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Preppy style again in trend

The notion of "preppy style" in Russian came fromEnglish. So, in the US the word "preppy" is called prestigious colleges, preparing students for admission to various elite universities. This concept includes accent and vocabulary, as well as the manner of dressing. In the modern interpretation of this style trend, very similar to smart casual.

preppy style

Preppy style in clothes formed in the seventiesyears. It in its traditional form is an expensive high-quality clothing intended for "golden youth". A stylistic trend in modern fashion involves combining elitism and convenience. Regardless of what he already has about half a century, he is still popular in our day.

The modern generation of women of fashion and fashion is activelyhe tries on the style of preppy in clothes. It is chosen by young people who want to look more exponential and older, because it gives the efficiency and formality to the image of a person. Preppy style - it ties, shirts in a cage, knitted waistcoats with a pattern in a diamond or a coat of arms, blazers, lowers, shorts, Bermudas, and polo. This is a steady trend of fashion. Today, traditional style has become a true trend. Actual and fashionable it makes bright colors and various unusual details of clothing. The entire wardrobe is built on 3 base colors - sand, blue, and also khaki with yellow, pink and red inclusions.

One of the main precepts of this style isthat in its framework all things should be perfectly combined among themselves. Preppy Style does not accept any deviation from the main rules: elegance, classic and neatness. Clothing is made from natural fabrics - cotton, cashmere, wool. Among the basic elements of the wardrobe is the presence of various Oxford shirts, belts, triplets of cotton, polo, shortened bright trousers, sports dresses and chinos of soft pastel color.

preppy style in clothes

Accessories for this style have an importantvalue. Gloves, scarves, hats, bows, ties and ribbons of elegant colors, handbags, purses, perfectly matched colors of lipstick and lacquer. To create the right image, you need to use jewelry, including neat earrings with diamonds and cufflinks, traditional rings and bracelets, minimalistic elegant pendants and pendants.

A girl in this style should always looknatural and fresh. Required are flawless skin, minimum make-up, and also an ideal hairstyle. For young people in style, a haircut for men should emphasize solidity and nobility - no long hair and, on the contrary, too short. Perfume should be very light and fresh.

But it would be wrong to restrict the style of preppy only with clothes, accessories or shoes. He primarily implies certain behavior.

preppy haircut for men

The ratio of this style to modern fashionis very ambiguous. Preppy requires an indispensable preservation of traditions and style, which, of course, is not peculiar to fashion. Therefore, today we can hear the concept of "new preppy" more often. In other words, this is a reorientation of the traditional style to a freer fashionable mode. It is likely that this option may exist, but fundamental changes are unlikely to be possible in the original version, since classical things fashionable make unusual accessories, new fabrics, and bright colors.

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