/ Bird of oatmeal. Where can I find a feathered beauty?

Bird of oatmeal. Where can I find a feathered beauty?

Bird of oatmeal ... A small representative of birds with a rather unusual name. What is she like? Where and how often it can be found? It's about this beauty that we'll talk about today.

Section 1. Bird of oatmeal. general description

bird of oatmeal

First of all, it should be noted that thisrather small representative of birds with a thin beak and a slender body. But the wings can be of different length and shape. Feathers are thick and soft, in some species on the head there may be a crest.

Oatmeal, belonging to the family of the same name, lives in fairly open spaces. In principle, they can be found in the steppe, and in the tundra, and on forest edges and glades.

Scientists say that there are several species of oatmeal in nature: migratory, roaming and sedentary. Oatmeal is a bird, whose singing is mostly monotonous: it tends to repeat the same sounds.

It should be noted that their nests do not hide their nests, but they are built directly on the ground and only very rarely in some secluded place.

In Russia to date, there are 34 species of oatmeal, while on the planet there are about 200 species.

Section 2. Bird of oatmeal. Early Bird

oatmeal bird singing
Oatmeal is a representative of early birds. They can also be called, and the most reckless: they are among the first return is usually from warm countries.

First, however, the males arrive, because they are notfrighten even night frosts. Waiting for the females they give their first concerts, when the snow has not yet come down. By singing males show other individuals that this territory is occupied.

In late April, oatmeal in most cases find a pair, so that later, in May, to withdraw their offspring.

In the diet, these birds are capricious. Eat porridge seeds of plants and insects. At the end of summer, on the fields, you can meet large flocks of already grown young birds, who are looking for food.

Section 3. Bird of oatmeal at home

poultry of the genus oatmeal of Dubrovnik

These little animals are beautiful singers, exactlyfor this talent people and love to keep them in the house. Previously, there was an opinion that oatmeal is definitely not suitable for home maintenance, as it can not be tamed. But this is not true. The main thing is to have patience, and then from savage you can get a real singing bird.

Catch oatmeal more often in the spring, when they start to sing, and you can choose the best singer. You can catch a bird that you like by feeding it or by placing a hen. Here, as in war, all means are good.

In terms of oatmeal, there are many nuances.For example, after catching a poultry of the genus of oatmeal, Dubrovnik is placed in a cotyte for at least two weeks or its cage is covered with a dense tissue. During this time, the bird should be full of energy. To rearrange the "house" or change it at this time is strictly forbidden, porridge can be silenced and this spring it will not sing.

You can keep the oatmeal one by one, in pairs and even in whole flocks. These birds need a spacious cage, in tight places they either do not sing, or sing, but not in full voice.

To oatmeal delighted in her voice, herit is necessary to feed properly. In the summer, various insects should predominate in her diet. But from seeds that contain fat, for example from sunflower seeds, it is better to refuse altogether - they can cause obesity of the bird. Millet and rapeseed are the most useful for oatmeal.

It can be said that oatmeal is unpretentious and hardy in content. But to enjoy their heavenly singing, they still need to create comfortable conditions, like real artists.

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