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Monument to conquerors of space in Moscow

The universe as an uncharted and boundless world has always attracted to itself and attracted undisclosed secrets.

monument to the conquerors of space
And if once a person only dreamed of visitingthe edge of the familiar world, then with the first flight into space, dreams began to come true. To date, the development of the universe is a very urgent topic. Many countries are developing various projects and investing immense sums in space exploration programs. Many cities also have monuments that perpetuate the cosmic achievements of mankind. The monument to the conquerors of the cosmos is even in Moscow. This huge monument of the history of the development of the universe attracts attention to itself. It is impossible to pass by this structure. When you look at a monument a person takes breath away from his greatness and beauty.

Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow

The exhibition complex in Moscow VDNH is one of the fifty largest centers of similar purpose in the world.

exhibition of achievements of the national economy
The complex covers an area of ​​520 hectares.There are many tourist centers, various thematic pavilions. In addition, there is a large number of recreation areas: parks, squares, fountains, cafes. The monument to the conquerors of the cosmos is also located on the territory of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

Number of visitors Exhibitions from Russia andother countries near and far abroad reaches in the days of the celebration of several million people. And for the weekend the complex is visited by up to 500,000 tourists and local residents.

Exhibition of achievements of the national economy isthe property of the country. Over 40 objects of the complex are recognized as monuments of cultural heritage. Annually VDNKh hosts various festivals, international exhibitions, congresses and holidays.

Monument to the conquerors of the cosmos. History of its origin

This structure was installed at the very beginning of VDNKh.The monument was opened in 1964. His discovery occurred on the 7th anniversary of the launch of the satellite. The central part of the monument has the shape of an obelisk, which is crowned with a model of a space rocket.

Monument to conquerors of space in Moscow
This structure reaches a height of 107 meters. The architects M. O. Barshch and A. N. Kolchin worked on it. The sculpture of the monument is A.P. Faydyshev-Krandievsky.

The monument to the conquerors of space looks veryharmoniously, despite its grandiose size. It resembles a rocket that tends to skyward and leaves a trail behind it. At the base of the structure, the image of the first person who made a flight to outer space - Yuri Gagarin - was installed. In addition to the first cosmonaut, at the base of the monument there are images of scientists, engineering and technical workers and ordinary workers - all those who helped to make steps to master the cosmos. In front of the monument there is a statue of K. E. Tsiolkovsky. Under the foundation of the building there is a museum of astronautics. There is also a scientific library. All who visit the monument to space explorers in Moscow have the opportunity to talk with cosmonauts, try food from special tubes that are used in zero-gravity conditions, and also practice on space simulators.

Other "space" places in Moscow

In addition to this monument, in Moscow there are moresome space devoted to space. This is the alley of astronauts, leading to the monument, the memorial house-museum of Academician S. Korolev, the Gagarin Square, the Moscow Planetarium, the monument to the developers of the first Earth satellite, the monument to V. Volkov (the pilot-cosmonaut), and the monument to the dog Laik. In total, Moscow has a total of nine "space" places.

All these monuments and museums are dedicated to such an important event in the life of people as the exploration of outer space. They remind us of the great achievement that a person has made.


Monument conquerors of space, as well as otherssimilar cultural assets of the country, inspire a sense of pride. All of them are called to glorify such a significant and grandiose event of the 20th century as a flight into space.

monument to the conquerors of space history
Раньше эта идея казалась фантастической, и мало who believed that such flights would be quite feasible. Now we are observing that this is not a fairy tale, but a reality. The exploration of space has not yet been completed, with each year people are implementing new projects and expanding their knowledge about this mysterious and vast space.

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