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Mink vest: how to choose and what to wear?

The majority of women in Russia suffer by resolvingthe eternal problem: how to look attractive, but it does not freeze? Climatic conditions we have quite severe, and show off in light dresses and elegant shoes only a few months a year. All the rest of the time the girls are inexorably facing a painful choice: to dress beautifully, but to bang their teeth in the piercing wind, or how to wrap themselves up, but look like a nesting doll?

mink waistcoat

It turns out that such sacrifices are absolutelynot necessary. An excellent solution can be a mink vest. This thing perfectly warms, looks stylish and is combined with a lot of things from the wardrobe of the average lady. So, you firmly decided that you need a mink vest. Where to begin?

We go to the store

Quality mink waistcoat will serve youpretty long. So that you can wear it "in the tail and in the mane", not being afraid that the thing will fall apart from any careless movement, first of all pay attention to the seams. You can not see them, because they hide under the lining, but feel it - quite. They should not be too massive, even and neat. If you can not find the thread, do not rush to rejoice: this indicates that the skins are not stitched, but simply glued, and hence the mink waistcoat will serve you only a couple of seasons. Now on the turn fur. Take the little thing in your hand and remember it lightly: if the material is of high quality, it will not cause unpleasant rustling, it will straighten up quickly, and no hair on the waistcoat will stick together. To determine the quality of the dressing, it is enough to hold the product with a slightly damp palm: if your hand becomes fluffy, this indicates that you got a very old mink vest. The price of it, perhaps, will be lower than the cost of new products (not 2 or 3 thousand dollars, but only 300-400), but do not flatter yourself: you will not have to rejuvenate for a long time.

mink vest

Choose a style

It is equally important to decide on the model.If you are a happy owner of model parameters, you can use any cut: you can safely take both a short, and an elongated waistcoat from a fluffy or smooth fur. In the case if you want to visually remove the extra pounds, take a closer look at the cropped mink: the longer the fur, the more splendor it will add to you. As for the length, it should reach the middle of the thigh.

mink vests photo

With what to combine?

With what only the stars do not wear mink waistcoats:photos can be found in any glossy magazine. The most traditional option is skinny jeans and a thin turtleneck. No less advantageous product of fur will look with the skin: it can be like a short jacket, and a straight skirt, and even leggings. Lovers will be in the center of attention to complement the waistcoat with denim shorts, and girls forced to follow the dress code can wear it with a classic pencil skirt. Are you going to a gala event? Favorite thing can be used and in this case: throw a vest over a small black dress, take a clutch in hand - it's ready! You look smart, but not fanciful. In addition, do not forget about the main function of the fur vest - warming. Put on top of a jacket or short coat, it will protect you from the cold.

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