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Types of membrane jackets: a brief description

To date, it is customary to distinguish three typesmembrane jackets - depending on what kind of fabric was used for sewing. Recall that this material performs in the clothing function of the upper layer, which protects people from the cold and at the same time removes moisture, not allowing it to get wet. According to the structure, all membranes are divided into non-void, pore and combined.

Features of the membrane-free jacket

membrane jackets

This tissue "works" on the principle of osmosis:evaporation falling on the inner part of the membrane, settle on it and go outside due to active diffusion. Advantages for sewing out of her outerwear a lot: the jacket does not require you to over-shore care and will live for a long time. Also worth noting is the wide range of temperatures at which it can be operated. It is not surprising, therefore, that products sewn from this fabric are distinguished by a high price. However, they have several drawbacks: for example, accumulating inside evaporation creates a blotting effect.

Thoracic membranes

Jackets from membrane tissue with pores functionas follows: the moisture that settles on the membranes from the outside can not pass through because of the small pore size, and the sweat that emerges from the inside of the thing is freely discharged to the surface. This phenomenon is explained very simply: the molecules of steam formed during the sweating process are a thousand times smaller than water molecules. Thus, we get waterproof and breathable products at the same time, which is very convenient. The disadvantages of this type of membrane jackets are that it does not last long: the pores are quickly clogged, and the wonderful properties of the tissue are lost. Also, it requires extremely careful treatment: if the washing is incorrect, the jacket starts to get wet, so it is recommended to buy special products for care - sprays, shampoos, etc.

jackets from a membrane fabric

Properties of combined membrane jackets

Such a fabric is covered from above with a pore membrane,which, in turn, has another coating - polyurethane foam film. This allows jackets to combine all the advantages of the previous two options, avoiding their shortcomings. Of course, they are above average. However, when buying this product, you can be sure that it will last you as long as possible.

Texture of fabric

Now about the texture.Things of a premium class are usually supplied with a label with the inscription "Rip Stop". This is not the name of the manufacturer, but the way weave the fabric. If you look at it through a magnifying glass, you will see that thick and thin threads are intertwined in the likeness of a grid and create a durable but lightweight material. Another type of weaving is Twill. The material thus obtained is very smooth and pleasant to the touch. It is often used when creating clothes for snowboarding. The membrane membrane dpm is an excellent example.


membrane membrane dpm

Finally - a few tips about the seams.Ideally, they should be glued to exclude the slightest possibility of penetration under clothing. Even jackets from a three-layer fabric are completely pasted with a special tape. When buying, look for the inscription "all seams are sealed" - it means that all the seams are really processed.

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