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Linen style in fashion and its features

Bold linen style "penetrated" into everyday andevening fashion in the 20-ies of the last century. In those days, the world was changing rapidly, corsets, bustles, skirts were disappearing, and they were replaced by tight-fitting dresses of flowing fabrics adorned with delicate lace. Today, designers are taking advantage of this sophisticated style to create a wide variety of images.

linen style

Linen style outside the house

К этому стилю относится всё то, что похоже на pajamas, homemade robes, underwear, everything that recalls the full passion of the night and a sleepy sunny morning, everything that is associated with home comfort. Of course, the creation of such images is not an easy task, because the stylist is faced with the goal of emphasizing sexuality, refinement, refinement, while not falling into vulgarity and vulgarity. Therefore, the main thing is not to overdo it, not to overdo it, to observe a reasonable line.

dress in linen style

Dresses resembling a dressing gown, pants of loose cut, similar to pajamas, as well as lace, gypsy and tulle are the distinctive features inherent in this direction.

Linen and pajamas are sewn from gentle cotton, soft jersey, shining satin. These fabrics are used for everyday clothes in the linen style.

Dresses and skirts

The dress in the linen style is appropriate even on the red carpet, to be sure of this help numerous photos of the celebrity dressed in intricate toilets, reminiscent of homewear.

dress linen style

In 2016, summer dresses are again relevant andsarafans of simple cut, sewn from pastel colors or decorated with a romantic floral print. Belonging to the style emphasizes the thin lace on the hem, fine embroidery, decor with beads or small pearl beads.

Very unusual and bold look like these sundresses in combination with leather jackets, massive shoes, three-dimensional leather backpacks.

For skirts is characterized by the presence of podsyubnikov, frills, a lot of small wrinkles.

Pants & Shorts

Clothes in linen style should sit on a figurefree. Pants are more like trousers for yoga or for sleeping. However, they can be worn even with shoes on a hairpin, a strict jacket, a laconic top. Support for the style can be an unusual accessory, for example, a bag with a bright print, solved in the same tones as the spectacular pants.

clothes in linen style

Shorts, as a rule, have a free cut, and onTheir waist is held by a regular sewn on elastic band. Pick up to them open shoes on a flat sole, deliberately rough Crocs or low shoes, and on top put on a vest and a denim vest with scuffs.

T-shirts and blouses

Often the top in the linen style one to one is likeusual pajamas jersey. Remember, it will look good only if you think through the image to the smallest detail. You do not want to run into the puzzled look of colleagues who decided that you just slept and did not have time to change? Therefore, you should not combine these T-shirts with loose pants. Better pick jeans or classic trousers to them. The accent can be created and with the help of a spectacular accessory: a soutua, a lariat or a long necklace of many thin chains.

No less popular are shirts, blouses. Such a thing will give the image a touching and gentle traits. An effective accent may be, for example, the cutout "Carmen", opening the shoulders.

top in linen style

Linen style in wedding fashion

Tenderness, romanticism, refinement - all thisperfect for the image of the bride. Today, lush dresses on the rings and an abundance of decorative elements on the bodice are no longer relevant - the fashion for them was a couple of decades ago. Designers prefer to create images that emphasize the natural beauty of the newlyweds, use for this purpose flowing fabrics, spectacular lace, and guipure. As a result, you can get an amazing dress. The linen style of the wedding dress is great for weddings in the style of eco, ethno or boho-chic.

dress in linen style

To the spectacular side you need to choose accessories in style. To decorate the hairstyle, a wreath of fine small flowers, tiara, woven pearl threads are suitable.

With what to wear clothes in the linen style

Many girls do not dare to experiment with unusual clothes, afraid to find suitable accessories and shoes. But do not worry.

There are many styles of shoes, which, it would seem,also stepped into life from cozy bedrooms. First and foremost, we are talking about sandals and ballets on flat soles, reminiscent of home slippers. With many outfits perfectly harmonize shoes made of lace and guipure. Looks great lacing on the ankle.

clothes in linen style

But in those cases when it is a question of eveningdress in linen style, the most appropriate option will, of course, are classic boats on the hairpin. A win-win option that fits alongside any color is beige high-heeled shoes. Very gently looks an open toe, so these shoes also harmoniously fit into the image. Experiments with the platform are also often successful.

On the relevance

Linen style is not allowed at any event.Think a hundred times before putting on a thing resembling underwear, into the office. Strict dress code does not accept transparent fabrics, lace, frank cutouts, iridescent textures. If the policy of the company in which you work regulates the business style of employees' clothes, you should not take risks.

dress in linen style

But where views of working clothes are moredemocratic, completely acceptable images with things in a pajama style. The main thing is to know the measure in everything and not to combine too many objects resembling underwear in one bow.

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