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Integrable marketing communications: elements, strategies, management

In the conditions of a dynamically developing market andgrowing competition, any company is interested in reaching the attention of potential buyers. And the most effective method for achieving this goal is the combined use of presentation methods and feedback tools.

What are integrated marketing communications (IMC)

Under this term is to understand the processestablishing a connection with the end user, which differs from those used by large advertisers. In fact, IMC implies the planning of marketing communications, based on the need to assess their (communications) of individual areas and the strategic role.

In the process of the IMC, all means of influence, programs and messages are communicated to the potential or actual consumers of the services and products of the company.

Why IMC should be considered relevant

The concept of integrated marketingcommunications appeared not accidentally. The idea of ​​such measures to promote goods and services has become popular already in the 90's. The reason that this system was recognized as practical is due to the fact that traditional marketing tools could no longer provide the level of efficiency necessary for the successful development of companies in a changing market.

integrated marketing communications

Therefore, many enterprises went the waycombined use of various tools of marketing communications, the total impact of which was much more effective than the impact of each direction separately. In addition, IMC allowed companies to combine budgets, optimize them and get more tangible returns.

The concept of IMC

Obviously, the promotion of a product inevitably implies certain marketing communications. An integrated approach, in turn, leads to the solution of two problems that are related to each other.

The first task of IMC is to create messagescommunication character, in which various means of QMS (standard communication system) will be used, which do not contradict each other and are easily coordinated among themselves. As a result, a single positive image of the communicator is formed.

concept of integrated marketing communications

As a second objective, IMC should determineMaximizing the level of efficiency of marketing communications by searching for the most appropriate combinations of synthetic and fixed assets of QMS.

The essence of the QMS

In the process of implementation of integrated methodsThe tools of the standard communication system are used. We are talking about the totality of such elements as subjects, channels, means and forms of interaction, as well as direct and reverse links used in the process of the marketing system's work with representatives of the external environment.

By using these tools, it is clear andit is attractive to convey the essence of the marketing appeal to the end user. It is important to take into account the fact that the cost of the goods can also be used as an effective way of communicating information about the product (expensive, therefore, quality).

All these elements of integrated marketing communications, including the products themselves, as well as its cost, allow us to convey key information about the company's offer to the representatives of Central Asia.

Simultaneous use of several types of presentation and feedback is a profitable strategy that far exceeds the effectiveness of any one technique.

Key issues within the framework of the IMC strategy

The concept of integrated marketing communications involves obtaining a response to 3 key questions:

  1. In which points of the marketing channels is the most effective achievement of the buyer and an increase in the reaction speed in favor of purchasing the company's products?
  2. What is the most effective combination of means of sales promotion and advertising in the framework of achieving the goals of communication?
  3. How to competently coordinate the advertising appeal and each type of advertising communication with the common positioning of the brand from the position of their combined interaction?

marketing communications integrated approach

Answers to these questions make it possible to draw up a competent plan for IMC implementation within the framework of specific tasks.

Elements of the IMC

The system of integrated marketing communications consists of several key elements:

  • Public relations (public relations).
  • Direct marketing.This includes Internet and TV marketing. Speaking about promotion through television, it is worth noting that it boils down to giving the viewer the opportunity to place the order of the goods while at home, after he sees the specific products in action and acquainted with its characteristics. In the Internet space the same principle is used, only the opportunities for advancement in this case are much higher.
  • Advertising. These are certain measures, the purpose of which is the effective achievement of any marketing task.
  • Stimulation of demand for goods through the introduction of additional benefits and, as a result, increased benefits.
  • Business and retail advertising.The process of interaction with competitors in retail always leads to rapid changes. This is explained by the fact that corporations often come to the market with goods that are dynamically moving forward.

system of integrated marketing communications

  • Integrated marketingcommunications. Means the use of international advertising. This is an advertising campaign that goes beyond the country where the producer is located. At the same time, for this level of promotion, the goods should be leading in the framework of their niche.
  • Fairs and exhibitions. We are talking about the events in which the manufacturing company takes a direct part, presenting its products to the end user.
  • The plan of the enterprise. This refers to the general strategy of promoting the goods using different marketing tools.

The speed of the IMC

The modern concept of integrated marketing communications involves the use of certain principles. One of them is efficiency.

Суть данного принципа сводится к тому, чтобы use for the implementation of strategic communication processes as originally planned events, as well as those circumstances that arise involuntarily. It is worthwhile to understand that any competently analyzed information can potentially cause the formation of an IMC complex. And to make an information occasion you can actually from any subdivision of internal data flows of the company.

Principle of openness

In this case, it is a horizontal formcommunication with the partners of the enterprise. This allows you to make the business more sustainable, so it is important to focus on an open attitude to the possibility of developing partnerships. A vivid example of the implementation of this principle within the framework of the strategy of integrated marketing communications are joint companies promoting products of such famous brands as McDonald's and Coca-Cola. Now it is often possible to meet promo actions of manufacturers of washing machines and powder, sweets and tea, wine and cheese. With this approach, in addition to increasing the level of effectiveness of marketing measures, opportunities are opened for optimizing their budget.

Personalization as an IMC principle

The result, which brings the implementation of thisprinciple, makes many companies use it stably and actively. Under personalization is to understand the formation of a personal relationship with each client of the company. Of course, this approach will require a lot of cost and effort, as it will have to develop both new technical equipment and special projects.

concept of integrated marketing communications

Moreover, the availability of specific skills for staff will also be required. But in the end, the firm will receive a high level of loyalty from customers and, as a result, a significant increase in sales.


This principle, through which organized marketing communications are organized, define how main, because it implies a competentinteraction of all components of the IMC. The fact that the combination of promotional measures is much more effective than their simple summation, has been repeatedly proved by the experience of various companies.

One of the successful examples of the implementation of the principlesynergism can be called student teams of sellers who are in contact with potential consumers on the street. In this activity virtually all methods are involved, the use of which implies the concept of integrated marketing communications:

  • the demand for specific types of products is estimated;
  • there is direct contact with representatives of Central Asia;

complex of integrated marketing communications

  • by solving a social problem such as youth employment, the company gets an opportunity to enter into government contacts, which opens up new prospects for business development;
  • The seller, dressed in branded clothes, is the source of constant advertising.

It is obvious that the principle of synergism allows to use virtually all IMC elements, and with a high level of productivity.

Integrable marketing communications: structure on the Internet

The use of a combined method of brand promotion in the online area implies the presence of certain factors that play an important role in achieving the task.

  • Competitive environment.The advantage of analyzing competitors on the Internet boils down to fairly simple ways of tracking their activity and rating. Moreover, due to the fact that all the information on the network is presented in digital form, it is easy to get the necessary data on the most popular resources of competing companies in the statistics collection systems.

elements of integrated marketing communications

  • Speed ​​of formation of the price.The manufacturer has the opportunity, within the network, to establish dynamic pricing for products. This can be, for example, discounts on the purchase of goods when buying a certain number of units.
  • Feedback. It is about the possibility of feedback through the site and special forums.
  • Update the data.Thanks to the content management tools that are available on the Internet, the company is able to change both the form of communication and the information itself at any convenient moment.
  • Management of integrated marketingcommunications within the network. Means the use of the personalization factor. This technique is most relevant when working with banner ads on sites, within which personalization of specific users is carried out. This approach is used by industry portals, websites and other resources.
  • Free communication.It is no secret that with the help of Internet resources you can quickly spread various rumors. This opportunity is often used by various companies to reduce the effectiveness of advertising campaigns of competing business structures.
  • Flexible PR-orientedrepresentatives of Central Asia. In this case, we are talking about the possibility of different formats for the presentation of materials designed to build brand loyalty and promote specific products. For the selected audience can be used specially prepared materials.


As a result, it can be noted that integrable marketing communications are the most effective and fast-acting strategy for promoting both a brand and a specific product on the market.

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