/ Celebrity Tattoo: a hidden meaning and a tribute to fashion

Celebrity tattoos: a hidden meaning and a tribute to fashion

Practically every person has his own idol.Some may have a native person: mum, dad, grandfather, grandmother or just a close friend. Others seek to draw as much as possible from the lives of famous people. Biographies of writers, poets, artists, actors and musicians are a source of inspiration for the way of life of a huge number of young people and older individuals. Some seek to overcome the fear of the stage, others reveal unexpected facets of their nature and achieve tremendous successes in an unusual for them so far. The third adopt the style and habits of the stars and try to capture in themselves a part of the idol.

Ink bring together?

Fans pay special attention to the tattoocelebrities. Many believe that having stuffed on their hands the same "port" as Timati or Miley Cyrus, they will be closer to their idol. Therefore, young people often copy color or monochrome pictures that adorn the stellar parts of the body. If some tattoos do not carry any meaning, then others have a secret meaning. Therefore, before you visit a master for the purpose of creating a particular image, it is worthwhile to find out whether the inscription or abbreviation is part of the personal life of an idol who will look, at least slightly silly, on the body of his admirer. In the article some variants of celebrity tattoos and their meaning are considered.

Idol of millions - "Slim Shedi"

It's no secret that the whole world is hugepopular is the musical direction, such as rap. One of the brightest representatives of this trend is a native of the United States - Eminem. His hands and forearms are entirely covered with black and white inscriptions. Many celebrity tattoos appear during a difficult period for their creative nature. This directly applies to Eminem. His left shoulder is decorated with a complex tattoo, which has the inscription "Ronnie RIP" from below. People close to the singer know that the name immortalized in this short sentence belongs to one of Eminem's dearest to his uncle. He committed suicide in the early 90-ies of the twentieth century. Initially, there was another tattoo in this place - the inscription "Slim Shady", meaning the pseudonym of the frame. After applying a complex combination, on the main plane of which is a mushroom, the previous line did not disappear, but became only a harmonious part of the new creation.

celebrity tattoos

Eminem has other tattoos. On the right shoulder of the singer is a portrait of his beloved daughter Haley. In addition, the rap music artist also has an inscription dedicated to the only child.

In memory of his first team D12 Eminem scored two tattoos, which are one whole. The letter "D" flaunts on the right hand, and the number "12" - on the left.

In 2006, a close friend of Slim Shady Proof waskilled. In honor of the eternal memory of a loved one, the singer immortalized the name of his comrade, putting ink on his forearm. The body of the rap idol is decorated with other tattoos. And they all have a special meaning for the singer.

Strong show business floor

female celebrity tattoos

Many male celebrity tattoos, photos of which adorn world tabloids, make a huge difference. For example, football player David Beckham decorated his back with the names of his three sons.

Actor Zac Efron has on the right palm an abbreviation of four letters: "YOLO". This inscription stands for "You only live once" ("You only live once").

male celebrity tattoo photos

Of course, we can not ignore the tattoocelebrities of Russian show business. With great interest, people look at photos of black and white ink drawings that adorn the body of Ivan Okhlobystin. On the chest of the actor, director and cleric, skulls are punctured. By this, Ivan symbolically showed that his children forever in his heart and only their death can separate them. All tattoos Okhlobystin are of great importance for him. Each of them was made at the behest of the heart. There is even an image of marijuana. According to the actor: "... it makes no sense to hide anything. Maybe watching my ups and downs, many people will not make such mistakes. "

celebrity tattoos and their meaning

Girls and ink pictures on the skin

Of course, many celebrity tattoos areadmiration for fashion. This trend is especially popular among the fair sex. Swallows, butterflies, cartoon characters - these images are increasingly seen on the body of popular beauties. However, not all representatives of the beautiful half of the show business strive to ensure that their tattoos were recognizable and copied. One of the supporters of this theory is Angelina Jolie. The body of the actress, model and ambassador of goodwill of the United Nations adorns a lot of ink pictures. And if at the beginning of her career a woman was typing simple and understandable tattoos, among which one could find the name of an already ex-husband or the sign of "death," now each of them hides a long story. It is very difficult to repeat exactly any inscription decorating the body of an actress. Ancient fonts sometimes do not allow even to see their florid signs, what can we say about the meaning.

celebrity tattoos

Rihanna and her fans

Many youth representatives copy themselves a tattoocelebrities - women or men. Currently, girls are very popular as objects for imitation monochrome pictures that adorn the body of Rihanna. The stars scattered around the neck and back of the pop diva, the skull with a bow on her left leg, a musical key and a note, a small revolver on her right side, near the chest, and many other images are copied by the singer's fans.

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