/ What is the biggest bull in the world?

What is the biggest bull in the world?

Cattle people have tamed a long time ago.In the hot tropics domesticated buffalo, in the highlands - yaks, and in the temperate climatic zone - cows. They gave the man skins, milk and meat. Therefore, the work of geneticists with pedigree cows was conducted in order to increase the milk yield, fertility and mass of the living body. The article tells about different breeds of cows and the size of the largest bull in the world.

The largest bull in the world

In the days of Ancient Rome in the Tuscan ValleyChian was bred a special breed of cows. These animals had an elongated wool of magnificent cream color and shaggy ears. The breed got its name from the place of origin and became known as qianina. The meat of these animals was lean and famous for its magnificent taste. At first the cows of the kyanin breed were not too large. But over time, when the cordons opened, it became possible to cross it with Podolsk and Swiss breeds. As a result, real giants sometimes came across newborn bull-calves. Today it is believed that the biggest bulls in the world belong exactly to the breed of kyanin. The growth of an adult male reaches 180 centimeters, and weight - more than a ton. Even calves are born weighing 50 kilograms.

The biggest bull in the world photo

But the breeders did not stop there andcontinued work to increase the growth and weight of elite animals. Thus, a white freesian breed appeared on the light (based on kyanin). So, the biggest bull in the world today belongs to it. The giant named Chilly resides in England, in an animal shelter. In 1999, a six-day-old calf was found near the town of Ferne. Every year, Chilli gaining weight of one hundred kilograms and continues to grow. When the Guinness Book of World Records awarded the giant the title of "The Biggest Bull in the World", his height reached 198 centimeters, and weighed 1,150 kilograms.

The competition for this giant is another"Briton" - Trigger. This bull from the county of Herfordshire. Interestingly, at the earliest age the owner almost sent Trigger to the butcher's knife, but the neighbor persuaded the farmer not to do so, claiming that the calf had a good growth potential. He was right, the goby turned into a real "tank", having reached a height of 196 cm, length of 4 meters and weight of 1.2 tons. Large does not mean fat: the biggest bull in the world (photo shows it), has extremely little fat. Under the skin of this giant lies a magnificent musculature.

The biggest bulls in the world

Another giant, bearing the title "The largestbull in the world ", lives in the vastness of Ukraine. This title deservedly bears the representative of the Podol breed named Repp. He lives in a breeding center in Cherkasy region. The bull is the CIS record-holder not only in size, but also in the number of offspring received from him. Annually, Repp becomes the father of 50,000 calves. The bull never saw a cow. Unlike other giants, distinguished by a peaceful and good-natured disposition, Repp is vindictive, lazy and phenomenally jealous. If he sees someone stroking another bull, then he starts digging the ground with his hoof and mooing maliciously. And then, after a few days, he can take revenge - kick his leg. As for weight, Repp adds every day a kilogram.

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