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A new trend is a tattoo on the eyeball!

The term "eyeball tattoo" implies the introduction of ink using a special syringe into the outer protective layer of the eye.

tattoo on the eyeball
The first to make such an experiment was the residentBrazil, who wanted to make his eye proteins darker. The operation was successful, but the man himself claims that the ink was pouring out of his eyes for several days after this procedure.

Then the idea was picked up by other tattoo enthusiasts, giving their eyes an unnatural color.

Especially popular are bright and saturated colors: yellow, blue, red and, of course, black.

As already mentioned, this is done approximately like thisJust like a normal tattoo, only the skin is injected into the eye instead of the skin. From the medical point of view, this procedure is considered very dangerous, because together with the pigment it is easy to put an infection into the eye. Such manipulation can cause severe inflammation of the eye or worse - loss of vision, but it does not stop those who wish. Moreover, the master argues that this procedure is much safer than the usual tattoo! While all the operations were completed well, the only drawback was that the eye was slightly watered for two to three days after the injection.

where you can make a tattoo

Before the procedure, the eyelids and the area around the eyethoroughly treated with antibacterial agents. Then you need to keep your eyelids open during surgery. To do this, use special tools or just use your fingers.

A liquid is drawn into the syringe and, making a smallpuncture, slowly inject the ink. The use of any painkillers is not implied, so the action promises to be quite painful or in the last resort unpleasant. Then wait until the ink is evenly distributed throughout the eye protein.

eyeball tattoo

After the injection, you will need to drip several times a day with an antibacterial agent to prevent infection.

The first such injection was made back in the XIXcentury. And we can admit the idea that if then such procedures were successful, then with our technologies and capabilities they are even more safe. Many believe that it looks creepy, but despite this, such tattoos are becoming more popular.

Before deciding to take such a step, everything followsthink carefully. Tattooing on the eyeball is not an ordinary tattoo, which in time can be removed. Completely remove the ink from the eye tattooed impossible.

Previously, such a procedure was done by the patient,to improve their eyesight or to change the color of the eyes. On the forums devoted to the topic "Tattoo on the eyeball" they think that it will be much easier to insert an ordinary colored lens into the eye than to expose oneself to such a procedure. But lovers of this kind of extreme do not think so and persistently follow the fashion trend. It should be noted that the tattoo on the eyeball is especially popular among young people.

tattoo on the eyeball

Today the question of where you can make a tattooeyes - one of the most popular among young people. Although this procedure is relatively new, but since the tattoo on the eyeball is not considered difficult, it is offered by many tattoo parlors in Moscow, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine and Russia.

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