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How rice grows in Asia

Buying vegetables and fruits in the store, we often do notthink about their origin. So, for example, we only know about rice that it needs moist soil to grow it. In fact, this plant initially grew in the soil, however, when the inhabitants of Asia carried it into the water, it turned out that this culture began to yield 20 times more harvest. After that, rice was grown everywhere in the water.

how grows rice
Why does this technique give such an amazingresults? It turns out that growing rice on an aquatic field isolates the plant from cold and heat, which creates a special ecological system that supplies itself with everything necessary. Rice does not bother the weeds. Still for a long time the field maintains the required level of natural fertilizers, which perfectly stimulates the growth of plants. When they are not enough, the peasants immediately restore the necessary balance. Let's take a closer look at how rice grows.

Work, work and work again

The process begins with the preparation of the field.It is carefully cultivated by peasants. To facilitate their work in the plow harnessed bull, which performs the most difficult work. Although the standard of living is growing day by day in East Asia, there are no special machines in the rice fields, like hundreds of years ago. Manually or with the help of animals, peasants mix water with the ground, turning everything into a homogeneous mass. Simultaneously, rice seeds are planted in special "greenhouses". This is done in order to highlight the strong sprouts and to strengthen the initial growth of this culture. In addition, once planted rice on the water field, it sprouts badly. Only when in the greenhouse shoots reach 10 cm, they are collected and sent to the field.

varieties of rice
There they are just thrown into the water. The plant itself takes root.

How does rice grow in this field?It takes 5 to 7 months for it to mature. However, in the labs rice was already taken out, capable of maturing twice as fast. Approximately in a couple of months, when the shoots reach fifty centimeters, flowers appear. How does the rice grow? Inflorescences of this plant usually have seventy small flowers. They tend to blossom early in the morning. Together with this, the whole area around the field is filled with a wonderful aroma, similar to freshly brewed rice - sweet and tender. When a plant fades, grains form. Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire masterfully regulate rivers, using them to irrigate fields. Sometimes this is done using channels that deliver the right amount of water directly to the rice fields.

rice cultivation

Unique culture

Rice has a very interesting property - it cangrow in one place for a long time. In addition, this culture is very convenient in storage. Grain can be stored for about 1 year. There are different varieties of rice. An important indicator of their quality is the level of humidity. The drier the rice, the more expensive and better. In many countries of the world this culture is the second bread. Today, and Russian cuisine is very difficult to imagine without rice garnish or a light rice soup. The grain of rice is very useful for the body. It contains a large number of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Now you know how rice grows and how useful it is.

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