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Wedge Welly rubber boots: reviews, models and specialties

Autumn is associated not only with the beautifulleaf fall and bright natural colors, but also with rainy weather, morning fogs, slush on the roads. At the same time, many young ladies are interested in the question of how to remain beautiful and elegant at such a time of the year. To date, in the list of things that vary the autumn days, it is worth to include Wedge Welly rubber boots. Reviews about this shoe are extremely positive, and the quality meets modern requirements. Let us consider in more detail the styles, features and opinions of buyers about these trendy boots.

Brand History

The British brand Wedge Welly is already well-known for providing women and girls around the world with elegant, glamorous and comfortable rubber boots. How was this brand born?

One of its founders named Sarah longtime thinking about how to buy or find somewhere such boots that it is appropriate to put on a music festival. It was believed that the shoes should fit into the scope of the event, be comfortable and at the same time feminine, that is, have heels. Thus, glamorous rubber boots Wedge Welly appeared, the creative creators of which were three young friends - Laura, Sarah and Mike. They took the initiative, and decided to show their "creativity" on television, which served them well.

rubber boots wedge welly reviews

From show to mass sales

The originality of the decision was highly appreciated byone of the famous British shows on BBC 2. This loud advertising contributed to the fact that the brand found an investor who really liked the idea of ​​creating stylish rubber boots for fashionistas.

The first collection of future buyers saw in2005 year. Almost immediately, the brand began to develop rapidly and received the widest fame. But the first people who "fell in love" with this footwear were fans of British music festivals. Following them, all the glamorous ladies walked in boots from Wedge Welly in wet and dank weather. And, as noted by the designers of the design, not only young girls bought branded boots, but older women drew attention to them. Therefore, in the future, it was decided to create collections from the "eternal" classics to supermodern variants.

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Advantages of Wedge Welly shoes

Than in the modern market the rubberWedge Welly boots? Reviews about them speak for themselves: the original solution, compelling appearance, practicality and convenience - these are all characteristics of the boots and boots of this brand. According to the opinion of fashion experts, the Wedge Welly brand has made a breakthrough in the field of rubber demi-season shoes. In particular, this applies to classical models. This is an excellent solution for those ladies who do not like to stay at home in the rain, but prefer long walks in the park, rest in the garden.

In addition to convenience, trendy rubber boots andWedge boots are suitable for women of all ages, because among the models you can find both a colorful print (for example, floral motifs) and gentle, one-color colors. The quality of the upper shoe cover will not let you worry about dampness inside. Thus, the footwear company Wedge Welly produces its unusual products for those ladies who, even in gloomy days, retain their femininity and unique style.

reviews about rubber boots wedge welly

Collections and styles

Wedge Welly rubber boots, reviews of whichcan be seen on the pages of many online stores, have a variety of views. These are the styles of high boots, half boots, boots and ankle boots made of waterproof and elastic rubber. The task of designers is to provide future owners of shoes with both comfort and attractive appearance. Based on this, a variety of decor techniques are used. So, among the latest models appeared a very stylish version with a pattern in the form of crocodile skin. Outside, the material looks natural, indicating a high quality finish.

Also popular among young girls and womenare fashionable rubber boots Wedge Welly Fleece. They are special in internal warming from fleece, which creates additional comfort and warmth during cool weather. These are high boots "stockings", that is, there is no zipper, and instead of a heel - a comfortable wedge.

Also in high demand is the model withoverstated top. The last few years this style does not go out of fashion and is considered practical, because it protects the feet from moisture and dirt. Rubber in these boots is executed in a quilted manner, which looks stylish and modern.

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Heel models

The most "squeak" and at the same time a breakthrough in the fashion world -these are rubber boots with heels. A couple of decades ago it was impossible to imagine, but now it's popular. Reviews of Wedge Welly rubber boots demonstrate the willingness of young ladies to change standards and make a gray routine of glamorous variety. In other words, brave ladies do not mind stomping in rubber boots and heels. You can wear this footwear with both skirts and trousers, tucking them in. For those who do not like heels in general, models are presented on a flat sole or on a wedge. It remains only to choose a comfortable style.

Review of the brand wedge welly

With what to combine?

If you review the brand Wedge Welly, then in the mostThe first collections were dominated by models of monochrome and restrained colors, among them: gray, black, blue, brown, dark blue. For today, designers have taken a course on bright colors, and as a result, boots and ankle boots of blue, pink, light green and other bright colors came on sale. A variety of colors and styles allows you to choose boots for a different image. For example, black boots, made under the skin, can be combined with classical clothing. Business style also does not exclude rubber boots of a reserved kind. Models of screaming, bright colors are more suitable for young girls for street style (or smart casual). And older women, who are uncomfortable wearing high boots, should pay attention to low boots. They are usually equipped with a zipper and a comfortable anatomical sole, so that the legs do not get tired.

Reviews and opinions

For today in the autumn period of the woman of fashionWedge Welly shoes. Feedback from happy owners indicates that the brand guarantees quality. Boots have already been tested in practice and worn by many in rainy weather. As the ladies say, in this shoe you can safely walk around the city and at the same time look stylish. Boots and ankle boots do not let the moisture in and can keep your feet warm for a long time. Also note the unpretentiousness of the boots in care: after a walk, it is enough to wipe them with a damp napkin.

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Some of the guardians of style tried to get outon the street in rubber boots, even with early frosts and were satisfied. However, as experts advise, it is not desirable to stay in rubber shoes for more than two or three hours a day, since rubber has the property of rapidly cooling, despite thick insulation.

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