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Sizes of clothes for children: table by age and advice to parents

No mother has to explain how quicklygrowing children. The fact that the children's wardrobe has to be updated regularly is an indisputable fact. It would Seem, only yesterday bought a new jacket, today its sleeves are already short. The sizes of children's clothes (age, height) vary right before our eyes. Even more rapidly growing baby feet - just have time to remember the new size of sock and pantyhose. And most importantly - shoes, which is by no means cheap. Throughout the period of growth (and this is not a year or two), parents are busy picking and buying new clothes for their baby.

We go to the store

Now the choice of children's clothing is huge.Many prefer to buy products not Russian brands, but produced abroad. Very popular are online auctions and shopping in online stores. As a rule, they all have a wide range of fashionable and elegant clothes. And the prices in them in comparison with usual shops are more favorable.

With such purchases, it is especially important not to"miss" with the size. After all, how hurt it is when we unpack a parcel with an ordered fashionable exclusive and extremely fancy dress, and that does not fit in size. Great - even half bad, worse, if it is hopelessly small. Growth and size of children's clothes for your baby, experienced parents should know by heart!

American sizes of children's clothes

Precision is our everything!

That is why all mothers or those who planthe purchase of children's things, it is necessary to understand not only the Russian size, but also those that are accepted abroad. You should know, for example, that the American sizes of children's clothing differ from Russian ones. And in China, clothing is not marked by growth, as in other countries, but by age.

But still the basis for determining the size were andthere are measures that you need to be able to properly remove from your own child. It is recommended to do this before each new purchase. Children grow rapidly, and sometimes even the standards of 2-3 months ago may turn out to be obsolete. So, let's see how to do it right.

How to measure growth

If the baby is not yet 2 years old,it is recommended to do this by putting the child on a flat surface and using a centimeter tape. Growth is measured from the vertex and to the heels. If the child is more than two years old, put it right next to the doorway. Growth is marked on the door post using the same centimeter tape and a ruler or a triangle attached to the top of the head.

All sorts of girths (as in adults - breasts,hips, waist,) are measured similarly to the same standards we have with you. When measuring the girth of the hips, a centimeter tape must go to the buttocks. When measuring the waist circumference, ask the baby not to draw in the belly.

table of sizes of children's clothes

Other dimensions

The length of the sleeve is considered to be a measure equal to the numbercentimeters from the point of the base of the shoulder to the end of the thumb. The length of the trousers is determined by measuring the distance from the groin area to the ankle. Sometimes, when describing the model, the length of the foot is mentioned. But this is somewhat different. The length of the leg corresponds to the distance between the trouser belt and the ankle.

When measuring neck circumference, remember thatcentimeter tape should be wrapped around it freely. When measuring the volume of the head, lead the same tape to the most prominent places, starting from the middle of the forehead. The accuracy of this measurement is extremely important when purchasing headgear.

size of children's clothing age growth

Then the obtained measures are compared with the tabulated values.

And what if you decided to make a giftchild of relatives or neighbors? After all, you will not take measurements from someone else's baby! Nevertheless, it is quite possible to find a good outfit. It is recommended to focus on the age of the baby, but do not forget about the allowances for its specific physiological characteristics.

Clothing sizes for children - table by age

It is about the fact that children of the same age can stronglydiffer. Even with the same growth, they can be very, very different. Not knowing the exact parameters, it is more reliable to focus on the table that represents the Russian clothing sizes. It is based on standard growth and other parameters for any child age. In it, you can find the dimensions for the newborn for each month of life.

Below, we present the table in whichstandard measures for children. And not only domestic, but also American sizes of children's clothes are given, and also accepted in other countries. On it you will be able to orient yourself in choosing the outfit to your baby.

sizes of clothes for children table by age

There is a table of sizes of children's clothes forheadgear, sock and even panties with pantyhose. Picking up the size of the cap (which corresponds to the girth of the head), try to take the measurement fairly accurately. Measuring the circumference of a child's head, try not to pull the centimeter tape too much. It's better if it slips slightly to leave some reserve.

Although most parents buy socks fora certain age, not paying attention to the size of clothes for children, a table by age may not be suitable here. It is more appropriate to select this part of the wardrobe relative to the length of the child's foot. Knowing exactly the value of this indicator, you will always choose socks correctly. Measure it simply - this measurement equals the distance between the extreme points of the thumb and heel.

We choose clothes

How to buy pants for a child?And for clothes there are sizes of clothes for children. The age table for these desired products contains a standard measure of hip circumference for each year of life and the required size figure. If you buy pantyhose, then the corresponding table can also contain the weight of the child in kilograms. Russian sizes for pantyhose are tied to childhood, so picking up the last baby is usually not difficult.

height and size of children's clothes

Additional points

What other tips can you give the kid's parents,going to the store for shopping? The most important of them - try always to take into account the individual complexion of your child. If the child is quite full, then focus on the "older" sizes of clothes for children. The table by age in this case serves only as a guide.

If your child's measurements are between twocertain sizes, stop at the nearest one, which offers a table of sizes of children's clothing from the "larger" side. Very soon the baby will grow to it!

Taking measurements from the feet before buying shoes or sock, do it in the evening. The fact is that in any person (not only the child) by the evening the legs swell slightly, and their fullness increases.

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