/ / B2B - what is it, and how to learn how to effectively sell without personal connections and kickbacks?

В2В - what is it, and how to learn how to effectively sell without personal ties and kickbacks?

In today's world, one of the most effectiveforms of doing business is B2B. What is business to business, and what marketing tools are used in this segment? Let's talk about this in this article.

The concept of B2B

The term B2B, or business to business, meansthe way in which a product or service is sold to a legal entity, rather than an ordinary consumer. The decision to buy in this case is taken by a group of people called B2B-center, and the choice of the buyer is based on rational motives - for the development of their own business. In this there is a fundamental difference between B2B and B2C, another way of doing business.

В2В what is

Different "universes" of B2B and B2C-sales

Not understanding the clear differences between the concepts of B2C and B2B (a trading platform), it is impossible to manage them effectively. These are different universes, different methods and different results.

In B2C all actions are directed at a private person, that is,an ordinary consumer, ready to buy something. Of course, advertising plays an important role in this. She encourages a person to do shopping. Under its influence, we go shopping for entertainment, mood enhancement or social status confirmation. We work in order to buy something, whether it's food, clothes or luxury goods.

In the B2-segment, the client is a legal entity, so here the concept of "pleasure from buying" is absent, and the goals are set exclusively rational - further profit making.

Absolutely different motives affect the acquisitiongoods or services in these segments. For В2С is characterized by the use of mass advertising, a big role is played by the brand, which opens a certain status for the buyer, for which he is ready to overpay. Does not affect the fashion, brand and personal attitude to the B2B sphere. What is the economy - the buyer understands, because of this directly depends on his profit. It is more profitable for him to buy goods, the cost of which did not include the costs of advertising and marketing.

In-clients, unlike C-clients, oftenthey are superior to sellers in competence, moreover, as a rule, they are well aware of the peculiarities of the market from the inside, since they work with one type of goods, hold tenders and search for the most favorable conditions. For them, advertising or branding will simply be ineffective, B2B marketing is a much more complex, special concept and technology for selling to customers who have "everything is." Let's consider it in more detail.

B2B trading platform

Trust in B2B marketing

How to show your superiority in the backgroundcompetitors and prove to the contractor that you should deal with? In the B2B area, what is trust, understand very well, get it and not lose it - one of the main ways to win the tender. How to do it?

First, do not give empty promises, trying to stand out among similar firms. Already, the risk is high to not justify yourself, and therefore, to damage your own reputation.

В2В reviews

Second, trust between companies cancontribute to the open "kitchen" of the seller company. Show the client the structure, production, employees who will work on the project. The more understandable and accessible this information is, the higher the level of trust will arise in relation to you.

Thirdly, do not exclude В2В-reviews about your company, of course, if each positive statement is supplemented by the phone number of the satisfied customer.

Be sure to support the negotiations of a case study,that is, real examples of successfully executed projects and fictitious situations for demonstration, which you are ready to cope with in case of unforeseen circumstances.

No B2B-trading platform can not do without documentary confirmation, so be sure to prepare licenses, certificates, patents and other necessary papers.

And most importantly - to prove the economic benefit to the buyer.

How to achieve a payback?

To achieve a payback, you need to justifyThe customer benefits from the purchase of your product. Suppose your firm conducts training and is engaged in training various employees of the PowerPoint program. To substantiate the economic benefits of the client, you need to find out:

  1. How many employees will study the PowerPoint program and how much time they spend working in the program per week.
  2. How much does the average hour of this employee's work cost?

Based on feedback from previous clients, we know that the time spent working with presentations after training is halved. Naturally, the figure must be honest.

We calculate the benefit of the buyer and the cost of the service:

  • the cost of an hour of work is X;
  • number of hours a week - Y;
  • after training - Y / 2.

The result is savings: X * Y / 2 * 4 (the number of weeks in a month) * the number of trainees. This figure can become the price for the services you provided.

Do not forget to mention, after how many months this investment will pay off for the customer.

В2В center

Directions B2B

This example shows one of the directions of the sphereВ2В - provision of services and assistance in conducting business. And these services can be completely different, from cleaning the premises to auditing.

Classical forms of business to business are also wholesale and complex sales to purchasers or own dealer network, corporate and state orders, tenders.

Advantages of B2B

What is "business complexity for business",it is clear - this is a direct dependence on customers and the risk of their loss, low margin. This is the opinion of professional managers. Now let's talk about the pros of this form.

  • in B2B is not such a fierce competition, as in B2C;
  • there are no big marketing costs, since the cooperation is conducted more on personal negotiations and the work of the seller himself;
  • a lot of insider information, helping to increase profits.

В2В marketing

In conclusion. В2В - the sphere of active sales. The more you act, the sooner you form the base of your customers, and the sooner you start to make a profit.

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