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How to feed Indotec at home? Conditions of maintenance of Indotests

Indots are very popular amongdomestic farmers. They are bred for low-fat juicy meat, rich in amino acids, proteins and other valuable elements. In today's article describes the main nuances of the content of these birds.

Description of Indotecks

These birds are very impressive in size.They have a wide chest, short legs with well-developed muscles and powerful wings. The length of an adult drake from head to tail can be 90 centimeters. Female smaller - the length of their torso does not exceed 60 cm. The average weight of the Indochka ranges from 3 to 6 kilograms.

than to feed an indoor home

Regardless of the breed, in the eye area of ​​each birdthere are characteristic growths of red color, giving them a certain similarity with the turkeys. At old individuals they start to emit a strong specific smell. This explains the second name of these birds - musk ducks. The coloring of birds depends entirely on the breed. They can be white, brown, blue, spotted or black with a purple and green tint.

Eggs of Indotka are highly nutritious. Therefore, they are much more expensive than chickens. For a year, one bird can carry from 80 to 110 pieces. The weight of each egg is about 70 grams.

Features of the content

These are quite unpretentious birds, differingstrong health and good immunity. Therefore, breeding Indotka at home is a very profitable and promising occupation. They can be grown on an ordinary farmhouse farm without creating any specific conditions. Birds are rapidly gaining weight and by the age of two months they reach the slaughter weight. They differ in peace-loving disposition and quietly coexist in the same yard with chickens, ducks and other birds.

eggs of Indochina

A characteristic feature of these birds isabsence of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, for breeding Indotka at home, you need a clean, warm and well-ventilated room. The bird house should be reliably protected from sudden temperature changes. On the floor it is desirable to scatter straw or sawdust. It is also necessary to install feeders, drinking bowls and nests. The latter should be decorated in the form of closed houses with holes. They are recommended to be placed at a height not exceeding ten centimeters from the floor level.

One square meter of area can not be plantedmore than three indots. In the spring and summer they should have free access to the street. For feathers, feathers need a spacious fenced enclosure with a capacity filled with water. In order for musk ducks not to flee, it is recommended that they periodically cut their wings.

Excretion in an incubator

This is one of the most effective methodsbreeding of poultry. It can be divided into three main stages. During the first week of the eggs in the incubator, the temperature should be 38 degrees, and the humidity should not exceed 60 percent.

From eighth to twenty-ninth day, these parameters should be slightly changed. The temperature is reduced to 37 degrees, and the humidity is reduced to 45 percent.


From the thirtieth to the thirty-fourth day,again slightly adjust the microclimate in the incubator. During this period, the temperature remains the same, and the humidity is increased to 75%. On the thirty-fourth day of the eggs begin to hatch musk ducklings.

Feeding regime of chicks

On the first day of their lives, babies can notindependently eat and drink. This is where most inexperienced farmers come up with the question of how and how to feed Indotec at home. To teach the chick to eat, you need to carefully sprinkle his back with a finely chopped boiled egg. As for drinking, everything is much simpler here. That the duckling has an instinct, it must be poked with a beak into a bowl with clear water.

feeding indotecks

The frequency of meals is determined by taking into accountage of ducklings. Daily infants are recommended to feed five or six times a day. By the age of seven, the frequency of meals is reduced to four or five. A monthly chick from an Indochina should receive feed three times a day. And a little later the grown-up birds are transferred to a two-fold regime.

Ration of one- and two-day chicks

The first feeding should be started right after,as a hatched duckling will dry out. The sooner this happens, the better. If the chick lacks a swallowing reflex, then it should first be drunk with a pipette, dropping a slightly weak solution of potassium permanganate into the beak.

Those who do not know what to feed the Indotec inat home, you need to remember that daily babies should be given a crushed boiled egg. Starting from the second day, you can gradually introduce new products. During this period the chicks should be offered low-fat cottage cheese, crushed oatmeal, barley and corn flour.

Three-day ducklings can be given finely choppednettle, pre-scalded with boiling water. Beginning with the fourth day in their diet, they try to inject mixed fodder, curdled milk, whey, meat broths and fishmeal.

What to give to the young?

Deciding what to feed indotok in the homeconditions, it should be noted that any food intended for these birds, should be crumbly. This is due to the fact that sticky food caught in the beak can clog the nasal passage and provoke the development of the inflammatory process.

As for the daily ration of ten-day young, it should look something like this:

  • 30-40 grams of cereal bran;
  • 2-3 grams of meat waste;
  • 25-30 grams of boiled potatoes;
  • 1-2 g cake;
  • 2-3 grams of fat-free cottage cheese;
  • 20-25 g of nettle or fresh herb;
  • 2-3 grams of gravel or chalk;
  • 4-5 g of reverse;
  • about 1 gram of fodder yeast;
  • 10 grams of wheat and barley flour.


Starting from the twenty-day age the numberthese ingredients are doubled. The basis of the diet of musk ducklings should be made up of different mushrooms based on curdled milk, whey, fish or meat broth.

Eating three weeks of young

It is important to note that from the twenty dayThe age of the feeding of Indo-ducks is much simpler. From this point on, 20% of potatoes must be present in the avian diet. Grown up youngsters can already be released to pastures, where they will eat fresh grass.

Forty-day birds are allowed to give grain.At first, it is gradually added to the main food, and then poured into a separate bowl. In addition, in the diet of birds must be any seasonal vegetables, including carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers and zucchini. They pre-rub on the grater, and only then offer the bird.


Having figured out what to feed the housekeeping in the homeyou need to say a few words about the various additives. To young growth and normal growth, in its diet must be present mineral substances. To fill the deficiency of calcium, birds are given chalk, eggshell or crushed shellfish.

Indoot description

As a mineral supplement, you can use charcoal, previously aged in fresh air. It is ground into flour, sifted and poured into feeders.

During the molting period in the musk duck dietorganic sulfur is necessarily introduced. This element is found in large quantities in legumes, cabbage and fish scales. To avoid a shortage of copper, iron and iodine, cereal, greens and animal products are added to bird food. To compensate for the lack of phosphorus, musk ducks regularly offer meat and bone meal or fish meal.

So that the young will not become infected with perozis,diet add a weak solution of potassium permanganate. From time to time indoouts should eat fine granite chips. When released into the stomach, it helps to improve the digestive processes and increase the digestibility of nutrients.

As for ordinary table salt containingsodium and chlorine, this substance significantly increases the bird's appetite and contributes to the speedy weight gain. It must be given in the form of a solution. It is important to ensure that there are no large particles that can injure the mucous membrane.

Forbidden food

Although musk ducks are enoughunpretentious and considered almost omnivorous, they should not be given certain products. In the diet of these poultry should not be fresh bread. This product contains a large amount of yeast that causes fermentation in the stomach. Its use is bad for livestock development and provokes diarrhea.

Indoot weight

You can not give indouinny soured and moldyfood Such food will cause malaise and more serious health problems. It is forbidden to feed the birds with insufficiently sour dairy products. Such food often provokes digestive upset.

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