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Jackets "Termite": description, customer reviews

Trade mark Termit is one of the brands Ltd."Sportmaster", which has a network of stores throughout Russia and outside the country. The first models of sportswear "Termite" appeared on sale in 1997, and since that time the assortment of the company has considerably expanded. Trade mark Termit offers customers stylish clothes and shoes for outdoor activities, snowboarding and downhill skiing, swimming and fitness.

Men's jackets "Termite": characteristics

Those who like active leisure or professionallyIt is engaged in sports, it is necessary to take care of reliable equipment in advance. The top of the jacket "Termite" is made of membrane fabric Dryvex, which is characterized by high water resistance and vapor permeability. What does this mean?

Termite jackets
The most important indicator of the quality of membrane tissueIs waterproof. It is measured in millimeters of water column and means how much rain can withstand the fabric for 24 hours so as not to get wet. In jackets "Termite" this figure is 5000-10000 mm.

The vapor permeability characterizes the abilitythe membrane to sweat out. The indicator is measured in the amount of grams of water vapor that the tissue passes for 24 hours. In "Termite" jackets the vapor permeability is 5000-10000 mm.

Filler, which is used in the upperclothing brand - duck down / feather or synthetic insulation. Regardless of the model chosen, all Termite jackets are very warm. They are not cold even at temperatures below 30 degrees, but still it is better to wear thermal underneath.

Female models of jackets

Outerwear Termit for women is no less practical and quality than men's. The top of the fabric is a membrane fabric with high water resistance and vapor permeability from 5000 to 10,000 mm.

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All "Termite" jackets are very stylish, so theireven real women of fashion wear it. Models are functional enough. They provide several pockets, a detachable hood, warm deep pockets on the fleece lining, a snowproof skirt and adjustable cuffs.

Feedback from buyers about jackets "Termite"

As the results of sales of outerwearrepresented by the trademark, it is really in demand. What do "Termite" jackets like to customers? The positive reviews indicate that on clothes:

  • waterproof, non-blowing membrane;
  • a lot of functional pockets for the phone, the player;
  • comfortable length of jacket;
  • there is a snow-protective skirt;
  • good warmth-keeping material.

The only drawback of the Termit jackets, whichthe buyers say, is a rather high price. Although in comparison with the world's trademarks, this clothing costs 2-3 times cheaper, while in terms of quality it does not concede to them.

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