Race theory

Despite the rapid globalizationprocesses, in the modern world there are also processes of isolation of states and nations. It is therefore not surprising that the racial theory that raises the

race theory
is popular in the world in the first half of the 20th century.Its roots can be found in antiquity. In world history, the racial theory changed content, but the goals and means remained the same. In the article, we will examine in more detail and clearly what is its meaning.

So, if we describe in a nutshell, the racialtheory is a theory that one race is superior to another. It is incorrect to believe that it was German national-socialism that was the founder of the racial theory, and even more so, it was not the founder of racism. Such ideas first appeared in society long before the notions of "Nazism", "fascism", etc. were introduced. Back in the 19th century. this theory has begun to attract increasing attention. Scientifically speaking, according to racial thorium, it is racial difference that plays a decisive role in the cultural, historical and moral development of the people, and even affects the state system. By the way, racial theory is not limited only to biological indicators.

racial theory of the origin of the state

Studying this direction, it is easy to come to the conclusionthat not all races are equal, that there are so-called "higher" and "lower" races. The destiny of the higher is to build states, to rule the world and to command. Accordingly, the inheritance of the lower races is to obey the higher. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the roots of any racism lie precisely in racial thorium. The line between these concepts is so subtle that they are often identified with each other.

Supporters of these ideas were Nietzsche and de Gobineau. The latter belongs to the racial theory origin of the state. According to this theory, people are divided into lower(Slavs, Jews, Gypsies) race and higher (Nordic, Aryan). The former must blindly obey the second, and the state needs only so that the higher races can command the lower races. It was this theory that the Nazis used during the Great Patriotic War. However, according to research, there is no connection between race and intelligence. This is also confirmed by the results of the Second World War.

racial theory of Hitler

Racial theory of Hitler, which is more correctly called Nazi racial theory, was based on the idea of ​​the superiority of the Aryan race over other nations.

At first, these ideas justified discrimination, andthen the destruction of not only the "lower" races, but also the mentally disabled, crippled children, seriously ill, homosexuals, invalids for the sake of "purity of the Aryan race," the race that came from India and, according to the propaganda of the Third Reich, was the only

"higher" race.The theory formed the basis for the "racial hygiene" developed in the Third Reich. The sign of "pure race" was blond hair, specific anthropometric data and, in particular, light color of the eyes. The threat to the purity of the Aryan race was, along with the Jews, gypsies. This made it difficult for Nazi ideologists, as the Roma are genetically and ethnically similar to the Indians and speak the language of the Indo-European group. The way out was found. Gypsies were declared the result of a mixture of pure Aryan blood and lower races, and therefore, were subject to destruction along with the Slavs and Jews.

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