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Tattoo century: reviews of grateful women

The permanent make-up of the eyelids makes the eyes muchmore expressive and brighter. In addition, it is suitable for almost any woman. If you do not have time to do make-up with makeup, then you can easily save tattoo eyelids. Women's comments about this procedure are mostly positive.

tattoo eyelids reviews

Advantages of permanent eyelid make-up

Filling the intermittent space allowsemphasize the line of the eyelid, and make the eyelashes visually thicker and darker. If you want to slightly change the shape of the eyes, you can draw a decorative arrow or perform a soft feathering on the eyelid. Intergeneric tattoo of the eyelids can visually correct such age-related changes as the omission of the outer corners of the eyes.

It is worth noting that the masters of the tattoo of the century are notlimited only to black. For blondes, for example, gray fits perfectly. Wiring can be brighter colors - blue or green. With a brown color, you need to be pointed. Over time, it begins to acquire a reddish hue, so it will constantly need to be adjusted.

What do you need to consider?

It should be noted that the permanent make-up of the eyelidsblack color can hold on long enough. Therefore, if you want to make wide arrows a la Shamahanskaya queen, then consider that such an image may simply get bored or out of fashion. In addition, the skin on the eyelids is subject to age-related changes, and a long arrow may bend or fall over time.

A good specialist will never adviseconnect the arrows of the upper and lower eyelids in the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye. If they are turned into a single whole, it can provoke a spreading of the pigment. As a result, an ugly gray spot can form in the corner of the eye, which will be very difficult to remove.

intermittent tattoo of the eyelids

Is it painful?

A similar question arises in all the girls whodecided to make themselves a tattoo century. Reviews of women suggest that this procedure is almost painless. Masters for permanent makeup must use the application anesthetics, which means that you will not feel a strong pain. Before starting to work, the specialist pulls the eyelid and tightly fixes it, this action completely prevents the blinking or trembling of the eye.

Further Care

The duration of healing of permanentmake-up affects the age, metabolism, as well as the activity of the immune system. On average, the crust on the century disappears for 4-8 days. During this period it is undesirable to rub the skin areas, you can only gently soak them.

Tattoo of the century. Feedback on the consequences

Permanent eye make-up can be kept fromhalf a year to 3 years. If the tattoo of the eyelids is executed correctly, then no trouble should arise. Only 1-2 hours of work of a qualified tattoo master will allow you to always remain perfect.

do tattoo a century

Recently, among all types of permanentmakeup the most popular is the tattoo of the eyelids. Women's comments on this procedure once again prove that representatives of the beautiful half can look irresistible at any time of the day. If you decide to do tatuazh century, it is unlikely that you will regret it. After such a procedure, you will forget about daily make-up for a long time and can save a considerable amount of time.

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