/ The Mystery of a Woman Called Ruslana. Name, origin, compatibility

The mystery of a woman called Ruslana. Name, origin, compatibility

When parents give their child a name, theypartly shape his fate. For this reason, it is important to understand its meaning. This article will reveal the mystery of women, whose name is Ruslana. The name, origin, characteristics, behavior of this woman, as well as her astrological signs and reasoning about what kind of men it will be more successful for her to create a family - all of which is written below.

Ruslana is a name. Origin

female name of Ruslan

A woman who was named precisely by that name,has the makings of a leader. These are people who value an active attitude to life. They are very determined, they can be desperate, although their actions are not always reasonable. Ruslana is a name whose origin is of Turkic-Tatar roots. This is the female form of the male name Ruslan, which was formed from the word "arslan" and means "lion". Everyone knows that this is the king of beasts. Is this the nature of the owner of the name?

Childhood and the importance of Ruslan

Ruslan's woman's name wears a restless,an irritable girl who often does not sleep well at night and gives a lot of trouble to parents. At school he does not like to study, although he gets good grades. The child is very emotional, and his actions can not be foreseen. Ruslana has a fighting nature and can stand up for herself. In addition, it belongs to the category of people who do not fit for words into their pockets. He is friends mostly with boys.

The woman's name is Ruslana. Meaning for an adult

name origin

Becoming more mature, the character of the possessorThis name is softened, but the makings of the leader remain forever. Also, the inclination to unreasonable actions does not go away. Ruslana thinks she understands people well, although in reality everything is quite the opposite. This is a very selfish nature, which, however, is not devoid of a sense of humor. She will make a wonderful teacher, a salesman, a kindergarten teacher, an engineer. She is also subject to construction activities.

Ruslana and her family life

Usually a chosen one chooses a long time, and hebecomes the person she has known for many years. After the wedding, the personality gradually becomes the leader in the family. She never accepts the betrayal of her husband, and she herself is always faithful in marriage. She does not like to do household chores, but loves to deal with children, so she will be happy to bring them up.

Ruslana. Astrological characteristics

the meaning of the name

The heavenly body guarding the girl with this name is the Sun.

  • The color of the name is orange and brown.
  • The stone-talisman is agate, fire opal and jasper.
  • The animal-mascot is a lion.
  • Plant-amulet - laurel and heliotrope.
  • The most favorable day is Sunday.

Despite the fact that Ruslana is a name, ancestrywhich Turkic-Tatar, its owner will best create a family with a Russian man: Vadim, Boris, Michael, Semyon and Mark. The least suitable for marriage are Vitaly, Arthur, Yuri, Vladlen, Constantine and Cyril.

According to feedback from voted users,the description of the name corresponds to reality by 67.4%. However, remember that the behavior of a person can be influenced by people around him, parenting and personal beliefs.

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