/ Complex "Armata". The newest tank of Russia "Armata"

Complex "Armata". The newest tank of Russia "Armata"

Tank construction since the late 30's alwayswas interested in the leadership of the Soviet Union. Constantly new tests were carried out, new types of tanks were adopted. The confusion was sometimes unimaginable. After the Great Patriotic War it became clear that the "zoo" in the tank troops should be finally abolished.

armament complex
By this time the designers went further:You need not just the main battle tank (MBT), but a whole modular platform on which you can create completely new types of weapons that are characterized by the widest interchangeability and unification of parts. An important step along the path of such a bold decision is the "Armata" complex, the creation of which the Russian military-industrial complex has been saying since time immemorial. However, in recent years there has been a breakthrough in this long-lasting (it seems).

When it all began

In 2010, the Ministry of Defense camethe news that the work on the project "Object 195" has been completely stopped. The ministry considered that the T-95 tank, which was being developed under this designation, almost completely repeats the T-90 MBT, and therefore the troops are not too needed. But before the designers was set another task: to create a completely new tank, built on different principles.

In the terms of reference it was said that the Armata complex should have been completely ready for serial production no later than in 2015.

What is this?

In the press, you can often find an erroneousthe designation is Armada. But the correct name is "Armata". This is the name of the heavy caterpillar platform of the fourth generation, the development of which continues from 2009 (according to some sources, it was started much earlier). It is assumed that the characteristics of "Armata" are much higher than those of the latest modifications, even for T-90.

At its base, our military expects to createa new OBT, and a fundamentally new heavy BMP (remember the Israeli "Akhzarit"), a heavy armored personnel carrier, as well as a variety of BRDM, platforms for self-propelled guns, etc. In fact, the "Armata" complex is a universal caterpillar chassis for combat vehicles, the mass of which is within 30 or 65 tons. We remind you that America has a similar development, the GCV platform.

armata photo
It is assumed that the new T-14 tanks createdon the basis of this chassis, should be launched in production no later than 2015. Theoretically, the armed forces of the Russian Federation will have to receive about 2.5 thousand T-14 "Armata".

What will be in the army before "Armata"

It so happened that the T-90 tanksThe Ministry of Defense was actually not needed. In general, this is the fault of Uralvagonzavod, whose representatives exhibited clearly inflated prices for their cars. So, the army representatives do not understand very well why the cost of the domestic tank is only slightly cheaper than the German "Leopard", which is much heavier than the Russian OBT.

In the meantime, the troops actually remain withoutnormal modern tanks. The number of T-90s of various modifications in our army does not exceed 500, which is clearly not enough in case of a more or less serious military threat. The military ministry intends to rectify the situation, constantly carrying out a "deep modernization" of the old T-72.

Just note that all the characteristics of "Armata"are strictly classified, and the existence of many components of the system still causes deep doubts of domestic and foreign experts to this day. However, sketchy information from open sources and analysts' assumptions make it possible to make a fairly general impression of the new machine.

Suggested layout

Once again, we emphasize that the main goal with whichIn general, a complex of "Armata" is created - obtaining extremely standardized machines. And standardization should concern not only the weapons used, but also suspension and other technological elements of the structure. Even Americans have nothing like this in the troops (it is to be hoped that we will indeed have it).

new armada tank photo
It seems to know for sure that there are planstwo basic layout options: with the rear and front location of the engine-transmission compartment. The suspension will most likely be assembled on six rollers, shock absorbers - blade type, the mechanism of rotation is differential, the transmission is hydrostatic. The transmission is fully automatic, with 12 steps. Most likely, it will be possible to switch steps in manual mode.

Check-Engine in tank version

Feature of the tank "Armata" (photo of the allegedoption is in the article) will be the use of a fully computerized control and diagnostic system. Simply put, even in the event of a serious breakdown, such an on-board computer must tell you what and where it has broken, which will greatly facilitate the life of the mechanics of the tank.

Enhance the machine's survivability on the battlefield

In addition, the new machine "Armata" (photo youyou will find in this material) will have a dramatically increased survivability due to the location of shells in a special capsule, separately from the habitable compartment of the tank. Theoretically, in the event of an enemy projectile or anti-tank cumulative grenade falling, the detonation of the ammunition should not lead to the death of the crew.

Initially, this idea was laid in"Object 195", aka T-95 / T-99. "Armata", presumably, will also have the ability to accommodate the crew in a fully insulated capsule of especially durable alloys. The designers put in the design of this machine completely remote control, in which tankers would not have to appear at all outside the machine. In this regard, the platform of "Armata" is absolutely unique. As if beaten and corny it may sound, but there are really no analogues abroad.

Possible types of ammunition

The ammunition will include standardfragmentation-explosive, subcaliber and cumulative projectiles. It is assumed that there will be the possibility of conducting fire with guided ground-to-ground and ground-to-air missiles with automatic guidance.

Собственно, новый танк «Армата», фото которого мы attach to the article, the tank and is not. In fact, this is a full-fledged multi-functional percussion machine that can fight against enemy infantry, tanks, artillery and even enemy helicopters. Theoretically, it is also possible to fight against stormtroopers.

Detection Tools

characteristics of armata
Согласно некоторым сведениям, на борту будет stand practically the same radar equipment as on the newest PAC T-50 fighter. In particular, the new Armata tank (photo this confirms) will receive radars operating in the KA band (26.5-40 GHz), created using an active phased array (AFAR). This is a unique development, in the production of which special ceramics are used.

Features of Phased Antenna

The grid itself consists of a huge number of cells,each of which is an independent microwave transmitter. The failure of one element does not lead to a strong drop in the power of the entire system. In addition, such an antenna has the highest mobility, being able to quickly change the direction of scanning. In solving defensive and offensive tasks, such a radar will be simply an ideal solution.

It is even more pleasant that he has two options at onceapplication: as a complex for detection and control of fire, as well as for the active protection system of the T-14 Armata tank. The active antenna is able to quickly detect and localize several targets at once long before their approach to the tank. The fire control system will be able to automatically aim at them and destroy them in a completely autonomous mode.

It is reported that the new radar complexcan simultaneously "lead" up to 40 active targets. The indicator, which is simply not available for combat vehicles of foreign manufacturers! In addition (like the former flagship T-99), Armata will be able to detect at a distance of 100 km targets, the diameter of which does not exceed 0.3 m. Of course, with their subsequent complete destruction.

Armor Characteristics

Not without a completely new armor.Fortunately, our defense industry has always had great abilities in this area, so the development of new armor was carried out in the shortest possible time.

t 14 armata
Most likely, the "Armata" platform will beuse armored steel grade 44C-sv-Sh, which has special strength characteristics. This material was created in JSC "Research Institute of Steel." Its key feature is extremely low weight. This will not only help ease the weight of the car, start creating a relatively light and protected infantry fighting vehicle on the same platform, but also significantly increase the amount of internal space (greater ammunition, crew comfort).

Power point

В качестве таковой будет использован 1200-сильный engine A-85-3A (diesel, of course), which will give no less than 2000 hours of operation, during which the "Armata" tank can be used. Russia has finally mastered the technology of producing normal diesel engines, so it will not be necessary to apply for help to German designers. The maximum power is 1500 l / s. It is assumed that until the end of the break-in there will be a hardware limitation of 1200 horsepower, which will significantly increase the life of the engine.

The power plant will be produced atChelyabinsk Tractor Plant. What is the basis for confidence in its use? The fact is that all the tests of this engine were completely finished in 2011, but to this day it is not used anywhere.

It is logical to assume that this engine andwill receive a tank "Armata". Russia, if this really happens, will be among the leaders not only in the production of heavy armored vehicles, but also in the field of creating normal diesel engines for it. This will raise the prestige of our industry in the international arena, get more orders from prospective buyers.


Since at one time the developers clearlydenoted the refusal of the cannon with a caliber of 152 mm to T-95/99, we can safely say that the new Armata tank will receive a 122-125 mm gun. This is quite logical, since new types of ammunition will allow a dramatic increase in the power of the gun, without increasing the dimensions to indecent sizes.

As a "candidate" for installing a newmachine can be considered a 125-mm gun 2A82, which was developed and tested in the early 2000's. In just six years of the three active samples have already managed to shoot more than two thousand shots, so the claims to the reliability of the new sample from the developers do not. In addition, due to the use of new materials and production technologies, it was possible to reduce the dispersion of projectiles by just 15%. Most likely, the total length of the gun will be equal to seven meters.

t 99 Armata
Мы уже говорили, что новый танк «Армата» имеет на arming a lot of new digital systems, which are responsible for the accuracy of the shooting. In particular, the new MSA constantly synchronizes the received data with the ballistic computer, which should sharply increase the accuracy of the sudden shooting. To date, it is known that further modernization is planned for both the cannon itself and the existing ammunition for it.

New ammunition

There is information that the Russian tank "Armata" will beto shoot shells that were developed and adopted for service last year. Their full-scale production is already in full swing, batches of shells go directly to state arsenals, where the normative reserve is being formed. Most likely, by the time when Comrade Armata will be accepted for service, the arsenals will be full of shells both for conducting real combat fire and for training new crews.

Machine-gun weapons

In service there is a paired 7.62-mm machine gunPKTM, which is connected to the gun. The stock of ready-to-use cartridges is one thousand pieces. As much as it is stored in the boxes of spare parts, which are fixed on the stern of the car. Additionally armed with a 12.7-mm "Kord" machine gun. For him, ready to use ammunition is exactly 300 cartridges. The same number is in the same box of spare parts.

Active Protection

The highlight of the new tank is KAZ "Afghanistan".This active defense system allows you to deal with anti-tank missiles and grenades, and even at extremely short distances (no more than 15-20 meters from the car). The system was developed in Kolomna KBM. It is known that it can intercept missiles flying at a speed of 1,700 m / s. In addition, a special impact core, patented in our country, will certainly be used. Directing it to the target - automatic, does not require confirmation of the operator.

Dynamic protection

armature platform
The design of the dynamic protection blocks is similarthe one that was first developed at OAO NII of Steel. Blocks (shells) are installed on the sides of tanks, but will be charged by the active substance only on the eve of military operations (or in case of danger of such actions). The fodder zone "Armata" will be protected by standard screen grids.

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