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Saltpeter - what is it?

Nylon, what is this?Although the word is, in general, at the hearing, that it specifically refers to, do not know everything. Saltpeter - the old name of nitrates, that is, salts of nitric acid. There are several varieties of this substance. Depending on the connection with what is nitrogen, nitric, potassium and ammonium nitrate is different.

Potassium nitrate

nitrate what is it
So, what is potassium nitrate?The composition of this substance includes nitrogen (N-NO3) in an amount of 13% and potassium (K2O) in an amount of 46%. Potassium nitrate is used mainly as a fertilizer. Its application balances the balance in the tissues of plants, promotes the activation of photosynthetic processes, etc. This type of fertilizer can be used both for root dressings and for foliar dressings. It is also suitable for vegetable crops, fruit trees and shrubs, as well as for flowers, etc. Potassium nitrate and explosives are also produced.

Sodium nitrate

So, what is sodium nitrate?This substance is a white crystal, which is also often used as a fertilizer. In addition, it is used in the glass and metallurgical industries.

how to make niter
Another area of ​​its use is fabricationrocket fuel and explosives. Keep it next to organic combustible substances it can not, because the latter in this case may spontaneously ignite.

Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate, like the first two species,Used for the manufacture of fertilizers and explosives. As a fertilizer it is applied mainly only in the first half of the season. It is suitable for almost any type of soil. One of its interesting features is that it can be used even in frost. The introduction of it in the beds should be accompanied by abundant watering. This also applies to the two types of nitrates described above.

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Thus, saltpetre, the use of whichit is expedient both in agriculture and in industry - a substance unusually useful and necessary. If desired, you can make it yourself. In this case, the composition can be used to impregnate wicks and paper in the manufacture of pyrotechnic devices, or, in fact, for use as a fertilizer.

How to make nitrate?

The simplest in manufacturing is consideredsodium, rarely found on sale. To do this, use conventional soda (1 part). The second component can be ammonium nitrate (2 parts). It's easy to find in the store. Two of these substances are mixed and filled with water, which must be hot or at least warm. This action will lead to the beginning of the reaction with the release of carbon dioxide and ammonia and a gradual decrease in temperature. Then the mixture is put on the fire and boiled for about two hours - until the end of the reaction. The solution is then evaporated.

When making potassium nitrate instead of sodaPotash (potassium carbonate), which can be obtained from plant ash, is used. To do this, the ash is dissolved in water, filter and evaporate the resulting solution.

So, now you know the answer to the question: "Nitrate - what is this?" The substance is useful and not too difficult to manufacture at home.

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