/ The kite is a freestyle bird!

A kite is a freestyle bird!

The kite is a rather large and predatory bird.It lives mainly in the Old World. A weak and hook-shaped beak is the main difference between these birds and other birds of prey. In addition, they have very short legs, but rather large and very long wings.

kite bird

From the life of kites

Bird kite (photo number 1) - this is not your golden eagle!He is not so majestic! Kites - sluggish, lazy, and also not absolutely courageous birds. Their flight is rather slow, but tireless! They are gaining a huge height, even the sharpest eye does not see them! At the same time, the kite is a smart bird! They do not make the slightest effort to distinguish the common man from the game hunter. In addition, vultures avoid those places where they were frightened.

Their everyday diet is smallmammals, snakes and lizards, frogs and insects. Very rarely they are forced to lead their own hunting for birds. The nesting place is located on the tops of trees. Nests of a kite lined with dirty rags, paper scraps and other rubbish. Masonry consists of 3-4 eggs. The female lays them. Eggs are white with a brown pattern. Nasizhivanie lasts about five and a half weeks. As a rule, one or a pair of chicks flies out of the nest. The kite is a bird, mostly migratory, but sometimes there are also sedentary populations.

"Orderlies" of the fishing industry

bird kite photo

Kings - a kind of nurses on the fishing andhunting field. It has already been proved that the benefits that these birds bring are considerably greater than the harm they can inflict by eating small birds and chicks from the brood of field and meadow game.

These predators are not very numerous from the point of view ofspecies diversity. Zoologists number only 8 species of these birds. Perhaps the most famous is the red kite, which inhabits the territory from the Far East to Spain! About him and talk.

Red Kite

black kite

This species of feathered predator can be easily distinguishedfrom all the others along its strongly bifurcated tail. Outwardly, it (the tail) resembles a two-pronged fork, so some zoologists call it a fork-shaped fork. The red kite is a very bright bird! His head and throat are painted white with strips of black and brown color, the breast is red ("rusty"), the abdomen is the same. The shoulders and back are brown-black, and the wings are black. They feed on red carnivores carrion, fish, frogs, reptiles, small mammals and invertebrates.

This kind of vultures is quite easy to tame.Interestingly, the caught red-cheeked first time pretends to be dead. So he lies until he realizes that all his attempts to fool hunters are vain!

Quite often a red kite is confused with hisfellow - black. But they are noticeably different in size! The black kite is much less red. His plumage is darker. This species is much wider than the first. A black predator lives all over Russia. In addition, the so-called kite-parasite, which lives in Africa, is very similar to the red vultures. Many zoologists are categorically opposed to isolating the kite-parasite into a separate species.

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