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Wildlife: zaynka - a small bird, but very proud!

Burying is a bird, the photo of which is located below,small, but hollow! Their name was given to birds for singing at sunrise and sunset. By the way, these birds are still known under the name "robins". So they were nicknamed for the fact that they like to settle in raspberries. About them and talk.


The sound of the raspberries was repeatedly sung inpoetry. Zoologists carry the zayak to the thrush family. Burying is a bird, which is closely related to nightingales. To date, zoologists only know about its two types:

  • ordinary mumps;
  • the Japanese zapadka.

Birds are small

The bird is quite small.The length of its feathered body is only 15 centimeters. The length of the wings and tail is about 7 centimeters! The robin weighs almost 18 grams. Her beak is thin and not long. The ponytail is oblong, and the paws are thin, but very tenacious. However, at first glance robin may seem a little plump bird. In fact, this is not so! The fact that the plumage plumage is very loose and soft, and the feathers themselves do not fit tight enough to the calf, hence the "fullness" effect.


Both types of robins are very similar in color.Ordinary zadninka has olive-gray wings, tail, upper part and light-gray tummy and breast. Her forehead and neck are bright orange. Her Japanese relative has reddish hues all over the upper part of her calf, merging with the color of the breast. Her abdomen is gray-bluish. Both females and males are painted the same.


Burying is a bird common in manycountries. An ordinary robin inhabits the whole of Europe, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, Western Siberia, North-West Africa. Japanese is common in Japan and China. Some of these birds are migratory. Everything depends on the habitat. For example, Siberian robins winters in Western Europe, in North-West Africa and Asia Minor. Their Japanese relatives from the Kuriles and Sakhalin fly for wintering to Japan.



bird-bird photo

Bird of the Dawn, singing is not inferiorvocal skill of the nightingale, is a predator. It feeds on beetles, beetles, bugs, snails, centipedes, spiders and other insects. In the summer and autumn, robins are not averse to eating ripe berries and seeds.


Robins live alone.Moreover, their flights are also of a single character! These birds have a very developed possessive instinct. The males designate their territory with a voice. Their songs begin with some raspy sounds, and end with divine chimes of bells, similar to the trills of a nightingale.


They multiply twice in one season. They build their nests on the ground. Outwardly, the nest resembles a neat bowl woven from plant fibers and rootlets.


bird of dawn singing

Burying is a bird that enjoys an enviable popularity among its enemies. Small eagles, owls lead to hunting raspberries. Their nests are ruined by forest cats, martens, ermines, ferrets and caresses.

Robin and Man

A man has long fallen in love with the zaywn for her sonorous voiceand a beautiful bright color. The zarjonok is caught as songbirds. In captivity, they quickly get used to the person, becoming tame. In a week's time, the mother will let her go to her.

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