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Tips on how to tie a turban on your head

Chalma is from the East.This headpiece was worn for protection from dust and in bad weather. In our time, under a turban, they transform all kinds of scarves, scarves, which are perfectly guarded against the sun, wind and cold weather. The choice of material for it has no boundaries. You can fantasize and experiment as much as you like: the texture, color and patterns of the fabrics are varied, so you can put an original turban on your head.

How to make turbans?

how to tie a turban
Method one. How to tie a turban on your head:

  • Take a wide scarf, fold it along the length, something like a narrow long scarf.
  • Under the top of the head to get the scarf (its center should be behind the head, in the hands there are two identical ends).
  • Lift the ends up on the forehead line and cross over each other 2 times.
  • Dip the ends over the head and cross again.
  • Return to the forehead line, tie the knot, and the corners of the scarf, which remained unused, fill under the turban.

Tip: the center of the scarf can initially be fixed not in the middle of the head, but on the side from the back. Thus, the headpiece will look more spectacular.

Method two. How to tie a turban wound

This is the hair and the turban at the same time. This option is suitable for owners of long, below the shoulder blades, hair:

  • Divide the shag in 2 parts.
  • Take the handkerchief and fold it in half.
  • One of the ends from the middle to take and wrap them the left side of the hair (crossing the scarf and hair, get a kind of tourniquet), then do the same with the right side.
  • Raise the two sides to the forehead line, cross.
  • Then alternate the crossing at the back of the head, then on the forehead (repeat with the length of the canvas and hair).
  • To finish it is necessary a knot on a nape, ends to hide under a turban.

Way the third. How to tie a turban from two shawls

As in the case of long hair, you canto build a turban from two shawls, the same in length, but different in design. Before starting the installation on the head, the products must be connected together by making a small knot. Cover your head with a handkerchief. The ends in this case remain not in front, but behind. Cross the back of the neck of handkerchiefs, and the rest of the actions to repeat, as in the first and second cases.

Knitted Options

knitted turban
If you know how to work with knitting needles, then knitting hats "turban" will not be difficult. One of the options:

  1. To tie a long scarf on thick spokes with an elastic band, say 4 purlins on 4 facial loops.
  2. Sew both edges of the resulting product and grab a little between the two sides to make a round tight hood with a loop at the end.
  3. The rest of the loop cross over from behind at the bottom and throw up.
  4. Sew it to the bottom of the bound cap.

As you can see, a knitted turban is a simple producteven for beginners. You can do it differently. Tie an ordinary round hat (on knitting needles or crochets) with any pattern that you like. Make it a little on the forehead, longer than the part of the head on which hats are usually worn. This piece on the forehead is collected in the center and fixed with threads. Or to tie a small jumper, with which the part of the cap is assembled in front.

knitting hats of turban
We gave advice on how to tie a turban in several ways. But there are many other options. We wish you to be beautiful and elegant!

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