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Information about the Mission Control Center

The Mission Control Center is a seriousa structure that tracks the movement of a considerable number of spacecraft simultaneously. The mode of work is not standardized, because the intervention of specialists may be required at any time.

Team of specialists

The Mission Control Centerexperienced people. There is a basic team whose composition changes in shifts. This ensures constant control over the situation. Experts track everything. In numerous offices are sitting more narrow specialists who also make their forecasts, give out the analyst, make calculations of the behavior of apparatuses in space and so on. Given the fact that in particularly difficult situations, it is simply impossible to move away from the workplace, there are special personnel delivering drinks and snacks to where they are needed. That's enough to grab a bite.

The room is often not lighted too much,so as not to interfere with the work, and staff often suffer from a lack of vitamin D, especially if they mainly work at night. Among other things, great importance is paid to paperwork. Each action must be recorded, all this is filed and then analyzed to optimize the entire labor process as efficiently as possible. All employees are constantly interacting with each other, because without this, to achieve an acceptable result in a short time is simply impossible.

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Young Professionals

The Space Flight Control Center is activerecruits people of different ages. But most of all there are young people. First of all, it is connected with a huge strain, an unregulated schedule and the need to work hard for hours or even days. With age, this becomes very difficult. The vast majority of specialists come here immediately after graduation. But they may not even hope that their training is completed on this. On the contrary, they are trained no less rigid than the cosmonauts themselves. Let it focus on the other, but the essence remains the same. Only after the future employee fully knows all the features of his work, he is admitted to the center. Regularly conducted refresher courses, off-the-clock situations are being worked out, trainings are being conducted and so on.

All this is aimed at maximum efficiencysystem operation. The strongest tension demands a worthy reward and therefore the salary there is very significant. This ensures a continuous influx of potential candidates, and enables the timely rotation of personnel.

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Mission of the Mission Control Center

This structure solves many problems.Thus, the Mission Control Center (PMU) tracks simultaneously from 20 to 45 space vehicles, sets them a trajectory of motion and so on. In addition, there are also various studies and developments in the field of studying ballistics. New methods and algorithms are being studied, even a special commission that proposes proposals for optimizing work is working. In fact, everything that is connected with domestic satellites, a station or ships, somehow passes through the PCO. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the tasks he performs, starting from the rather trivial, like control of the astronaut's regime, and ending with the most complicated calculations, one mistake in which can cause the death of the crew or the loss of expensive equipment.

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Current activities

Since 1991, the Russian Management Centerflights received a new direction of activity. Now he is also engaged in special modeling of complex systems that will help solve potential problems not only in space, but also in the economy. Since 1998, preparations have been made for the launch of the International Space Station (ISS). When she was completely ready to receive "tenants", in 2000 it was the MCC who took control of the situation and is still correcting the orbit and performing other actions. All this is necessary not only to ensure the life of people in orbit, but also the full operation of all installed equipment.

Since 1999, a special sector has been createdmanagement, which has scientific and socio-economic significance. Now the MCC controls probes, satellites and many other space artificial objects. In addition, he collects data on the space outside our planet, predicting the motion of asteroids, comets and so on.

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Center for Manned Spaceflights are extremely important not only for people in orbit. All the data that is collected and analyzed there is of tremendous importance for the whole of mankind. Only thanks to continuously incoming information there is an opportunity to correct orbit in time, warn about possible threats from space and so on. The future of our race, from the point of view of the majority of modern well-known scientists, lies just outside our native planet. And in this direction all forces of the leading countries of the world should be thrown.

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