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Crown. Tattoo for strong and powerful

Today, tattoos are enjoying increasingpopularity. Some consider this a way of expressing themselves, while others simply want to convey certain information to the world, and still others believe that it is stylish and beautiful. Today, you can make any tattoo, which only the soul wants, in any color and in various sizes.

crown tattoo,

Quite rare is the crown - a tattoo,the meaning of which is interpreted in different ways. In general, it means a great desire for power, the desire to occupy a high position or enjoy great prestige in the society. In ancient times, the figure symbolized a respectful attitude towards the gentleman, emperor or other influential person. In the Middle Ages quite often on the flag of the knight and the emblem of the country the crown was depicted. The tattoo changes its meaning depending on the location. For example, if the picture is depicted under the heart - it is a symbol of luck, love and friendship. Many countries created bracelets and rings, on which a heart with a crown was depicted, and the whole composition is held by hands. This is a kind of symbol of loyalty, real feelings and support.

crown tattoo on the neck

Crown tattoos are very interesting andare unusual. Girls, as a rule, wear very small drawings, men - much more. Representatives of the weaker sex, having such a tattoo, stand out from the crowd, as if showing their superiority over others. Therefore, not every girl will take the risk of wearing this image. For men, everything is much simpler: power, strength and will are the main reasons to make a tattoo to assert itself and prove to society that it possesses such character traits.

Depicting the crown with other elements andsymbols, a person wants to show his importance in this world, authority and advantage over others. What attribute distinguishes the king from other people? Correctly, the crown. The tattoo of such a plan is widely used in the underworld. Here the meaning is slightly different, understandable only to people of this circle. But nevertheless, even in prison, this is considered a symbol of authority, or tattooing narrates about the commission of a serious crime, in which a person is not going to repent. It can also be expressed aggression, hatred of order and law, or unwillingness to correct.

Crown tattoos

For the girl, the crown (tattoo) on the neck meansgreatness and zeal for power, a desire to be the best among others and have authority. The figure symbolizes leadership, self-control and the desire to be the first in all endeavors. Men basically do the tattoo on the back, shoulder, ankle and chest. All this means tranquility, power and strength of man. A tattoo in the form of a crown in some countries symbolizes divinity and is considered sacred. It means longevity, calmness and confidence in oneself. Such individuals are, as a rule, single-minded and strong.

The choice of a tattoo is a very important moment, because she will accompany a person all his life. Of course, you can reduce the figure from the body, but this is a very expensive and painful procedure.

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