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Ladies' bag: description of models, types and photos

A ladies bag is a unique thing.Invented once, solely with a utilitarian function, it quickly became an object denoting the status and position of a woman. So it was in the Middle Ages, it continues this and now, and it is unlikely that the desire of women to buy an expensive and fashionable bag will ever come to naught. Given that a good branded bag can not be cheap, many of them have become literally a way of investing money, along with jewelry and art items.

Biker Bag or biker bag

This model of the bag refers us to the style of bikersor motorcyclists. Metal buckles, rivets and zippers - these are the details that are always present on the biker bag. In addition, it is large enough, roomy, soft and made of leather.

One of the most famous biker bags wasIt was created by the designer of the fashion house of Balenciaga Nicolas Gesquier in 2005. This bag was produced in different sizes from pretty big, to very compact and was presented in different colors - black, blue, turquoise. The bag has become incredibly popular and keeps its positions and today - to buy such a ladies bag inexpensively will not work. Depending on the size of the biker bag from Balenciaga will cost you from 1 to 2 thousand dollars (56 700 - 113 500 rubles.).

Her fans are supermodel Kate Moss, actress Sienna Miller and secular lioness Paris Hilton.


This is the name of a rounded bag with a roundedsame handle and a clasp on top. The bag has a soft shape, a large enough volume and perfectly complements the cacheal image. The most famous version of the hobo bag in the fashion world is, of course, a woven bag from the Italian brand Bottega Veneta, famous for its leather products.

leather handbags

The brand sews fashionable ladies' bags from the middle of XXcentury and has become especially popular due to the special technique of weaving the skin. The designers of the brand believe that their bag literally becomes a continuation of the female body, so it is so popular all over the world.

Leather bag

Under this name you will find a bag with a harda flat bottom and a soft top, tightened on the strings. And the first association that comes to the minds of all experts in fashion when referring to the torba is the ladies' Noe bag by Louis Vuitton. This model is considered a classic of a fashion house, and it was conceived as a compliment for one of the producers of champagne. At his request, designers Louis Vuitton came up with a strong and stylish bag, which can accommodate up to 5 bottles of champagne. In addition to the interesting shape that will complement any image, the bag stands out and the famous figure on the skin in the form of a monogram LV - the symbol of the brand.

ladies' leather bags

In addition to timeless classics, designers offermodern reading of bag-torba. In the coming season they became a little less and more like pouches. Their handles are fastened to leather bracelets and are their logical continuation. They are made of incredible combinations of materials and colors, textures and decorative techniques.

Tight shaped bag (Handbag)

Perhaps the most popular and popular form,as it is suitable not only for everyday looks, but also has become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of a business woman. And it is no coincidence - the Handbag bag is feminine, elegant, strict and you can put folders with papers in it without risk of damaging them.

The most famous Handbag handbags in the world are,Of course, the models from Hermes and his most famous representatives - Kelly and Birkin. This is not easy ladies' bags. Photos of celebrities around the world with them in their hands confirm the fact that these are objects of art and collectibles, therefore they cost a lot. Both bags got their names by the names of famous women who inspired Hermes designers - this is Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly.

ladies' bags cheap


This word is not only called longFrench bread, but also narrow long handbags with a short strap. They came up with Sylvia Venturini - the owner and heiress of the fashion house Fendi. She wanted to create an elegant handbag that fits easily under the arm, like a baguette, which the French also carry home by buying it at the bakery. This bag is useful to the lady who came to the social event. On the one hand, she needs a bag to put lipstick in there, and on the other hand, she needs to free her hands in order to have a conversation and hold a glass of champagne. So was born bag bag, which became incredibly popular in the 90s of the last century.

If you think where you could see her, then it was definitely Sarah Jessica Parker in the TV series “Sex and the City” - her heroine had a whole collection of baguettes.

Flap bag

История создания этой модели дамской сумки также belongs to the woman and she was guided by about the same desire - to remove the always interfering purse from the hands of the woman and place it on her shoulder. This woman was Coco Chanel, who in 1955 presented to the public a small handbag an envelope with a small pen, closing onto the flap. Today, many brands produce such small handbags, but the classic is still a model from Chanel from stitched leather with a handle-chain and with a house logo on the clasp.


Waist bag

A couple of years ago, the waist bag was associatedwe have barret jackets or conductor bags in public transport, and today they are flooded with all catwalks and fashion brand catalogs. Bright, stylish leather handbags invented by Marc Jacobs, Sportmax brands, Noon by Noor and many others. This bag is suitable for everyday look, and for the evening out. It is convenient to walk with her, go to meetings and dance - her hands are free, and the bag is in sight.

No less interesting is the proposal of designers in the new season to wear several identical small handbags in a row on the belt at once. This bag and accessory is interesting and unusual.


Saddle bag

Originally this bag model was designedriding. Round shapes do not interfere with any horse or rider. Also, the bag is easily attached to the saddle, containing everything you need. Its rigid form did not mollard or deform the contents, and the lid protected the property from rain. Modern Saddle bag is a small ladies' bag with a rigid form with a rounded bottom and a straight top, that is, it retains its original features.

The saddle bag was especially popular in the 70s and is excellent.fit into the hippie style. Now she is back in fashion and shows Chloé, Christian Dior, Loewe. In the new season, the bags will certainly have large metal fittings, catchy clasps and bright colors. Also, these bags are complemented by interesting details - a long bottom fringe, tassels, chains and other elements.

Round bag

Classic round bag invented by the brandDolce and Gabbana many years ago. It is small, perfectly round, on a thin strap or chain. She is feminine, unusual and comfortable. And in the spring-summer 2018 season, the variety of round bags was filled up with the brands Alice + Olivia, Mansur Gavriel and others.

handbags photo

These bags take their origin from hat boxes,which in the nineteenth century were a work of art in their own right, and road models were exactly bags for carrying chic ladies' hats. Later, these ladies' leather bags became smaller, sleeker and turned into an evening accessory.

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