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Why are signs on product labels needed? Triangle on Clothing Tags: Character Values

Signs on product labels (for example, a circle,triangle on clothing tags) are very important for the buyer. They carry information that helps to properly take care of the acquired thing. More details about this read on.

Tags on clothes - what is it?

triangle on clothes tags
Shopping for many people is veryfascinating occupation. Sometimes we do not pay attention to the tags on clothes. The designation of a recommendation for the care of a thing is nevertheless very important to understand. After all, sometimes it happens that, after cleaning your favorite blouse, we are horrified to notice that it has become a miniature rag or shedding.

Therefore, when buying fashionable things, always turnattention to a special small label with notations. It is sewn on the inner seam on the left side, slightly above the bottom of the product. It should be noted that if a thing is a short top, then the manufacturer attaches a tag under the breast. A mini-skirt has a label sewn on the waist, a long dress - under a label with a mark on the back or at the level of the knee.

Why are signs on clothing tags?

triangle on the clothing tag means
Special labels contain the following information:

  • brief information about the manufacturer of the product;
  • fabric structure;
  • recommendations for washing, ironing and drying.

The more quality a thing, the more detailed information will be attached to it to care for it, since the manufacturer has invested a lot of labor in manufacturing it.

It is better not to buy clothes without special labels. After all, this indicates that it was produced, most likely, at some kind of underground factory of poor-quality fabric.

The main signs on clothing tags

Most often on the clothing tags there are the following icons:

  • Water temperature when washing.Painted pelvis with the specified temperature. If not shown below the dash, then machine or hand wash is allowed. If you have one dash, you can erase things at minimum speed, two - the machine needs to be set to the "Wool" mode.
  • Exclusively hand wash. This recommendation is portrayed as an arm in water.
  • Drying in the washing machine.It is denoted by a circle in a square. If the circle contains one small point, then it is necessary to dry the products at very low temperatures. When this figure is crossed out, it is strictly forbidden to dry things in the typewriter. Two points in the circle permit drying at high temperature values.
  • Parameters for ironing. Painted iron with one, two or three points. This means, respectively: ironing with a warm, hot or very hot appliance.
  • Dry cleaning.It is denoted by such a geometric figure as a circle. If it is not crossed out, it means that the products can be dry cleaned (that is, without water) with special solvents. The circle with a cross indicates that there is no need for such dry cleaning, that is, you can safely apply water and not worry that the product will lose its shape or color.
  • Triangle on clothing tags. It carries information about bleach.

Triangle on clothing tags which means?

tags on clothing designation
This geometric figure represents thea separate group of signs that talk about the correct whitening of things. So, the triangle on the clothing tag means that the products are allowed to bleach by any special means.

If this figure contains several strips, this indicates that you can only bleach things with exceptionally oxygen compounds.

The triangle on the clothing tags with two letters of the Latin alphabet CL indicates that only chlorinated bleaches are allowed.

But sometimes on the tags there is a crossed out above figure. This means that the product is not allowed to bleach.

Marking on the labels of things, sometimes imperceptible and very small, carries in itself extremely important information about the rules of operation of the product.

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