the procurement process;

- research;

- innovation;

- magnitude of costs.

Also, in the process of analysis, the main advantages of an enterprise that create its advantages over competitors can be clarified.

For analysis, the PEST analysis methodology is often used, which takes into account economic and political factors that may affect the internal environment of the enterprise and bear a certain threat.

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