/ What to wear with what? Simple and useful tips

What to wear with what? Simple and useful tips

What to wear with what?

In the life of every woman happens such aa paradoxical moment when the wardrobe with clothes is full, but there is practically nothing to wear. This happens for the reason that while walking around the shops and choosing clothes, we rarely think about whether this or that thing fits the rest of the wardrobe, but simply buzzingly buy it. If you liked the pink skirt, you need to first think about what it will be combined from the already purchased things, to get a complete set. If this option was not found, then bought skirt and provisit lonely in the closet, and you again will be tormented by the question - what to wear.

To avoid this, it's worth listeningto simple, but effective advice on the selection of a basic wardrobe. By correctly combining things and accessories with each other, you can get kits for any occasion. To do this in your wardrobe should be the following things.

First of all, of course jeans.There must be at least two of them - dark for more rigorous sets and blue for everyday wear. You should not save when buying a jacket. This is an indispensable attribute of the basic wardrobe. When choosing a jacket, pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made, stitching and stitching. The jacket should be perfectly sewn on all patterns. Dark blue or black, it will fit many sets. The sewing quality is clearly visible in black, so when buying tight pants, do not skimp on the more expensive models, they will last you a long time. What can not be said about blouses and lighthouses. In the wardrobe there must be enough of them, so they can be bought cheap. Each time to create a new set and solve the problem, what to wear with, you will help a quality cardigan of any of the universal colors. With a beacon - a simpler kit, with a white shirt - more strict. On the latter it is better not to save. Warm sweater can make a good pair of jeans, but the main thing will warm in our climate. The most luxurious part of any wardrobe is, of course, a dress. Unfortunately, lately clothes tend to the unisex format, but a beautiful dress should be in any girl's wardrobe. Outer clothing can be any. Fur coat, coat or jacket - it should fit the general style of the kit.

What to wear with what?What kind of shoes to choose for the finished set? Everything is very simple. On the shoe shelf can accommodate absolutely any shoes. If you wear a cardigan, boots and roll up your jeans, you will get a horse-bohemian style, and if you wear a skirt, the image will become refined and refined. Therefore, at least in the wardrobe should be two boots. Shoes and sandals. The principle works here - the more, the better. However, shoes should be selected based on lifestyle, and do not buy impractical things. An important detail in the wardrobe of any woman are accessories. Jewelery looks stylish, emphasizes the image and at the same time has a low cost.

And now let's see what is combined with the selected basic wardrobe. A strict and elegant jacket, a lady-like can be combined with:

- a skirt and a shirt;

- jeans and a vest;

- high boots and a dress.

To jeans are ideal:

- a white shirt, a black jacket on top and an elegant strap;

- a corset and a bright belt;

- short tunic and blouse.

Dress the case can be combined with boots and a jacket or with shoes on a hairpin, but without a jacket. With what to wear a blouse? To her wonderful pencil skirt or any other strict skirt.

The options for combining are endless.Having bought just one thing, you can create several new sets. The main thing to consider when answering the question what to wear with is the way of life that you lead. Many women spend a lot of money on evening dresses, but only wear them once. If you are constantly in the office, then preference should be given to more strict things in the wardrobe, which can also be combined with each other. Improvise, because it's very interesting.

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