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Investment ideas for beginners

Одной из наиболее популярных тем, которые discuss in the news and economic programs, is investing. Often the news blocks are filled with arguments about the need to attract foreign capital to various sectors of the national economy, economy and industry. However, investments are not only multimillion sums and boring inexplicable monologues of economists. There are types of investments that do not require specialized knowledge or very large sums from the participants. With the help of literate investment, almost any person is able to increase their savings.

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Let's look at the definition

In the broadest sense of the word, the investment is calledlong-term financial, material or non-material investment in an enterprise, facility or project, the purpose of which is to make a profit after a certain period.

The specificity of investments is that the investor does notgets a quick result, as it counts on long-term exploitation of its investments. When investing, there are large one-time costs, which then bring greater savings to future expenses or a good, stable, multi-year profit.

Who can invest

Modern economy can not do withoutsuch a financial instrument as investment. To carry out activities related to making long-term contributions to various projects, both international conglomerates, financial organizations (banks) and private individuals can.

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To conduct investment activities, the investorat its discretion or in agreement with the recommendations of the consultant, disposes of its financial means, securities or tangible assets (buildings, infrastructure facilities, equipment, raw materials). Also intangible assets (rights, patents, objects of intellectual property, business reputation) can be used as investments.

Distinctive features of investments

Along with the fact that the definition of investment contains the word "investments", they have several differences from other types of deposits:

  1. Investors expect to make a profit onfor a long time. In practice, transactions that last more than one year are already spoken of as investments. At the same time, the existence of an economic effect is planned for several years. A short-term investment, which promises a quick payback, is already speculation.
  2. The main condition for investments is the availability of profit. This they differ from numerous unprofitable investments.

Why you should be interested in investing

Today, in order to feel confident, it is not enough to save a tidy sum. Such a phenomenon as inflation, sooner or later "eat" all the savings, leaving only disappointment and resentment.

A variety of investment ideas that are designed to invest almost any amount, can not only protect money, but also multiply them.

investment ideas in the stock market

Investing in profitable stocks or inthe process of producing any demanded products, you can ensure a regular economic effect on your capital. Depending on the size of the investment and the ability to dispose of them, the profits can become a reliable multi-year source of income. In order for investment to be truly successful, it is worthwhile to have an understanding of its types and directions, as well as the existing risks.

Brief classification

There are several indicators on whichcarry out classification of investments. These are volumes, terms, purpose and geography of investments, as well as other characteristics. Most often talk about the following types of investment:

  • Reinvestment. This type of activity is carried out for the sake of receiving money.
  • Intellectual. It provides for investments in the upbringing and training of qualified personnel with a view to further expanding the business.
  • Real. Finance invests for a long time in the selected industry of production of material values.
  • Capital-forming.Here we are talking about buying land, real estate, repairing apartments for rent or for a vehicle that will become a source of future earnings.
  • Direct.The purchase by legal entities and individuals of certain stakes in enterprises. These actions allow shareholders to profit in case of successful operation of the enterprise, and also give them the right to vote.
  • Thermaea.With this investment, the investor buys gold, precious stones or antiques and expects the time when the value of these items will grow significantly. Then he sells them and gets his profit.
  • Portfolio. It differs from the direct one in that shareholders who bought securities do not participate in the work of the enterprise.

Newcomer in the field of investment to navigateextremely difficult. The easiest way to get acquainted with the possibilities of electronic commerce on stock exchanges. However, here you can not do without instructions and competent advice, otherwise the work process will be more like a guessing. To facilitate such activities, experts develop investment ideas in the stock market. They can be called advice, recommendations or even an algorithm of correct actions aimed at more effective trading in securities.

Investment ideas - what is it and why are they needed?

The product of the investment market analysisbecomes an investment idea. It is developed taking into account the actual and projected fluctuations of prices on the exchange. As a rule, this information is published by broker companies, such as JSC CC "Progressive Investment Ideas", to attract and retain their customers.

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The income of Internet brokers is directly dependent onthe number and volume of transactions that their customers make, since each operation brings them a fixed commission. To stimulate clients to increase the number of transactions, broker companies offer them a variety of different products, including investment ideas and various types of analytical reviews of the market situation.

The reliability and accuracy of ideas isa necessary condition, as in the interest of the broker to win the loyalty of the client and his trust. Convinced that investment ideas work, the client remains with the broker and continues to actively buy and sell shares.

Types of investment ideas

Exchange clients usecompletely different strategies: some are set to commit several transactions during the day, others after the purchase of shares are ready for a long-term expectation of growth in their value. Types of investment ideas are conditioned by different strategies of investor behavior:

  1. Short-term. This idea is also called the online idea.It is based on operational political, economic and corporate news or technical analysis. For the day of the change, stock quotes can reach several percent. A timely formulated and correctly submitted investment idea helps to make good money on the fluctuation of the exchange rate. In some cases, earnings can range from 3% to 10%.
    idea of ​​an investment project
  2. Medium-term. Designed for customers who can notspend a lot of time trading stocks. Such investors prefer to earn on changes in quotations associated with the influence of corporate news and the situation in the relevant industry. The most successful enterprises can provide their investors with very good growth of quotations.
  3. Long-term. Its feature is that the result is substantiallydelayed in time. Most often, such investment ideas are used to work with shares of enterprises from the "second echelon." So conditionally called those companies whose size and reputation do not allow them to be on the leaderboard. Despite the small number of transactions made with shares of these companies, they are able to give investors a good stable profit. Often, the lack of popularity of such enterprises is due to their underestimation. The task of the investment company is to search for such a perspective object, assess its economic state and conduct a full analysis. The formulated idea of ​​the investment project allows to receive a worthy result to all participants of investment activity: depositors, owners of the enterprise and the intermediary company. As a rule, long-term projects are characterized by lower risks, which makes them attractive for the beginning clients of the exchange.

The main sources of information on investment ideas

Starting work in the field of investment, it's easierall follow the advice of experienced brokers with solid experience. In addition to the independent study of information published by broker companies, such as the investment group "New Idea", you can attend specialized courses or obtain information from the relevant literature.

Investments and television

For residents of Russia there is an opportunityget this valuable information with little or no effort. An interesting and popular project was the program "Financial Strategy" on the TV channel "Russia 24". Investment ideas, which are announced in it, become actual and current algorithms of manipulation of profit extraction from trading activities on the stock exchange.

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A feature of this program was the descriptionrisks that are always inherent in the exchange activities. Over time, the project has grown so much that it has gone beyond the television studio, and now everyone can turn to investment strategists via a communication link on the site.

Leaders of the investment market

At the end of last year, the best investmentideas - 2015 were offered to depositors by such organizations as Moscow Exchange, Aeroflot and Sberbank. Despite the difficult situation with the dollar and the cost of oil, their shares showed an increase of 20-65%.

 progressive investment ideas

Effective investment ideas for 2016offered by large strategic enterprises (PJSC NK “Lukoil”), undervalued companies with a fast pace of development (PJSC “Magnit”) and highly efficient companies with low competition (Yandex).

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