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Winter clothes Columbia: down jackets

For a long time earned a name in the world of manufacturers of winter clothing brand Columbia. Down jackets of this brand are especially in demand. Are they good, as they say in advertising?


First it is worth noting that duringFor several decades, the company has developed more than 10 different technologies, allowing not to lose heat. Among the most famous can be called Omni-Heat, Omni-Tech (water does not absorb, but rolls down on the surface) and TurboDown (keeping the heat even when wet).

Columbia: down jackets

Notorious Omni-Heat (for advertising connectedthe Canadian Olympic team that tested the products) is characterized by "smart heat regulation", which contributes to the preservation of natural human heat and the release of excess moisture to the outside. This entire process is possible thanks to aluminum lining points.

Winter clothes Columbia (down jackets): destination

It was created especially for people who loveactive winter holidays. In addition, this clothing is designed for everyday wearing on cold days. And it means not only a soft European winter with its zero indicators, but more severe weather, akin to Russian frosts. This world brand bet does not do on design, but on functionality. So the down jacket Columbia female is not very different from the male. It's more like a unisex style.

Down Jackets Columbia (men's)

Most often, the products of this firm are bought by people,loving sportswear. They are especially popular among those who have to spend a lot of time on the street (for example, moms walking with children on winter days).

Down jacket Columbia: отзывы

There is no way to tell about each specificmodel, but you can generalize the opinions of users about such basic characteristics as thermal insulation and wear resistance. All the responses in one way or another fall into two categories: some applaud and declare that the best down jacket is not found, while others are deeply disappointed in their choice. This range of opinions is easy to explain.

Most of the claims are thatthe fluff takes the first two or three months, the seams are substandard, the fabric of the top is cheap and quickly gets dirty, the threads stick out. In addition, the protection from the cold and rain at zero, say disgruntled, and after all it was something for which they actually chose "Columbia". Many feel sorry for the money thrown in the wind. But all these negative reviews often have one common thing: a down jacket bought "somewhere in the stock," "at some sale," or in the market. Outwardly, he looked decent, and that this is a fake, very few people thought, because the corporate label was in place.

Down jacket Columbia (female)

Those who were satisfied were mostlyTheir products either in branded stores, or on the official website. Original Columbia down jackets (male and female) are sewn from a fabric that repels snow, rain, dirt, protects from wind. Under the bottom, you do not need to put on five coats, just one sweater. The filler is natural (80% consists of a feather, 20% of a feather). Almost all models have a hood with the same characteristics, which is modeled so that it easily replaces the cap. There is an interesting detail: the ventilation window under the armhole armhole, to release unnecessary heat. Almost all down jackets have a fur edge, but it is unfastened in case of uselessness. Also very important is that usually there are adjustable cuffs on the sleeves, and the bottom of the down jacket can be pulled off. Additional amenities are internal pockets with zippers.

Advertising says that this down jacket can be worndirectly to the tank top, but few confirmed this, although home experiments, of interest for the sake of course, were conducted. But the main conclusion is this: Columbia firm down jackets make really warm, but you do not need to wear them on your naked body.


Since down jackets are made of breathable fabric,soak them not. It is admissible both manual and machine wash in delicate mode with twisting at low speed. Prohibited bleaching agents. Dry necessarily in a straightened form, periodically shaking. You can not hang on wet hangers. But the most important thing is that you need to use a special tool for washing products with a membrane, so neither powders nor gels will work!

Down jacket Columbia: отзывы

So is it worth buying winter clothing companyColumbia? Down jackets have proven themselves worthy, as well as all other products of this brand. But in order not to run into a fake, you need to contact the stores, and not risk selling.

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