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Bracelets for men from gold and silver: choice of models

Bracelets for men - what is this:a pretty bauble or an important detail of the image? Of course, a few decades ago, buying a man's bracelet might seem like a fad, because the decorations were mostly beautiful half of humanity. Men also limited themselves to an engagement ring and a watch. However, in recent years, jewelry and accessories for men have become very popular.

Now chains on the neck, bracelets and other similarthings can be found in every second member of the stronger sex. Still, because it is jewelry that helps to express the individuality and sense of style best. In addition, bracelets from precious metals - this is a status thing, without which the image of a successful and wealthy man will not do.

Types of bracelets for men

If you believe that the range of men'sornaments is not wide enough, then you are deeply mistaken. In fact, jewelry designers offer hundreds of models. Among them, certainly there is a stylish solution for young guys and older men.

First of all, it should be noted that all variants of bracelets can be divided into 2 main categories.

  1. Rigid models (on a frame) made of one or more plates, tightly connected to each other. Such products constantly retain their shape.
  2. Soft. As you can guess from the title, the soft bracelets do not hold shape.
Silver bracelets for men

Bracelets for men differ and material of manufacture. It can be a precious metal (silver or gold) or a mix of several materials:

  • gold + silver;
  • leather + precious metals-such models are affordable and at the same time very stylish and original.

Rigid bracelets

This kind of jewelry is known fromtimes of Ancient Egypt, but at that time they were worn exclusively by women. In the modern world, a precious metal bracelet is one of the most common models for men.

Silver bracelets for men

Designers offer products:

  • closed - in the form of an inseparable ring;
  • springing - those ornaments that have a connector and easily change the size;
  • hinged - there is a hinged mechanism, which is often found on the watch straps.

Such decorations can be carried out in perfectdifferent design. In the range there are classic models, bracelets made in the style of minimalism or ethnics. The latter option is often represented by bracelets with elements of Viking culture.

Soft (non-framed) bracelets

The list of such models can include:

  • glider - those products that consist of several large or small plates connected by a hinge mechanism;
  • chain - an ornament in the form of a chain, consisting of many links;
  • woven - a striking example of braided patterns is a leather bracelet with silver or gold details.
Gold bracelets for men

Ornaments belonging to a particular category can be both weighty and solid, and restrained, barely noticeable.

Types of chain weaving

Of all the proposed options, manyrepresentatives of the stronger sex will certainly choose a chain bracelet for men. However, there is no need to hurry: in this category there are jewelry items made with different techniques:

  1. Якорное плетение.Such a chain can be called one of the most popular. The technique was given its name due to the fact that the finished chain is similar to the anchor chain. The links in it are oval and each link is perpendicular to the previous one. However, there are some modifications: "rollo", "sea anchor", cord weaving and Venetian.
  2. Braided weaving.It somewhat resembles anchor, but the links in it are flattened, flat and smooth. Such features make ready bracelets for men more broad and solid in appearance. As the varieties can be called: "nonna", "figaro", "rhombo".
  3. Bismarck.Bracelet from the chain in the technique of "bismarck" is perfect for men. Distinctive features of technology - a complex mix of links, which are located not in one but in several rows. Depending on the shape of the links and the scheme of their connection, the "bismarck" is Moscow, oval, Arab, royal.
  4. "Perlina". In this case, the chain consists of silver or gold beads, fastened together by a metallic thread. Examples of such techniques are familiar to many in chains on key fobs.
Bracelet chain for men

Gold bracelets

Пожалуй, самым дорогим приобретением станет it is an ornament made of this solar metal. This option will certainly be chosen by people occupying executive positions and simply those who like luxury in everything.

Before buying, you should pay attention to the richness of the range in jewelry stores and the peculiarities of wearing gold bracelets for men:

  1. This noble metal is quite capricious and nottolerates neighborhoods with other metals. So, a gold bracelet does not fit well with a silver ring and a silver bracelet - mods should certainly take this into account.
  2. The sample of gold in jewelry is used different(375, 585, 750, 958). However, for bracelets it is recommended to sample 585. It contains about 58% pure gold and is distinguished by high strength, noble brilliance and a relatively low price.
  3. The shade of gold can be different, which depends on the quantitative ratio of impurities. Thus, copper and silver predominate in the yellow alloy, palladium in white, copper in red.
Bracelets for men photo

Young people should not choose a massive goldbracelet for men, as it may look ridiculous. Stylists advise to buy products from other material with gold inserts. So, leather jewelry with precious metal elements look quite original and stylish.

Silver Bracelets

Silver jewelry for men - one of the best acquisitions. This can be explained at once by several features.

First, a silver bracelet for men -beautiful and original product that will emphasize the style and delicate taste of its owner. Of course, unlike gold, silver can hardly be called status, however, it makes much less demands on the general style. So, silver accessories are perfect for any bow (business, sport, casual, military, ethno and even avant-garde).

Types of bracelets for men

Secondly, the cost of silver bracelets for men is significantly lower than gold. That is why absolutely everyone can afford such a purchase.

Bracelet sizes

Manufacturers offer several sizes of bracelets for men:

  • S - product circumference is 16 cm;
  • M - circle may be 17 or 18 cm;
  • L - such marking can be found on the bracelet with a length of 19-20 cm;
  • XL - the largest size of the bracelet circumference - 21-22 cm.

When choosing a size you should definitely try ondecoration. It should not “run” on the arm. In the case of men's bracelets this is unacceptable. However, parts should not be bumped into the skin either. Ideal - a bracelet that is 1-1.5 cm above the volume of the wrist.

Product width

If we talk about the width of the bracelet, then each buyer will choose a model based on their own preferences and the amount available.

Wide solid gold bracelet - seriouspurchase, the silver thing in the same performance will be several times cheaper. However, the focus here is not only on the price, but also on some other details.

Bracelet size for men

Так, широкий браслет для мужчин на тонком The wrist will look ridiculous. However, a thin chain in this case is not worth wearing. Perhaps in this case, suitable woven model or a variant in the style of minimalism with an average thickness.

For men with wide and full hands, three-dimensional models of jewelry will suit; a chain will always have to be in place (especially the armor weaving technique).

So, men should not deny themselveswearing such a fashionable thing as a bracelet. The designers tried to create as many variations as possible so that every man could choose for himself a truly stylish and fashionable decoration.

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