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Reviews: EOS - collection agency (Russia, Moscow). Collector services

Collector activity in modern Russiais provided by the relevant organizations. Their work is often evaluated by clients, employees, and "victims". According to numerous opinions, one can often judge the honesty of a company. What feedback does the EOS (collection agency) earn from subordinates and the general population? What does this company represent itself? How conscientious is it? About all this further!

reviews eos collection agency

Activities and Services

EOS is a collection agency.Perhaps in Russia, many know what these organizations are doing. Therefore, there are no comments on the activity. Is that some surprise. What causes it? The fact that EOS LLC is nothing more than a collection company that has entered the international level. That is, it offers its services both in Russia and abroad.

What kind of activities does thisorganization? It is extremely simple. There are no specific moments, except for work at the international level. In general, by applying to EOS, you may notice that the corporation offers:

  • repurchase of debts;
  • collection of debts;
  • work with debts at the international level.

The last point is not too popular yet, butit is required for some. And EOS provides assistance of this type without any problems. Collector services here, as the guide promises, will be provided in full. You will never remain indifferent!


Where is this agency located?This issue is extremely important for those who are going to apply for help. Or in the case when the activity of the collectors of this company violates your rights. So where to go?

ooo eos

The city in which EOS is located is Moscow.More precisely, on Tverskaya Street, in house 12, in building 9. This is the address indicated on the official website of the company. It turns out that the organization is available to residents of Moscow and the region. The rest of the citizens can apply to it, but if there is no branch of the organization in the city, then it is unlikely that they will be assisted in the proper amount. After all, few of the reservoirs will agree to go to another city to carry out activities.

Therefore, LLC "EOS" works primarily withresidents of Moscow and the region. The rest of the citizens and organizations also have the right to apply here, but will have to prepare for the fact that the services will be provided for a long time.


And how to contact this corporation?It's easy to do this. The main thing is to attribute yourself to one or another category of persons. The thing is that EOS LLC shares its customers and debtors. For them, absolutely different phones were invented. In other words, as a debtor, you can not get advice on a combination designed for immediate clients. This is a very convenient division, for which the company receives only positive opinions. It's always clear who is calling.

collection service

EOS phone for customers has faronly. At least 2 combinations are provided that will help you get advice. This is a fax: 7 (495) 969 26 12 and a regular phone: 7 (495) 788 79 00. This is for Russian customers. For foreign citizens a different combination is envisaged: +49 40 2850 4178.

But debtors should use other numbersphones. Moreover, this rule applies to Russia, and to international "victims". This approach pleases many. In order to reach the company, you will need to dial: 8 800 555 17 10. This federal combination is provided specifically for those who live in Russia. And foreigners can use: +49 40 2850 4179. To get through to the organization you will get without any problems almost at any time. Especially if you are a Russian citizen who calls the hotline.


Of course, any service should be paid somehow. Therefore, many are interested in the details of the organization. They will also be required for debtors to transfer funds, and to direct customers.

collectors eos

At EOS the requisites are available for review onofficial website. The transfer of funds must occur at the address of the organization specified above. Namely: Russia, Moscow, ul. Tverskaya, 12, 9 building. The following information will be required to find the payee (cashless settlement is welcome).

The company's tax ID is as follows:7714704125. KPP - 771001001, and OGRN - 1077758117117. As practice shows, it is easiest to search for the recipient by TIN. This is the method most often used by clients and debtors to transfer the required amount of money.


What do the collectors of EOS themselves say about their employer? Opinions here diverge. It is difficult to judge the honesty of a firm whose activities sometimes go beyond what is permitted.

Someone points out that this organization is verygood. Here they promise high wages, a full social package and a diverse, not monotonous activity. Most often it happens. Money does not delay, they pay exactly as much as they promise at an interview (15-25 thousand rubles). For the fulfillment of the plan and its overfulfillment, various bonuses and bonuses are put. For this review EOS (collection agency) earns positive.

eos phone

But not everything is as good as it seems.Some employees often complain that they are forced to violate laws in order to obtain payment of arrears. Unregulated schedule, constant tension - all this affects the rating of the employer not in the best way. Someone says that after retiring from the collection company it is difficult to get a job in some other place.

What to believe? Both to that, and another.The feedback from the EOS (collector agency) is mixed, but most of them are truthful, although there is no documentary evidence of the expressed opinions. In general, this corporation is suitable for earnings, but you will need enormous stress resistance. When you work here, you need to clearly understand what exactly you agree to.

For clients

An important role is played by clients' opinion aboutorganization. What about the EOS? For customers this company looks prestigious. After all, it not only operates in Russia, but also has good practice abroad.

eos requisites

It is noted that to deceive the collectionThe agency does not seek, it fulfills all its obligations. Turning here, you can be sure that the services for buying and recovering debts will be provided in full. If you do not know where to turn for the punishment of a careless debtor, but the court does not get tired of you, the firm will help you to do this.

If you have any questions, you cancontact the call center or personally come to the office of the organization. Here you will be consulted and clarify everything that was previously unclear. For the framework of statutory rules, EOS tries not to leave. There are not so many complaints from the debtors, so you can not be afraid for reselling debts.

For debtors

But from those of whom the firm "knocks out" debts,reviews EOS (collection agency) is not getting the best. They are predominantly negative. However, as with most collectors. After all, their activities are most often carried out with violation of the established laws in the country.

Отмечается, что коллекторы беспокоят должников и with all their might remind of their existence. The likelihood that you will quickly fall behind, is small. Nevertheless, the employees of the organization try not to spoil other people's property. Most often, the threat of violence is used as a lever of influence.

EOS Moscow

Некоторые указывают, что коллекторское агентство EOS can be "intimidated" by a violation of the law. After that, you will begin already culturally, but unnecessarily annoyingly ask to return debts. If they are not there, but you are worried, you will have to go broke both with the credit organization and with the leadership of the EOS. Almost in all cases, when you request information about the employer, collectors do this. That is, they have nothing to hide.


It turns out that the company receives feedbackvaried. Much depends on which side to look at the organization. In principle, this is not the worst debtor, but rather a prestigious company for recourse.

You can find justice on EOS, if they violate the law. But this phenomenon is not very common. Did you need collection services? Then EOS is what you need!

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