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Boeing 777-200 - the most "long-range" airliner in the world

Passenger transcontinental airlinerThe Boeing 777-200 is unique in many respects. First, it is the largest twin-engine aircraft designed to transport people. Secondly, it has embodied advanced technological ideas. Thirdly, it can fly more than half the globe without landing. Fourth, when designing it, the opinion of passengers was taken into account, thus, it became the most democratic aircraft in the world. Fifthly, it was created in an environment of extremely fierce competition, when the deadlines for decommissioning the L-101 and DC-10 aircraft, which it was supposed to replace, were approaching, and the European concern Airbus was also not dozing. Sixthly, almost a fifth of all the units and assemblies of this American machine are made in ... Japan - at the firms of Fuji, Kawasaki and Mitsubishi.

Boeing 777 200

There are other reasons to consider the Boeing 777-200phenomenon of outstanding. The main thing is that by the standards of world aviation this airliner can be considered ultra-modern today, it was "put on the wing" in the mid-nineties.

Innovations have already begun at the design stage.Boeing 777-200 became the world's first civil aviation aircraft, in the design of which all the drawings were done using automated workplaces and even the prototype was assembled in a virtual mode. Remote control is carried out with the help of fiber-optic conductors, the glider is made to a great extent with the use of carbon composites, and for passengers and crew unprecedented conditions of comfort and safety are created.

Boeing 777 200 interior layout

The time that Boeing can continuously conduct777-200 in the air, reaches eighteen hours, so you need to rest not only the guests of the aircraft, but also its permanent inhabitants - pilots and stewards. For them, sleeping places are organized, and this is done so that the useful volume of the fuselage is used as efficiently as possible. Such comfort is not just concern for employees of airlines or someone's whim, the reason for the requirements of trade unions and the established regulations for the duration of the working day.

Another innovation characteristic of the aircraftBoeing 777-200, - the interior layout is a flexible structure. If necessary, it can be changed, as well as the number of seats in different classes. In total, depending on the chosen layout, the Boeing 777-200 accommodates 300 to 440 passengers. Seats in the ranks of the first or business class are seven, in the economy class - nine.

Depending on what is the demand for tickets, andalso from the duration of the Boeing 777 flight, the cabin layout can be chosen by the operating airline, while the partitions, kitchens and toilets can also change their position. By the way, for this liner, even special toilet bowls have been developed, on which the lid is smoothly lowered.

Boeing 777 interior layout

While the Boeing 777 is an airplane, by aviation standards,young, but all the same, the period during which it is operated is considerable - eighteen years, and with the number of cars produced, which exceeded one thousand two hundred pieces, we can speak of this model as very reliable. Fatal accidents are very few, and so far they have not caused the death of passengers in any country in the world.

Russian airlines, including Aeroflot and Transaero, also use the Boeing 777-200.

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