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The history of the perfume brand "Bayredo". Spirits for the free spirit

This Swedish perfume is produced, like allselective perfume, limited edition, so that mass character, according to the author's admission, did not "kill" the fragrance itself. The brand, created just 10 years ago, already conquered the whole world with its unusual creations. All spirits are poured into identical bottles with a large white label, so that nothing distracts from the fragrant contents.

History of Byredo

I must say that the history of the Byredo brand begannot with spirits, but with the release of candles of various shapes, delighting all buyers with a luxurious appearance and a subtle odor in the room. For many Swedes, a cheap but very unusual candle became the best gift.

perfume bairedo african ball

After this, Ben Gorhem, who founded the perfumebrand, started producing spirits, saying that it's not just fragrances, but "the state of his soul." Thus, it was only their own way, not copying and creating unusual works, the company "Bayredo". Perfume brands are very original, and fans with great interest are always waiting for new collections.

Love for freedom

Freedom and an unusual attitude to lifeare expressed in the tattoos of the founder Byredo, who makes them from an early age and can not stop at all. When Ben was asked if he was going to release his flavors, he replied in the negative and added that in this case his products are in for a real collapse. The creator of the brand comes up with the concept of their compositions, and they are realized by the famous perfumers - Jerome Epinetett and Olivia Jacobetti.

Provocation M / Mink

By first focusing on the release of female fragrances,brand "Byredo", the perfume of which becomes real icons of style, later successfully starts production of men's perfumes. In 2010, the world was presented to M / Mink, which for many was a real shock and shock. The aroma, often described as "strange", attracted and repelled from itself. It is based on a specific smell of ink, which turns miraculously into a finished work.

bairedo perfume

A synthetic molecule with a complexopening of notes, becomes a real provocation in the world of perfumery. Spirits, designed to shock others, have acquired their loyal fans, although they also have many opponents.

Perfumes "Bayredo": "African Ball"

But, probably, the most popular flavor of the brandBal D Afrique, which surprised fans of the brand with the richness of colors.The Unisex composition is an unusual mix of African and French cultures.Ben embodied his idea of ​​exotic and hot Africa, the most incredible pictures are replaced, as if in a kaleidoscope.

perfume biredo african ball reviews

The beckoning secrets of the distant continent are closely connected withParisian tranquility of the 1920s. The charming atmosphere of the balls that pass at that time in an elegant manner is combined with the violent colors of the red-hot deserts.

Expressive woody notes sink in velvetysoftness of violet, intoxicating amber teases with sweetish shades, and transparent jasmine sounds tenderly and touchingly. The solidity of the fragrance is reinforced by the loud sound of a manly cedar, woven together with a smoky vetiver enveloping a soft shawl.

Fragrant bestseller

Perfumes "Bayredo" "African Ball", reviews aboutwhich are full of the most vivid emotions, are embodied in a romantic composition, which became a real perfume for a long time. Many note the tenderness and special energy of an unusual aroma sparkling with warm and piercingly cold notes simultaneously, which creates a magical effect. Spirits are equally loved by women and men, in which the selective fragrance of the brand is revealed in different ways.

A private project that has gained popularity

By Christmas 2012 releases limiteda new fragrance as a gift for colleagues brand "Bayredo". Perfumes 1996 Inez & Vinoodh become the most successful project, the glory of the juniper-iris composition leaves for the people, and the company decides to release the fragrance for all its fans.

To this stunning smell with pronouncedcognac notes "Bayredo" inspired the work of friends-photographers, boasted a new snapshot of a pretty girl who closed her eyes in anticipation of magic. The image, simultaneously combining the touchingness of the child and the special sensuality, became the impetus for creating an emotional fragrance in which they embodied the first reaction to an amazing photograph of the perfume brand "Bayredo". Spirits are opened with almost frozen juniper berries and carry the owner to a new fragrant journey, which ends with a soft leather chord and smoking notes of patchouli.

bairedo perfumes 1996

At this moment life stops, there is onlyA bewitching smell that does not let the owner for a minute. At first bright and sonorous, he begins to lose his density, and in the database becomes almost an illusory reminder of the done olfactory journey.

The unique perfume brand "Bayredo", perfumewhich embody the flavors of nature itself, creates creations not for everyone. They should try and understand the philosophy of the brand, which believes that freedom from all restrictions is the main thing for a person in society. This is exactly the idea that literally all the collections of the niche brand are singled out, which distinguishes a creative person from the general mass.

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