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Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy): employee feedback

In the field of construction and repair worksa huge number of companies of different orientations and profiles. In today's article, we'll talk about one of them - it's about Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy). Feedback on the company's activities, as well as the opinions of employees about the working conditions in the structure will be studied in order for us to be able to give a holistic assessment to this firm. We will give them in the article.

About company

Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy) reviews

To begin with, we will describe what we do in"Stroygarant" (Novy Urengoy). Employees' feedback indicates that the company conducts a wide range of repairs, acting as a subcontractor. Thus, when some kind of work of this specificity appears on this or that object, the limited liability company attracts its personnel to its implementation - people specializing in, for example, performing stone, electrical installation and other types of work.

On the company's website you can find, in principle, the samemost information. Also here it is indicated that Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy) has contacts with a major holding Stroygazconsulting, which also includes several dozens of similar companies.

Здесь же, на страницах официального сайта, можно read and that the company is ready to undertake the implementation of earthwork, stone, insulation, roofing, installation, geodetic, finishing works and so on. As a matter of fact, the firm carries out complex measures on construction both industrial, special application, and civil, general purpose of objects. We will also mention them in this article.



On the pages of the site you can see that it was alreadybuilt by the company. In 2005, this building was LLC "Urengoygazprom", erected in the city center. In the same year, the company was building the administrative center of Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg (it included a number of buildings - offices, a hotel, a conference room). To the pride of the company can also be attributed an erected dwelling house for workers (9 floors) and three dormitories; building "Gazprombank", hotels "Kristall", as well as a large complex of sports and recreational destinations for OOO Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg. As noted by "Stroygarant" (Novy Urengoy) reviews in the media, all objects were safely handed in on time and now decorate the city.

Scheme of work

Thus, the company operates on the principle ofintermediary. On the one hand, she takes orders from outside subjects, accepting tasks for the construction of some special buildings, housing complexes, infrastructure facilities and other things. On the other hand, as the Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy) testimonies show, the firm has its own permanent staff of specialists ready to start work.

Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy) Accounting

As it became known from the recommendations thatemployees leave the company, the company operates at the location of the facility, so workers are in "field" conditions for several months. To do this, of course, the company creates the proper conditions (household, food and so on). Therefore, if you want to get a job in this company, be prepared that you will be sent to the northern regions of the country for a fairly long time.


In general, it should be clarified, employment hereoccurs according to the usual procedure for all interviews and further admission of suitable candidates. When a specialist sees an open job on the company's website or portal with ads, he submits his application form and waits for information from employers. Those, in turn, consider a person as a specialist, assessing his qualities and capabilities. If this employee is suitable, he is officially registered and sent to the place of performance of the employment contract.

There are testimonials indicating that the reception hereis carried out unofficially, without formal registration of a person and issuing to him the appropriate package of documents. However, these are probably one-time violations from one employee, since the company as a whole can not afford to work by such methods.

Specializations and vacancies

Regarding who can be employed in LLCStroygarant (Novy Urengoy), the testimonies indicate that there are mainly working specialties for people who will go and work directly at the facilities. This, as already mentioned above, specialist installers, surveyors, electricians, technicians and so on. For all those works that the company performs, people need to understand this matter. Often, in order to weed out incompetent, a minimum work experience is established for certain vacancies. But those who pass the selection, expect an increased salary and improved working conditions. This motivates qualified specialists to contact the company.


As for payment, there is a lot likepositive, and negative recommendations that leave the company. The first references to "Stroygarant" (Novy Urengoy) workers' testimonies indicate that they pay a lot here, given the difficult working conditions and the need for experienced specialists in repair and construction directions. Also, the argument for the fact that the company is solvent, is its belonging to a large construction holding company means that money can not suddenly "end" here, as it often happens in small companies.

As for negative reviews, in themsaid about the delays in payment, as well as about the frauds that are being carried out in the "Stroygarant" (Novy Urengoy) accounting. Payment of earnings here is delayed for certain categories of workers, in return providing a minimum amount of money that would be sufficient to meet the basic needs of the worker (something about 1000 rubles a week). Concerning fraud, then they are reckoned, for example, with the employment without the conclusion of an employment contract; dismissal of employees without their consent and others. About these things you can read comments on the sites from completely different employees. At the same time, considering that a considerable number of people continue to work in the company, it seems that these delays are not so massive.

Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy) contacts

Working conditions

As to what it's like to work in the"Stroygarant" (Novy Urengoy), employee feedback is also not so unambiguous. On the one hand, the fact is not the most favorable conditions in the area where work is being done on the objects. People who settle here know that they are waiting for the cold and trailers for the mobile deployment of workers. Yes, and the personnel department, acting in Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy), for sure warns everyone that they will have to face in the course of their activities.

Тем не менее есть масса негативных комментариев о the fact that staff are forced to work in summer clothes because they are not allowed to leave the premises of the enterprise and take warm clothes from home. Another category of testimonies also indicates that in the trailers for accommodation bad internal insulation, due to which workers are forced to freeze, undermining their own health.

Stroygarant (New Urengoy) Employee Reviews

How much all this is true is objectively difficult to judge. Nevertheless, as already noted, all this information is left by different people.

Positive reviews

So, we found some characteristics of the companyOOO Stroygarant (Novy Urengoy). Comments, as you can see, are the most diverse - most, of course, positive. They testify that the work in the company helped to gain new experience, acquaintances, get the necessary experience for a specialist in one or another field, and in parallel - to make good money. The company itself is stable and reliable due to its scale of development and links with a large construction holding company. There were also testimonials testifying how interesting it is to work on a particular object in harsh conditions, checking oneself both morally and physically "for strength".

Negative feedback

Negative characteristics include dataon delays in wages, the informal registration of some employees (who will not receive their social package because of this), and sometimes uncomfortable living conditions in the construction sites.

However, considering whether to settlehere or not, think carefully: are you ready to face the difficulties that some workers write about. Not the fact that you really will be delayed in the payment of earnings - but this can happen with everyone. Perhaps if you do not want to take risks, it is better to look for work that is closer to your place of residence.

On the other hand, employment here can be an excellent chance to earn good money and at the same time prove yourself. Perhaps you should try yourself and evaluate your strength. You decide.

And in Stroygarant, in the meantime, many people continue to work, despite the mass of negative characteristics addressed to the company. So maybe not so bad?

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