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Retail and retail network in St. Petersburg. Symbiosis or healthy competition?

When there are too many competingcompanies working in a uniform format, the fierce struggle for power begins, in which the strongest naturally wins. To date, in St. Petersburg, the level of market concentration is relatively low, and in comparison with European cities, it generally occupies the lowest positions. Regardless of whether retail trade survives in this struggle, many entrepreneurs will leave this business forever, and this is quite natural. However, independent small companies will not disappear altogether, they will simply learn to work in a completely different format.

Independent retailers often buy goods fromsmall suppliers and new market users who produce original products. Small providers often do not represent a particular interest for grid companies, since they often can not fulfill exactly the conditions under which a large grid company operates, very often they do not have the necessary resources to provide the required quantity of goods on time and in order to provide retailer the necessary deferral of payment. In addition, retail trade involves the study of consumer demand, and therefore it is purchased exactly the goods that are popular with residents of the area. Independent entrepreneurs do not waste energy on supporting a general assortment network matrix, but buy goods for the needs of the individual consumer.

Unfortunately, for networkers, smallcompanies deliver to the market not only goods of daily demand, they offer buyers their unique knowledge and experience. Small traders are well versed in the quality of the product, know the strengths and weaknesses, and all the features of each. Buyers trust the knowledge of specific sellers and would never trade this level of communication on the network soulless machine. No program will teach the seller live communication. Sure, there are a number of products that are easy to sell and buyers happy to buy them, so in some retail segments there will always be one step ahead of hitters.

Independent entrepreneurs always aspireimprove the service and product quality, because this is their store, they are ready to invest in it forces and means. Networkers are just hired workers, so they work mechanically. Although many independent entrepreneurs today are working only to survive and earn a few extra tens of thousands of rubles, nevertheless, the future for enthusiastic and brave figures. The owner of the store takes care of his company and does everything possible to make his business flourish. He does not need marketing research, because he talks to his customers every day and knows their tastes and needs perfectly.

The main advantage that retail hastrading before networkers is a high manageability at the local level and an immediate response from management to the shortcomings in the supply and service system. Small independent entrepreneurs sell quality, so they will never be able to lower their prices to the level of networkers, but this is not necessary - they offer only a unique high-quality product. As a result, a huge number of buyers will return here again and again. A tiny store that sells freshly baked bread will become an excellent competitor to a huge hypermarket, because it is the quality of products that determines the demand for this product.

It's no secret that network companies preferquality of service speed. The analysis of retail trade showed that the owners of small shops and kiosks are ready to invest the resources and resources to learn as best as possible their own customers. Maintenance of such outlets often reduces not just to trading calculations, but to live communication, which is much appreciated. These six factors are only in the hands of small independent companies, they are enough to ensure that independent retailers continue to please the residents of the northern capital with original customer experience and quality service, despite the incredible efforts of network companies.

A few years ago it seemed that smallshops and kiosks on the streets of St. Petersburg live out their time, so intensely included networkers on the food market of the city. Now the era of the revival of food markets and trade tents begins, many manufacturers continue to work with them from the nearest regions, especially since the Ministry of Finance decided to put in order the taxation of retail trade. Despite such a serious competition in the form of network companies, small producers will grow and prosper, allowing their customers to enjoy quality and original products.

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