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Secrets of choosing clothes: 2XL - this is what size?

Today to choose clothes in the store is not sojust. After all, few people know what those or other letters mean on things. Therefore, each buyer involuntarily asks the question: 2XL - this is the size of this clothing? To avoid any trouble, it is best to learn how to properly deal with this issue.

What is the size

2xl is what size

In order to understand the measurement systems,first of all it is necessary to understand what size is. After all, few people know that the designation of this word is the alphabetic or numerical values ​​of the parameters of the human body. It is the size that allows you to simplify the choice of a particular clothing model.

As a rule, data on the size are placed on the tag,which is attached to the product. Therefore, in order to choose the right thing for yourself, you must first pay attention to this element. This will make it possible to avoid any unpleasant situations. In case there will be a need to find out: 2XL - this is what size - it is best to try to consult a consultant.

2xl size in Russian

Size options

After the very concept of the word "size"have cleared up, it is necessary to understand the systems with which this value is designated. To date, there are several values ​​that indicate the size, namely the European and English values. It should be noted that the two data systems of sizes have small differences. Of course, they are both calculated from the parameters of growth, chest circumference, waist and hips. But, despite this, the European value is indicated in centimeters, and English is indicated by inches. In addition, the English dimensions on the tag look in the form of letters.

Also, to distinguish between these systems, you canto attribute also that in them various methods of calculations are used. Of course, it is impossible to remember all the features. Therefore, it is best, before going to the store, to look at the table, which exist in many sources. It is here that you can understand that the size of 2XL in Russian is translated as 54th or 56th. It should also be noted that thanks to such tables, it becomes possible to avoid unnecessary purchases and conversations with the consultant.

Preparing to determine the size

Before you go to the store to buya suitable model of clothing, you need to properly remove the dimensions. Of course, this process is not too complicated, but, despite this, requires the observance of several features.

First of all, when taking measurements,make sure that the centimeter tape is not old and does not stretch when pulling. It is also very important that, when calculating the dimensions, the tape fits snugly against the body. It should be noted that during this process the centimeter should not sag and tighten the circumference of the measured circle. No less important is the fact that it is necessary to perform this procedure in light clothing or without it at all.

size 2xl is what size female

In addition, it is desirable to see whichThe letter designation has a size that is obtained as a result of measurements. This will give an opportunity not only to answer the question, 2XL is what size, but also to understand with other values.

Size for men

Today, many representatives of the stronger sexAsk: 2XL - this is the size of men's clothing? This is due to the fact that it is in their things most often there is such a designation. It should be noted that 2XL is more suitable for men with medium height and large physique.

That the man could independently correctlypick up a shirt for yourself, you need to measure the neck circumference. These are the results and will be the size of the clothes. Of course, if the growth is too high, then you need to pay attention to the sleeves of this product. This will make it possible to avoid unpleasant situations after purchase.

this is the size of the male

In case you need to buy jeans or trousers,Measurements are removed from the waist, but also do not forget about the growth of men. Importantly, in jeans trousers, as a rule, all sizes are indicated in inches. Therefore, a man when buying such a product will not have to ask: 2XL - this is what size? In those situations where you need to buy a jacket or T-shirt, the main value is played by the girth of the chest. To measure this part of the body is best at the level of the nipples. As for underwear, their size is determined by the circumference of the waist.

In detail: the size 2XL is what size (female)

In the modern world, almost every girlknows the size of his body. But those who do not know, most often encountering a letter designation and do not understand: 2XL - this is the size of women's clothing? To avoid such situations, you need to properly remove your dimensions and examine the table, which lists all the letters.

The first thing to take measurements is to learngrowth. To do this, measure the distance from the floor to the end point of the head. After that, you need to know the girth of the chest, waist and hips. When all dimensions are known, you need to find a table that will match age and growth. It is in it you can find the answer to all questions that are related to the size.

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