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Determine the value of the fox tattoo

Practice covering yourself with animal images.has more than a dozen years. Why are there a dozen. Totem animals patronizing one or another genus have always been a favorite subject of underwear painting. Here are just some of the characters with time only added themselves points, and the popularity of others was waning.

fox tattoos
For example, do you know a lot of people on the bodywhich fox tattoos flaunt? True, a bit. It hurts ambiguous attitude to the animal itself. Although we recognize, chanterelle has a simply elegant appearance: bright, elegant, fluffy. A beautiful creature with great hunting habits! The image of this cunning animal is present in many fairy tales.

So what does a fox tattoo mean?Again, depending on which side to approach. If you portrayed Chinese ku-li, then the main interpretation of the tattoo is longevity. The Chinese believe in the divine origin of this animal. However, after reaching the age of fifty, the animal ceases to be such and gets the opportunity to turn into a seductive woman. Having lived to be a hundred years old, the fox becomes younger and becomes a young maiden. And after a thousand years he will be able to change his female appearance to a male one. Before us is no longer a simple ku-li, but a sky fox.

fox tattoos
A similar interpretation of the fox tattoo in Japanese.Kitsune, or nine-tailed fox, is identical in nature to ku-li. But besides longevity, it personifies the path of self-development and self-improvement. The redhead beast also brings prosperity and abundance.

As you can see, among the Asian peoples, this animal is equated with divine creatures, which are both assistants and protectors.

But in the Russian tradition - it is rather a false andinsidious creature. Although sometimes fox-sister with her cunning she achieves much more than brute force. And where ingenuity does not help, there you can take your beauty.

what does fox tattoo mean
Perhaps that is why tattoos with fox more oftenjust doing a girl. They are smart, playful and accustomed to turning their weaknesses into a weapon that allows you to achieve your plans. It seems that the owners of the charming painted camelina are light and superficial. However, along with the ability to enjoy the moment, they carefully think out and plan their lives.

There are fox tattoos in men.Rarely, but it happens. What to expect from their master? Thinking outside the box, charm, ingenuity. Rest assured, such a person will not be lost in the most confusing situation, he will be able to find a way out where you didn’t expect. Maybe he will not go ahead, but surely he will not break the wood either.

As for the technique in which they are performedfox tattoos, there are no established canons here. There are images in a realistic manner, cartoonish, punk, in the style of the old school. As always, traditional Chinese and Japanese tattoos look amazing. And so where exactly to put the image of a charming creature, you decide. The redhead can settle behind the ear, on the neck, on the arm, on the leg, on the back. The result ultimately depends on your personal taste and the skill of the artist.

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