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Direct marketing is an effective way of advertising or not?

Currently, advertising media are growing, asflowers, fed by rain, or rather the money of advertisers. And, of course, with the growth of business, the advertising budget also increases. Advertising itself is paid for by the company selling the product (service). And when a potential buyer purchases an advertised product (service), he also pays for advertising, the cost of which was included in the price. It turns out a strange collision: a person pays for himself to be pursued by advertising. On a global scale, this leads to the development of people's immunity to these kinds of videos. They watch them on TV, but they do not see it. Listen on the radio, but do not hear. We can say that the advertising market has overheated. Already, very few people consider the return. Most advertisers have long resigned themselves to the fact that with a circulation of 1 million copies there are no more than 200 calls, but in fact the product is bought by about 10 people. The remaining 999,990 customers are simply lost, although money has been paid for them. That's why now more than half of advertising money flowed into the sphere of direct marketing, or direct marketing. What is it?

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Direct marketing is personal and selectiveappeal to the consumer through writing (conventional or electronic) or telephone communication. Some consider it an effective strategy for finding new customers. And already available direct marketing will inform about new discounts, presentations, the appearance of a new product, etc. It also helps to build the image of the company in the society and to maintain relations with customers: their needs are clarified, as well as their attitude to the company and its products. The analysis of these data will best correct the trade proposal and increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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Types of direct marketing

It is understandable that for advertising purposesall possible means of communication are used (television, radio, magazines, etc.). But the most effective direct marketing technologies operate through telephone and mail. Let's look at them in more detail.


In this case, to inform potentialcustomers use the phone. It is clear that such a method is worth the money, but it gives the opportunity to focus on those to whom the advertising message needs to be transferred.


Postal direct marketing is the compilation,production and distribution of advertising messages to specific people of interest as potential consumers. In the recalculation for one presentation of the service (product) it is quite expensive. On the other hand, the high selectivity of treatment turns this method into a very effective tool.

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1. Target selection of clients. Perhaps, this is the most important advantage of direct marketing. No other advertising tool gives similar results.

2.The ability to "catch" customers at their location. When customers are at home, they can be "accessed" via television. On the way from home to work and back will help advertising signs and radio. At the work itself can be influenced by business journals. Tele- and post direct marketing is an opportunity to influence the audience regardless of its location.

3. Fast response. Telemarketing allows you to check the effectiveness of the proposal within a few hours. Advertising on radio and television gives an opportunity to assess only a few days.

4. Psychological selectivity.Telephone direct marketing, examples of which are regularly found in business, allows you to reach certain psychographic groups. In simple words, on people with a certain image and style of life. Magazines and newspapers are also published for specific groups of the population, but they do not provide high selectivity.

5. Various possibilities for an answer.The more customers have the answers, the faster and more willingly they will place an order. When using telemarketing, they can order the goods by phone. With electronic correspondence - send a request. Broadcast media do not provide such an opportunity. In most cases, only one way of dealing is suggested. The problem with all broadcast media is this: the viewer can not go back if he does not have time to write down the phone number. In such cases, the response is zero. And when advertising on the radio, when a potential customer is traveling in a car, it's simply impossible to write down the number, because it can provoke an accident.

6. Geographical selectivity.In most cases, for direct marketing, choose some individual regions. And it is here that mailing and telemarketing are 100% effective. After all, you see, it's silly to advertise in a magazine spreading all over the country, if 90% of your audience is in only one city.

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In many people, direct marketing is associatedexclusively with the work of call centers and the distribution of leaflets. But this is just a stereotype. In fact, direct marketing is a way of building long-term relationships with a client, not a tactic of holding certain companies and shares. As a matter of fact, under this concept all means of advertising influence with use of a direct contact with the consumer get.

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