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Tablets: manufacturing, materials, quality

Tablets are utilitarian and extremely useful.They help to navigate the names of streets, house numbers, in the corridors of institutions make it easier to find the right office and person in charge. They indicate the direction of traffic, and much more can sign. The manufacture of these products has long been massive, and the number of materials used - a variety. What will be the plate, from which it is better to do, depends on the place of its further placement and the purposes for achieving which it is made.

Plates from plastic

Manufacture of plastic decals is most in demand for several reasons:

  • Low cost.
  • Unlimited in the choice of shape, size, color.
  • Resistance to negative external influences.
  • The speed of production.

Plastic labels are used throughoutin the rooms, and on the street. A popular type of material for their production is PVC (polyvinyl chloride polymer). The simplest production of plastic plates consists of a rigid base of PVC with a self-adhesive film applied. Preliminarily, a full-color image is printed on the film, holes are made for fastening, and the finished plate is mounted on its intended place.

plates manufacturing

Plastic - a material that can be easily processed,so you can give the plate a variety of shapes, add an internal highlight or print directly to the surface. The variety of adhesive films allows you to make a tablet with the effect of wood, metal, mirror, hologram and so on. Also plastic base can be used repeatedly: the film is easily dismantled, and a new one is applied with another image or text.

Tablets from metal

Metal is one of the most durable materials,originally used to make a variety of tablets, while it is not slightly pressed plastic. But plastic is a lightweight material, and metal gives solidity. In addition, the metal has the best anti-vandal qualities, which is very important for any plate. Manufacturing of signs, numbers on the house or the car is made on several technologies and with use of several kinds of metal. Practical and popular materials:

  • Brass.Soft metal, has a noble matte shine, easy to handle. A polished brass plate will decorate the door of the cabinet, and as a sign with the name of the institution will last a long time without changing the appearance. Periodically it should be sanded with a soft cloth, since the metal oxidizes with time.
  • Aluminum.By the ease of this material is comparable in PVC, but on anti-vandal qualities significantly exceeds. Aluminum plate can be anodized and give it a silver or golden hue. It can serve without deadline, but soft metal is easily scratched, therefore it needs additional protection (varnish, anodizing, self-adhesive film, etc.).
    manufacturing of plaques from plastic
  • Stainless steel.Expensive high-quality material, has a lot of weight and is of interest to everyone who wants to profit from the commissioning of non-ferrous metals in scrap. However, such disadvantages are not able to cross out all the advantages: resistance to any kind of damage and aggressive environments, unlimited lifetime, consistency of appearance, ease of care. It is no accident that respectable institutions prefer to order the production of plates on stainless steel doors. Polished steel can be a golden or silver hue.

Of course, the metal for manufacturing can be gold, platinum, complex compounds of different metals, but this already refers to personal preferences or the appropriateness of using available resources.

Tablets on the door

It is rare to find private apartments, wheredoors are flaunted by the name of the owners and their status. Most often, the apartment requires a room, and for a private house - the name of the street. Figures can be purchased at any store, and if you want something special, it can easily be ordered from a company that produces outdoor advertising. The main requirement is quality and durability. The individual design of the plate or figures, as well as a wide range of materials, will be offered.

manufacturing of plates on the door

The house sign requires a little more attention.It can not be bought in ready-made form. It is necessary to order individual plates. Manufacture is carried out as private companies (advertising agencies, agencies for the production of outdoor advertising), and state enterprises, in whose charge are orders for the production of autonomers. In this case, you can be sure of the quality of the product.

Desk plate

For any institution, state orprivate, you need a tablet for the cabinets. This simplifies communications, helps visitors find the right office, gives the company status and openness. Making tablets for a cabinet is piece work, each room needs an individual sign including the number, the name of the department or the position.

production of plates for the office

For offices of higher administrative staffpreferably a sign with the designation of the post, surname, name and patronymic of the owner. Also an indication of the hours of reception and lunch time is welcomed. The material of the office tablets is plastic, wood, metal, glass, etc.

Address plates on the house

Manufacture of address plates until recentlytime was strictly in the public domain, but now the situation has changed, and the rules have become more democratic. Navigation systems will easily help you find the right address, but what's the point of logistics, if the house is unmarked? In the navigation system, there may be glitches, inaccuracies, and the tablet will accurately indicate the desired address, which is convenient both for residents and their guests, and for offices located in the house. In addition, the rules of urban improvement require a sign.

manufacturing of address plates

Manufacturing can be ordered from any material,but the most popular are plastic or metal products. Plastic product is easy to order and quickly get, for its creative implementation will not be spent too much money. For the inscription to be clearly visible in the dark, illumination or the use of a reflective film is required. The metal plate will serve for a long time, but it will cost an order of magnitude more expensive. It is also important for her to use a reflective film or paint.

Street signs

Similarly with license plates for carsstreet signs are produced. Manufacturing includes several stages, on one of which on the metal plate the letters are squeezed out using the press and templates. The inscriptions are convex, they are covered with black paint rack. The name becomes clearly visible on a reflective white background.

production of houseplates

For these tablets, there are GOSTs that take into accountfont, letter size, height of the product, the paint used and the type of metal (it should not rust, oxidize, most often the base is made of aluminum). The quality of these plates is checked regularly. Non-compliant products are discarded. This kind of street signs is established by city services, but often in insufficient quantity, therefore private initiatives are highly welcomed.

Urban signs

An important kind of tablets that help you navigate inunderground passage, in the metro and on the streets - signposts. They contain various information: the designation of the entrance, exit, public place, the location of the hotel, the hiking trail and similar useful information. The design of pointers can be different, but there are generally accepted designations that everyone understands.

nameplates for streets

The city service of an accomplishment is most interested in presence of indexes. Metal plates, plastics are manufactured and assembled in common areas.

Road signs

Road signs organize and structuremovement of vehicles. In addition to them, road signs are installed along roads - signposts with the name of settlements, number of kilometers to the next settlement, turns and so on. For the past several years, road signs, besides the main purpose, have been used as an advertising medium. It is convenient for the driver moving in the car in search of the necessary company, considerably facilitates search of the best way of travel.

plates manufacturing

Дорожные указатели изготавливаются согласно State standards with mandatory use of retro-reflective paints. For advertisements, not more than 30% of the total area of ​​the road sign is allocated.

Quality and brevity

Tablets for different purposes helporient in the surrounding space. They can be individually designed or made in accordance with state standards. But whatever they were, they do their part well. When choosing a finished product or ordering the production of tablets at home, pay attention to the quality of work, materials and conciseness of the information provided. The plate serves as a pointer and must contain only the necessary information.

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