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Liquor factories: high-quality alcohol or falsification?

So it's started in Russia, and in many otherscountries of the world that no holiday, no celebration can not do without alcohol. Distilleries are one of the largest businesses. That's underground businesses, using the demand for products of a manufacturer, are allowed to sell falsified.


How to choose a real branded alcohol?

Coming to a good store, we sometimes do notwe think that falsification can be made on the shelves. If you're lucky, instead of an elite drink that produces distilleries, you will get a tolerable fake. But in many cases you can run into a real poison. Striving for profit, counterfeit manufacturers use cheap dangerous alcohols.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the numberbottles of a single product. Let's say whiskey or vodka. At the factory manufacturer in bottles the drink will be spilled equally evenly, millimeter to millimeter, as the machine spills. And the products produced by counterfeit liquor factories will be poured everywhere in different ways. Accordingly, it is better to leave this store.

Cognac lovers, to determine the realdrink, you need to turn the bottle over. Remember that this cognac is thick and oily in consistency. A drop should drop from the bottom, and traces of runoff will remain on the walls. If the bottle is filled under the neck, you need to shake it. First, large bubbles should go, then small ones. This indicates the quality of the drink. Unfortunately, according to the label, it is almost impossible to determine the authenticity of alcohol.

distilleries of Russia

Which spirits are better - imported or Russian?

In foreign products we know the qualityalcoholic beverages. Many prefer to buy whiskey or cognac only imported. Since the days of the Soviet Union, the idea that the alcohol produced by Russian distilleries is of poor quality has firmly settled in my head. This prejudice persisted because of the deficit of this product during the dry law, when it was possible to buy only "burned" alcohol. At present, the situation is exactly the opposite. In connection with recent events taking place in world politics, and sanctions imposed on Russia, now the alcohol of imported production is not so popular. Clandestine producers enjoy a shortage of foreign alcohol on the shelves, supplying their products to the maximum.

Russian distilleries

We have a large number of good alcoholic beveragesfactories. Many of them have proven themselves in the market of spirits due to excellent quality and reasonable price, unlike imported alcohol. "Radamir", "Nemanoff", "Kursk", "Volgograd" - this is not the whole list of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in Russia. These factories make quality liquors, vodka, bitter tinctures, gin.

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